"Castrol Magnatec" 5W30. Synthetic engine oils

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"Castrol Magnatec" 5W30. Synthetic engine oils
"Castrol Magnatec" 5W30. Synthetic engine oils

The maximum percentage of wear of an internal combustion engine is manifested in those moments when the first, so-called "cold" start-up and the subsequent process of its warm-up are carried out. To prevent premature wear, Castrol Magnatec 5W30 oil was developed. This grease has become widely known as a product with "intelligent" protection capabilities. This ability occurs at the molecular level, due to a special structural basis. Castrol brand motor oil is the fruit of many years of work by a company with the same name.

company logo
company logo

Oil Producer

Castrol is known worldwide as a leader in the production of lubricating fluids. The product range includes oils for automobile engines, oils for transmission and some other specialized products.

The Castrol brand is privately owned by the transnational company British Petroleum and is a non-public joint stock company. Castrol directly ownsmany factories and research laboratories scattered around the world. He takes part in the shipbuilding and automotive industries, is engaged in the oil and gas, aerospace and mining industries, works in the energy and metallurgy sectors. The main production facilities for the Russian fuel and lubricants market are based in Germany and Belgium.

In addition to the Magnatek 5W30 line, Castrol produces a series of Edge and Edge Professional oils for personal use by motorists and for dealer stations. Also, in the assortment there are oils of the Power 1 series for motorcycles, various lines of lubricants for trucks, coolants, oils for manual and automatic transmissions, universal lubricants for axles and greases. All motor oils are available in two types: synthetic and semi-synthetic.

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Intelligent Oil

Castrol has developed and produces several lines of motor oils:

  • "Vekton";
  • Magnatek;
  • Edge;
  • Edge Professional.

In the Magnatek series, lubricating fluid for Castrol Magnatek 5W30 A5 motors stands out. The product is characterized by absolute one hundred percent synthetics. The oil is made using the unique technology of "intelligent molecules" (Intelligent Molecules) of our own invention. The developed technique is designed to create a particularly strong oil film that envelops all structural components of the power unit with a reliable layer, thereby protecting it in all areas.directions. The protective oil coating "clings" very tightly to all metal surfaces inside the engine, creating an indestructible shell, like a skin cover or, more precisely, oil.

metal containers
metal containers

Protection principle

Many other lubricating fluids of a similar category drain into the oil pan during engine shutdown, exposing the metal surfaces of parts and assemblies, leaving them without friction protection. At the first or repeated start, the friction of the moving elements “dry” occurs for several moments. More than half of the wear falls on this interval of operation of the power plant.

"Intellectual" oil molecules "Castrol Magnatec" 5W30 prevent such a negative nuance of the engine. Due to the strong adhesion to the parts, the lubricant does not go into the sump, but partially remains on the surfaces. At start-up, while the bulk of the oil is distributed by the oil pump throughout the engine, this oil film will have time to protect the structural elements from unwanted friction.

Based on this principle of protection, we can say with full confidence that Castrol protects from the first second of starting the engine. The oil effectively and evenly lubricates the parts, extending the life cycle of the "heart" of the car.

front and back side of the container
front and back side of the container

Castrol product specialization

Initially, Castrol Magnatec 5W30 was developed and manufactured for the power plants of the automotive giant Ford. But over time, the product receivedapprovals from various other vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, the oil can be used in any engine that meets the specifications of the product.

Castrol Magnatec is suitable for use in any type of power unit that uses gasoline or diesel fuel for its power. The instruction assumes the operation of the motor in any conditions and at any power load, up to extreme movement over rough terrain. The oil has passed many tests and proved to be effective in protecting the engine in car races over long distances. Oil lubrication was poured into both passenger cars and trucks.

Technical info

Castrol Magnatek 5W30 has the following parameters:

  • SAE viscosity - 5W 30 (year-round operation);
  • kinematic consistency at 40℃ - 54mm²/s;
  • same at 100℃ - 9.6mm²/s;
  • viscosity index – 164;
  • content of antiwear additives - 1.24% by weight;
  • grease flash point - 207℃;
  • minus crystallization threshold - 39℃.
one-liter container
one-liter container

Packaging and pricing

Oil liquid is bottled in 1L, 4L, 60L and 208L containers. The first two packages are for retail sale. A one-liter canister is used to top up the oil, and a 4-liter can is used for the next replacement of the lubricant in the engine. Latesttwo liters are purchased, mainly by wholesale consumers, for subsequent use at service stations or dealerships. The price of Castrol Magnatek 5W30 depends on the seller's margins, the sales region and the volume of packaging.

A 4-liter package is sold within 1,500-1,700 rubles, a liter container is about 800 rubles, metal barrels of 208 liters are estimated at 66-70 thousand rubles.


Branded oil is one of the favorites in the fuel and lubricants market and has many opinions on operation. Reviews about "Castrol Magnatek" 5W30 are left both positive and negative. Among the approving statements, most often there are descriptions of the parameters of the lubrication: after a complete stop of the engine and a long idle time, the engine starts smoothly, without straining the starter. Some car owners drive more than the regulated interval on one “replacement”, but after driving over 15 thousand km, drivers note the formation of slag and plaque on the walls of the cylinder block.

Among the negative reviews, there are reports of a somewhat inflated cost of the product, as well as the spread of counterfeit.