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"Castrol 5W40". Castrol engine oils: reviews, specifications
"Castrol 5W40". Castrol engine oils: reviews, specifications

The choice of engine oil determines the durability and stability of the power plant. A high-quality composition can delay the overhaul of the engine and protect the parts of the unit from friction. When choosing the right lubricant, many drivers pay great attention to the experience of other motorists. Their opinions and reviews about a particular lubricant often become decisive. Compounds "Castrol 5W40" are quite popular. What are the advantages of these lubricants and what are their characteristics?

A few words about the brand

The trademark "Castrol" belongs to the British company BP. This company is engaged in the extraction and processing of oil and natural gas. Moreover, this brand can be safely attributed to one of the undisputed leaders of the entire industry. The presence of our own resource base had a positive impact on the final quality of lubricants. The company also pays great attention to the issues of equipment modernization. Modern technologies and multi-level quality controlfinished products allow to exclude the possibility of defective compositions getting to the final consumer.

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Nature oil

Castrol 5W40 oils are fully synthetic. In this case, manufacturers use the products of hydrocracking of hydrocarbons obtained by direct fractional distillation of oil as a basis. Manufacturers then add a complex of alloying properties to the mixture of polyalphaolefins. Thanks to this, it is possible to improve the characteristics of "Castrol" several times.

Season of use

Compositions "Castrol 5W40" belong to the category of all-weather. At the same time, they are suitable for use even in regions with very severe and cold winters. Lubricants of this class can be pumped and distributed throughout the system at a temperature of -35 degrees. Naturally, a safe engine start in such conditions is simply impossible. The driver will be able to start the engine only at -25 degrees.

Castrol Edge 5W40 engine oil

Types of engines and vehicles

There are three types of oils in the Castrol 5W40 line. That is why it will not be difficult for drivers to choose the composition they need. Lubricants of this class are suitable for engines running on gasoline, gas or diesel fuel. They apply to both old and new power plants. The basis for all types of oils is the same, the compositions differ only in the additive package used. Moreover, in this case, the difference lies in the number of certaincomponents.

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Keeping stable viscosity

The viscosity of Castrol 5W40 oils remains stable at a wide variety of temperatures of use. Manufacturers have achieved this effect through the active use of a variety of viscosity additives. Their mechanism of action is very simple. With a decrease in temperature, the process of crystallization of higher paraffins is initiated. As a result, the viscosity of the oil increases. To increase the fluidity of the composition allows the use of polymer macromolecules. Cooling provokes the fact that the presented substances are folded into a specific ball and reduce the viscosity of the entire composition. An increase in temperature leads to the reverse process. The paraffin crystals dissolve and the macromolecules unfold from the helical state. Moreover, for all oils of the Castrol 5W40 line, the length of the macromolecules is identical. Their percentage in the total volume of additives is the same.

Cleaning the engine

The presented compositions are distinguished by excellent cleaning properties. They transfer accumulations of soot and soot from the solid phase to the colloidal state. This was achieved through the use of calcium compounds and a number of other alkaline earth metals. The presented substances adhere to the soot particles, preventing their re-coagulation. Moreover, in Castrol 5W40 engine oils for diesel (Castrol Magnatec Diesel 5W40) there are much more of these types of additives. The reason for the increase in their share lies in the type of fuel used. Fuel for such engines is largeash number. That is, in the presented version of the fuel there are a lot of sulfur compounds. During combustion, they create soot, which pollutes the engine. Soot agglomerations reduce the quality of the power plant. First, they reduce the effective volume of the engine itself. Secondly, it is because of them that the vibration of the motor and its knock increase. Thirdly, the formed soot leads to the fact that most of the fuel simply does not burn out in the internal volume, but goes into the exhaust system.

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Friction protection

Engine oils "Castrol 5W40" protect engine parts from excessive friction. Especially for this, organic molybdenum compounds were introduced into the composition of lubricants of this class. Substances form a protective film on the surface of the parts of the power plant, which reduces the friction of the surfaces of the elements relative to each other. Friction modifiers can also increase the efficiency of the motor. As a result, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of fuel consumed. In reviews of Castrol 5W40, drivers note that on average fuel consumption is reduced by 5%. The figure looks insignificant, but with the constant increase in fuel prices, it is simply impossible to ignore.

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As part of Castrol Edge 5W40, manufacturers additionally use titanium compounds. This is what distinguishes this oil from other representatives of the Castrol 5W40 line. These substances increase the strength of the protective film, which allowscompletely eliminate the risk of scuffing on metal engine parts.

Idle start protection

Approximately 75% of the wear of the parts of the power plant occurs during the start of the engine and its idle operation. The unique formula of the mixture "Castrol Magnatec 5W40" provides ideal protection in these operating conditions. The mixture uses special substances and compounds that improve the quality of distribution of the lubricant throughout the power plant.

Difficult environments

The use of detergent additives reduces the surface tension of the oil. As a result, the mixture may become foamy. The situation is exacerbated by the difficult operating conditions. The fact is that when driving in the city, the driver is forced to constantly accelerate and brake. A sharp change in the number of revolutions also initiates the formation of foam, as a result of which the efficiency of oil distribution changes, some parts of the power plant wear out much faster. It is possible to prevent this negative effect with the help of silicon oxide. The molecules of this compound increase the surface tension of the lubricant, destroy the formed air bubbles.

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Corrosion Prevention

All oils of the presented line provide a high level of protection of engine parts against rust formation. There are especially many additives of this class in the composition of Castrol Magnatek 5W40. These compounds form a sulfide film on the surface of power units.installation, which prevents their direct contact with the organic acids that make up the oil.

Durability of mix

Attractive prices for Castrol 5W40 and extended oil life have made these formulations so popular. Mixtures withstand about 10 thousand kilometers. Such results were achieved thanks to the active use of antioxidants in the composition of the lubricant. Phenol derivatives and aromatic amines trap atmospheric oxygen radicals, which prevents the oxidation of other oil components. The stability of the chemical composition of the lubricant has a positive effect on the constancy of its physical properties.

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Instead of total

Prices for "Castrol 5W40" depend on the brand of oil. Let's dwell on this issue in more detail. For example, the average cost of the Castrol Magnatek 5W40 composition is 2 thousand rubles (4 liter canister). A similar volume of Castrol Edge 5W40 will cost 2.5 thousand rubles. The average cost of Castrol Magnatec Diesel 5W40 (4 liters) is 2.2 thousand rubles. These compounds are popular with many motorists. High demand has created another problem. The fact is that the presented lubricants are often faked. You can mitigate the risks of buying counterfeit goods with the help of a careful analysis of the packaging. The seams on the canister should be perfectly even. Any defects will immediately point to counterfeit products.

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