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"Priora Universal" is a reasonable compromise for reasonable money

"Priora Universal" is a reasonable compromise for reasonable money
"Priora Universal" is a reasonable compromise for reasonable money

"Priora Universal" in its qualities is the most suitable for the definition of a people's car. It is functional, roomy and affordable, which makes it quite popular in its niche.

Priora Wagon

Naturally, availability is a relative concept, but the fact that Priora Universal has practically no competitors in its segment is a fact (an analogue of the tenth generation is already outdated). So, at an average cost of about 15 thousand dollars, car designers are ready to offer luxury equipment: ABS, parking sensors, airbags, power steering, air conditioning, athermal windows, full power accessories and a rain sensor. In turn, the basic configuration of the car does not arouse interest due to outright poverty.

Alas, the release of "Universal" did not continue the long-awaited evolution. Yes, the "Universal" is no longer the former "Priora", the characteristics, however, indicate that the shortcomings are still available. Underthe same engine (1.6 l., 98 hp) under the hood, did not get better and the gearbox, which was repeatedly promised to be finalized - the backstage of the five-speed mechanics still vibrates. However, according to the leaders of the Priora project, the mechanism will be finalized in the near future.

Priora characteristics

"Priora Universal" - oddly enough, the car is international. The interior of the cabin is the work of Italian specialists, airbags are French, individual elements of the engine are German, air conditioning was provided by Koreans, and musical equipment was provided by masters from Japan. As for the interior design that the Lada Priora Universal received, reviews from car owners indicate that, in general, it turned out to be successful. At a minimum, the elements of absurdity that were characteristic of the predecessor of the tenth model were not found.

The new "Universal" received an expressive sidewall and well-designed rear fenders, a tailgate and even boasts original lighting equipment. The car has a claim to style, thanks to which it is unlikely to yield to both the sedan and the hatchback in harmony, and given the impressive functionality, it will completely give them a head start.

Lada Priora station wagon owner reviews

It's time to see what the Priora Universal is like in motion. And here you can draw a complete analogy with the sedan and its characteristic problems. Naturally, in the case of the domestic auto industry, miracles are not to be expected, it is already going well, butI would like to see the very step forward that will bring the car produced in our country to the level of European quality.

It is difficult to make an unambiguous opinion about the Priore Universal, because the car, except for the same outdated "tens", simply has nothing to compare with. This is partly due to the fact that in our country the emphasis has always been on the production of sedans and hatchbacks. We deliberately omitted foreign analogues - even in the basic configuration, these cars will already be in the price category above the Priors. So it turns out that buying a new "Universal" is almost the only option to purchase a functional car with ample opportunities at an affordable price.

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