Where is the VAZ-2112 starter relay located? Location, purpose, replacement and device

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Where is the VAZ-2112 starter relay located? Location, purpose, replacement and device
Where is the VAZ-2112 starter relay located? Location, purpose, replacement and device

The starter relay performs an important function on any vehicle, regardless of model. Failure of this device leads to the fact that the car will not start. Drivers who are engaged in self-repair of a vehicle need to know where the VAZ-2112 starter relay is located and how to fix it if any malfunction occurs.

What is a starter relay

The mechanism is designed to supply power to the electric starter motor. At this point, the charge from the battery is transferred. Simultaneously with the supply of energy, it performs the function of pushing out the bendix, while the element engages with the flywheel. It depends on the starter relay on the VAZ-2112 whether the main mechanism will start and the motor will start or not. If suddenly this device is out of order and does not turn on, you need to diagnose and repair. To do this, you should study the detailed operating instructions and find out where the starter relay is located on the VAZ-2112.


The part looks like a small square box with four connectors. It consists of an armature in a housing containing an electromagnet with a winding. Its operation is provided by electrical contacts and return springs.

starter relay
starter relay

The electromagnet is represented by two independent coils with holding and retracting independent parts. The first of the devices is docked with the housing and is connected to the control input. The pull coil goes to the control terminal and communicates with the starter motor.

Working principle

The relay is needed to start the engine system, so it was built into the fuel pump. When power is applied to the contact that communicates with the control, electromagnetic induction appears inside the coil. This happens under the influence of current, with the help of this process a magnetic field appears. The pull of the armature compresses the return spring.

At the same time, the bendix is pushed out, which connects the motor and starter with a flywheel. The positive terminal supplies power to the retracting winding. In this case, the contacts are closed to each other. The armature is at this time inside the coil, in which the magnetic field ceases to be generated. When the power plant is started, the power is turned off, and the anchor is sent to its original position with the help of a return force. The contacts open. During this process, the bendix stops interacting with the flywheel.

Building features

Such a device as a starter, drivers among themselves call a starter, as it helpsstart the machine. It is practically no different from similar mechanisms. However, if you want to purchase a starter relay for the VAZ-2112, then you need to remove the part from the car and take the store with you. This item is different from similar ones in size. You can purchase a device from the VAZ-2111 or 2110 models, as it is completely identical.

vaz 2112
vaz 2112

On the twelfth Zhiguli model, the installed starter has a modest size. However, this small device is very functional. The technical documentation describes how the structure of the mechanism differs and where the VAZ-2112 starter relay is located. In the photo you can see the main and additional blocks.

Injection power units with 16 valves each were installed on these cars. To avoid electrical surges, a relay is used. When the electrical circuit is turned on, this device passes current, gradually leveling the voltage to a value of 80-340 amperes. Such a spread of indicators is explained by the fact that the first parameter of the relay outputs at rest, and the second - in operating mode. As soon as the vehicle stops, this circuit is opened and the circuit is switched off.

Where is the VAZ-2112 starter relay

In order to diagnose or repair this mechanism, you need to find a small cover at the bottom of the torpedo. There is a special button for fixing, which leans down. You can study the diagram attached to the instruction manual. It is marked where the VAZ-2112 starter relay for 16 valves is located. If to beremoval or replacement of this element, then you need to carry out repairs, and then install all the spare parts in the reverse order. It is recommended to use the instruction from this block.

fuse box
fuse box

Looking at the VAZ-2112 starter relay in the photo, you can see that additional safety devices were installed on top of the block. They were intended to protect a certain group of devices. However, the default starter relay is on the right side second in a row when viewed from above.

How to check the operation of the device

When any of the devices on the car stop working, the driver should first check the fuses or the relay circuit. After a complete diagnosis has been carried out, it will be possible to conclude what exactly has become faulty and how to fix the problem. Diagnosis is performed in the following order:

  1. Take two small wires with a length of 35-45 cm and attach them to the battery
  2. Directly connect the wire coming from the negative terminal of the battery to the relay, taking into account the polarity. Do the same with the wire that comes from the terminal with a positive charge.
  3. After connecting the VAZ-2112 starter relay, make sure that the relay has pulled in the core, and a characteristic click should be heard
  4. If there is no retraction, then the relay is faulty.
wire test
wire test

When the diagnosis is fully completed and the cause of the breakdown is identified, the old relay must be replaced. However, it is recommended to checkstarter and perform preventive maintenance. To do this, the back cover is unscrewed after all the dirt has been cleaned from it. Then the condition of the brushes and bendix forks is determined. Masters advise to inspect the starter regularly so that it does not fail somewhere along the road.

