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What is Carpet - useful or money down the drain?

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What is Carpet - useful or money down the drain?
What is Carpet - useful or money down the drain?

The operation of a car is inevitably accompanied by vibrations, sounds, incomprehensible noise, and every time they occur, the driver has to wonder if this is a breakdown in the mechanical units. Padding helps to rid the salon of false alarms. Fabric materials have won the trust of many car owners. To the question of what a carpet is, it is necessary to give a detailed answer, rather than just a “carpet”, as it is called by the people. Should they decorate their favorite "swallow" or is it a waste of money?

General concept

The color is not eaten by the sun until the end of the service life
The color is not eaten by the sun until the end of the service life

Drivers are increasingly wondering what a Carpet is and whether it is expensive. The developers came up with this non-woven fabric, soft and pleasant to the touch, pursuing several goals at once. More on this later. This synthetic fabric is able to maintain the external design for a long period. It can decorate the interior, trunk, subwoofers and other surfaces. Why was it created?

About the pros and cons of autocarpet

The manufacturer gives a clear answer to the question of what a carpet is and why it is needed.

  1. ThanksDue to the special interweaving of fibers obtained as a result of the introduction of innovative technologies into production, the material is classified as durable, resistant to damage and reliable types of finishes.
  2. The density of the structure allows it to be used as a soundproofing material.
  3. When properly pasted with carpet, the sheathing is not deformed.
  4. The color is not eaten by the sun until the end of its life.
  5. From an environmental point of view, the autocarpet is completely safe for the environment and people, it gives comfort while driving.
  6. The material is endowed with a dirt-repellent property, not susceptible to fungi, mold.
  7. Moisture resistant.

Of the minuses, it can be noted that it accumulates dust, so you have to vacuum more often. It also fades over time. What does the manufacturer offer?

Secrets of self-adhesive carpet

The versatility of the material - this is how you can briefly answer the question of what a self-adhesive carpet is. In this situation, there is no need to run to the store for glue. The top backing is removed and glued onto the selected finish.

An alternative is a fabric without an adhesive base. You have to buy glue in the form of a can, which sprays the substance, and then the canvas is applied. Colors are chosen as desired and according to the appearance of the machine. In the photo, the carpet, as in practice, looks very stylish, enticing with an interesting palette of colors. How should it be glued so that the lining pleases?

How to choose glue?

The adhesive composition must be chosen with a weaksmell
The adhesive composition must be chosen with a weaksmell

The adhesive composition must be chosen with a slight smell, otherwise the “aroma” will especially manifest itself in the hot season. The most suitable option is a composition that is resistant to temperature changes, not able to crumble in the cold, not prone to deformation during vibrations. Popular types, such as "Glue 88", "Moment", "Titan", have their pros and cons. The last option on a liquid structure without color and odor is considered to be in demand. However, there are questions about its elasticity. When choosing aerosol products, you should pay attention to the temperature indicated on the can above 40 degrees.

Pasting tricks

It is worth understanding the installation tricks in more detail
It is worth understanding the installation tricks in more detail

It is worth looking into the installation tricks in more detail.

Good advice: it's better to start with small details. This approach will give you the opportunity to navigate the upcoming methodology.

  • Elasticity allows the "carpet" to stretch in any direction.
  • All possible parts are removed from the cabin, disassembled.
  • The old skin must be removed, cleaned with sandpaper.
  • The fabric is cut with allowances of 8-10 cm.

Glue is sprayed at a distance of 20 cm, avoiding the formation of smudges. The material is applied to the areas, smoothed by hand. In this case, it is important not to overdo it, allowing stretching. When pasting a car with a carpet, the allowances are fixed with staples. Passengers and the driver will not feel discomfort during the trip. The casing provides not only sound insulation, it transforms the interior of the car,but also retains heat. Fabric is inexpensive.

About cost

Alternative option - fabric without glue base
Alternative option - fabric without glue base

Price is an individual indicator, depending on manufacturers. The material is sold by the meter. The width of the panel also plays a role in price formation. The average cost is comparable to an inexpensive vinyl film. Thickness, elasticity characteristics, density matter. The material can cost 80 rubles, or maybe 1,000 rubles. per running meter.

Simple tips

Recommendations come down to simple ways. Foam upholstery cleaner, such as Runway, helps keep carpets looking stylish for a long time. Cleaning thanks to it does not take much time, the drug does an excellent job of removing dirt, dust. You can also use regular dish detergent or Vanish. Dilute a drop, add a little water, lather and apply to a vacuumed surface. Then again walk with a vacuum cleaner, removing excess foam. The salon will be clean and smell good.

When buying a carpet, it is important to contact trusted car dealerships, which will help to avoid fakes and cheap adhesive bases. This is a worthwhile, cost-effective purchase, because the coating will last for many years.

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