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Off-road vehicles: an overview of the world's best off-road vehicles
Off-road vehicles: an overview of the world's best off-road vehicles

Off-road vehicles are not as popular as they used to be. They are being replaced by combined models and crossovers. This is often due to the desire to save fuel without losing power parameters. However, in some places, such technology is simply indispensable. Consider the most successful SUVs in terms of overcoming various obstacles.

SUV "Toyota Prado"
SUV "Toyota Prado"

General information

The concept of cross-country vehicles has moved into the domestic life industry from the military sphere. It was the military need that forced designers from different countries to include additional options for upgrading machines. Before the Second World War, such equipment was produced only in the USA, the USSR and Japan. The result turned out to be positive, after which automobile concerns from different countries started producing jeeps and their analogues.

The modern exterior and equipment of off-road vehicles is significantly different from its predecessors. They have become more gloss, style, comfort, along with the main functionality -increased patency.

Not so easy to immediately determine which off-road vehicle is better? The review criteria include several parameters, including economy, power, build reliability, and safety. The following is a rating of SUVs with the best cross-country ability.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

This car has become a cult SUV thanks to its excellent performance and original design. The car itself is not very large, it is equipped with a short base base that allows you to overcome any road obstacles. Among the differences, the owners note two sections of differential locks, automatic stabilizers with anti-roll bars, reliable axles, and a convenient control system.

These features of the Jeep Wrangler off-road wheeled vehicle are combined with increased ground clearance and excellent tires. All indicators together make the car a real leader in terms of "cross-country ability". During the period of serial production, the car was improved and modernized, while leaving a characteristic and peculiar "charisma".

Best cross-country vehicle
Best cross-country vehicle

Toyota 4Runner

This off-road vehicle belongs to the Toyota Prado series. The car has been produced since 1984. During this time, she has earned commendable customer reviews, including in terms of overcoming various difficulties on the roads.

Separately, it is worth noting the "Trail" model, which received increased ground clearance,a multi-system automated system responsible for moving along different types of coverage. In addition, the vehicle was equipped with a rear locking differential, an original aerodynamic suspension with controlled lateral stability mechanisms.

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

The "pickup" in question gained fame as a conqueror of the sands. Even in an updated form, he retained the inherent brutality of American SUVs. Among the upgraded equipment note:

  • Reliable suspension.
  • Off-road camera with washer.
  • Front differential.
  • Excellent cross-country ability on different types of roads.

Despite the apparent absurdity and irregular geometry, the vehicle also shows excellent dynamics and speed.

Image"Ford Raptor"
Image"Ford Raptor"

Dodge Ram Power Wagon

This iron "beast" is aimed at connoisseurs of large cars. The unit received many parts from its predecessor Wrangler Unlimited. This includes an auto-shutdown design, a roll bar, and a locking differential. Complements the usefulness of the "jeep" winch and running lights on the roof. What, and in brutality this SUV can not be denied.

The appearance of the cross-country vehicle of this series further emphasizes its aggressiveness and cross-country ability. In addition to impressive dimensions and the above features, the car is distinguished by the presence of an original radio station and the option to automatically turn off the stabilizers.

Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen

Status SUV is capable of overcoming rough terrain without any problems. When he appeared, he looked in a classic configuration similar to modifications. The original purpose of the vehicle is to solve problems in the military sphere. Later, the car became in demand among ordinary, and not very, consumers, providing high reliability and quality indicators on asph alt and off-road.

SUV "Mercedes"
SUV "Mercedes"

Land Rover Defender

The first version of this car was born back in 1983. After that, the classic off-road car of foreign (British) production underwent several stages of serious restyling. Nevertheless, the basic inclinations remained the same as those of the "progenitor". You can verify this by simply driving a car, the driver's seat is traditionally located as close as possible to the door.

This solution allowed the driver to lean out of the window at the right time to accurately guide the wheels while parking or driving into the garage. Off-road, such a scheme is fully justified, but it has its drawbacks when moving within the city. Despite this, the designers were not going to change anything in this direction, giving preference to cross-country ability.

Hummer H1

This technique was created for the needs of the US Army, was adopted in 1985. After the SUV proved to be excellent in the military sphere, it gained popularity among civilians. Auto easily overcomeswater and other obstacles, behaves confidently on steep slopes and slopes. In addition, the appearance of the car is easily recognizable in all corners of our planet.

Auto "Hummer"
Auto "Hummer"


There are three modifications in this segment:

  1. Frontier. The powerful car comes from the 90s of the last century. Despite this, it still has not lost its relevance. The main purpose is active recreation and extreme tourism.
  2. The PRO-4X version features impressive payload capacity, with a locking rear differential. These innovations have significantly increased the cross-country ability of the vehicle. The car is rightfully included in the ranking of the best SUVs in the world.
  3. X-Ttail. The modification belongs to the category of crossovers, as close as possible to SUVs. The equipment includes a full plug-in drive, a diesel or gasoline variator with a manual transmission, a reinforced frame with good capacity.

GAZ off-road vehicles

In this category, an unusual model under the index 2330, known as the "Tiger", should be noted. The car is an armored military SUV, which is designed to transport personnel and cargo. The vehicle is equipped with a universal platform designed to accommodate various types of weapons and special equipment. During serial production, about two dozen variations of this car were created.