Causes of breakdowns

The main reason for the malfunction of the VAZ-2112 starter relay is the burnout of the contact plates inside. Other breakdowns that also often occur in this mechanism include:

  • shorting the negative terminal;
  • clogged contacts
  • faulty armature on the solenoid relay;
  • winding burnout;
  • break in wiring.

These relay failures are due to the fact that low-quality consumables are used. They quickly fail and wear out. Experienced drivers already determine by the sound of the engine when a breakdown occurs. For example, after turning the key in the ignition, the starter continues to rotate, but the engine is idling, or with a characteristic buzz when the engine develops medium speed, and the starter does not turn off.

How to withdraw

In order to remove the VAZ-2112 starter relay, you need to disassemble the entire system. Therefore, this mechanism is removed together with the starter. On the other hand, this is even better, because at the same time as the repair, you can prevent starter breakdowns. To remove the starter, you need to call on a flyover or inspection hole. Further, the removal of the part is performed in this order:

  1. Disconnect the battery, thereby de-energizing the vehicle.
  2. Remove mudguard or other protection
  3. Find the nut at the bottom of the starter and unscrew it
  4. Unhook the terminal located on the solenoid relay
  5. Unscrew the top nut that holds the starter
  6. Unscrew the tape with a flat screwdriver and remove the relay by pulling slightly on the housing.

If this block is removed with effort, then you need to slightly lift it to unhook it from the mounts. Care must be taken not to lose the spring inside the mechanism. Often it pops up and gets lost. Now that the device is disconnected from the starter, you can troubleshoot and find out what caused it to break.


When it is already known where the VAZ-2112 starter relay is located, you can start repairing it. It is not necessary to immediately buy a new part, experienced drivers first try to fix it. The device has only three outputs that are needed for connecting wires. The first is designed to supply electricity to the ignition switch. When the key is turned, the contacts close and the desired voltage is transmitted to the relay coil.

Other outlets have a larger diameter. They are designed to connect to the starter and battery. Most often, clogging or oxidation of contacts on nickels occurs. To fix the problem, you need to unscrew the bolts and remove the nut with the washer, which is located at the output of the relay.

retractor repair
retractor repair

After that, you need outputs from the windingdisconnect with a soldering iron. Nagar and other blockages on nickels are removed with fine sandpaper. If the wear of these elements is too strong, then it is better to replace the VAZ-2112 starter relay. There is no need to replace the device in the event of a power failure. In this case, you just need to replace the wires, and the relay will work properly again.

Additional starter relay

In order for the starter to last longer, an additional VAZ-2112 starter relay is installed. This is necessary for the controller responsible for the correct operation of the vehicle. When the crankshaft accelerates to 500 rpm, the controller commands an additional relay to turn on the starter. This mode of operation prevents accidental starting of the starter and the overheating of the engine is excluded even during its long operation.

Also, an additional relay for the VAZ-2112 starter is needed in order to prevent accidental sintering of contacts from the ignition switch. This is often due to worn parts. In addition, an additional element cuts off the power supply to the starter in time if the power plant is already running and the key is in the “starter” mode. In this way, the ignition switch contacts are relieved and the engine is not damaged.

installation of an additional relay
installation of an additional relay

This device was not installed on all models. Now, when buying a VAZ-2112 car, the car service masters recommend first checking whether it is on the car. For this you need:

  1. Inspect the mounting block. This relay is a plug-in type, so it can be easilyconsider among other fuses.
  2. Start cylinder purge. If there is an additional relay, the starter will turn on automatically.

In the event that this item is not on the car, you can install it yourself. However, experienced repairmen argue that there is no urgent need for it. Moreover, manufacturers of modern domestic and foreign cars often refuse this mechanism.


These parts do not require constant maintenance. However, the resource of their work is small - about 2-4 years. Maintenance of this device is performed as needed. If the driver knows where the starter relay is located on the VAZ-2112, then it is easy to replace it with a new one. The cost of these blocks is low, so it is better to replace the damaged relay with a working one.