Tiger off-road vehicle has a number of features, namely:

  • The model of the series "6-A" has eliminated all the shortcomings of its predecessors. In particular, the protection class has been increased.
  • Equipped with an additional compartment with a closed awning.
  • Four doors left and all the advantages of the prototype.

According to civilian characteristics, the off-road vehicle in question is a twin "pickup" with a reliable high-power unit and an excellent cross-country ability. In terms of security, the car received protection from shelling from a distance of 5-10 meters (from a rifle cartridge with a caliber of 7.62 mm and incendiary analogues of the M-948, which have an armor-piercing core).

The GAZ cross-country vehicle under consideration can accommodate up to nine personnel, initially focused on transporting commanders in the combat zone. According to Russian regulations, the armor protection category of an SUV is the highest category "6-A".

In a reduced version, the crew was reduced to four people, but there was a block of additional shock absorbers, comfortable seats with footrests and enhanced protection against mines. This made it possible to increase the protection parameter to six kilograms under the wheels and 3 kg. near the bottom.

Off-road vehicle GAZ "Tiger"
Off-road vehicle GAZ "Tiger"


The army line of GAZ off-road vehicles "Tiger" is a military analogue that has at least the third category of ballistic protection in the stern, sides and frontal area. The roof of the equipment is equipped with a large hatch with a pair of wings androtating lid. In addition, this mechanism provides mounts for various types of weapons. Opening armored windows allow the use of machine guns and pistols.

The main cabin of the specified modification of the "M" class has six seats, as well as a compartment for placing a shooter from a grenade launcher and storing appropriate ammunition. In addition - communication equipment, radio blocker, location devices.


Among the Russian all-terrain vehicles of the "Tiger" type, there are several main modifications:

  1. GAZ-233034 - SPM-1 "Tiger". The equipment has the third class of ballistic protection, is made in the form of a cargo-passenger version, is used for direct transportation and as a tug.
  2. 233036 - SPM-2. Booking level - the fifth category. Application - the needs of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  3. "Tiger-M" - army version, the chassis of which was created on the basis of the UAZ-469. The weapons are the RPK and the AGS-17 grenade launcher.
  4. KShMR-145BMA - vehicle for command and staff use. It is unified with the SPM-2 modification, designed to ensure the organization of interaction between the commander and personnel in a static position or on the move.
  5. 233001 The Tiger is an off-road model with five doors and an unarmored hull.

Lineup of cross-country vehicles GAZ "Sadko"

The specified vehicle has a number of "folk" names:

  • Taiga.
  • "Huntsman".
  • "Boar".

The vehicle is a machine with an all-wheel drive truck chassis. The equipment belongs to the project under the number 3308. The first model left the assembly line in 1997, the basis for the equipment was the base of the GAZ-6640 all-terrain vehicle. The specified car has several variations that are similar in their performance characteristics.

Among them:

  • Increased vehicle reliability.
  • Possibility of mounting a variety of cranes and their analogues.
  • Use as a shift transport.
  • Versions in van variation.
  • Flatbed trucks.
  • Construction towers, fire trucks and army vehicles.

Among the features of the off-road truck GAZ-33081 is the option of self-pumping tires in case of punctures, increased ground clearance, the presence of self-locking differentials. The semi-axes of the vehicle are completely unloaded, which makes it possible to achieve effective overcoming of roads with difficult terrain and coverage. The cab is made in the bonnet layout.

Other domestic SUVs

Below are several Russian-made off-road vehicles. They do not belong to the "luxury" category, but they have a reasonable price and excellent maintainability.

“Niva 4x4”, like “Chevrolet”, does not differ in aggressive and brutal appearance, however, it suits the domestic user optimally, taking into account the combination of quality and price parameters. On this SUV, you can safely overcome deep ditches and waterbarriers.

Another “own” jeep is UAZ. The manufacturer offers a choice of several modifications, among which the Hunter and the classic version are especially popular. You can easily repair a car in field conditions, having basic mechanic skills. This is important for fishermen and hunters who prefer to spend their leisure time far from civilization. Despite the minimal comfort, the reviews about the cars of this brand are mostly positive.

The unique domestic car "March-1" is an option for operation in those places where UAZ and Niva experience difficulties. The vehicle is a swamp vehicle with enlarged wheels. Its presentation took place in 1995 at the Moscow Motor Show. Design Brief:

  • Main base - VAZ-2121.
  • Extended wheel arches.
  • Spring suspension from UAZ-469.
  • 1.7 liter power unit.
  • Gearbox from the same VAZ as the frame.
  • Serial production - over 350 copies.
Off-road car "Land Rover"
Off-road car "Land Rover"

Helpful tips

How to increase the cross-country ability of the car? To solve this problem, there are several recommendations. First, modify the tires, up to hanging chains on them. Secondly, improve the engine, taking into account its capabilities. In addition, you can radically approach changes in the exterior and interior of the car, but this will require significant investments. The main thing to remember is that off-road vehiclesfocused on overcoming obstacles on the road, and can not always show themselves in all their glory on paved roads and city roads.

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