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How to wash your car without streaks at home?

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How to wash your car without streaks at home?
How to wash your car without streaks at home?

The first car wash was opened in Detroit in 1914 in one of the automatic laundries. Despite the name, there were no automatic machines at the car wash. Some workers pushed cars around the room, while others washed and polished it by hand. This service has become very popular with residents of the city. Soon, car washes began to open in other US cities. In the 1920s, a car wash began operating in Chicago, in which a factory conveyor was installed. Cars moved along the tape from one worker to another. The first automated car wash opened in the United States in 1946. Modern car washes appeared in the 1960s.

How to wash a black car without streaks?

Any car enthusiast tries to keep his car clean. A layer of dirt on a vehicle can lead to corrosion and damage to the body finish. It also stains the hands and clothes of the driver and passengers. In the warm season, the car must be washed at least once a week. If there is a chemical plant near the parking places of the car, it should be washed 2 times a week. At temperatures below -10 Celsius, wash the transportproduct not recommended.

High pressure washing

Often after washing, stains remain on the body. How to wash a car without streaks? You can entrust this process to professional cleaners. To do this, you need to find a good car wash with responsible employees. It is necessary to carefully read the list of services provided by the organization. Before washing the car, you can give your sponges and rags to the car wash workers. Do not leave the car unattended. It is better to control the whole process. The next option is to wash the car at a self-service car wash. But these options require free time and money. Many motorists prefer to wash their vehicle on their own. Even a novice driver will learn how to wash a car to a shine in just two or three times.

Self-service car wash

How to wash your car without streaks? Self-service car washes are designed to clean the car from small contaminants. The driver is provided with equipment for washing the car. First you need to remove the gun from the casing and select the program.

car wash

Prewash will only soften the dirt without washing it away. The main wash is designed to thoroughly wash the car. The rinse cycle removes all foam from the machine. A layer of wax will protect the body from the effects of chemicals. Rinsing the car with demineralized water with a special agent reduces the drying time and gives the coating a shine. It is recommended to use all washing modes.

Mini sink

How to wash your car without streaks? To wash it, you can purchase a device - a mini-sink. At the beginning, dirt is blown off the car with a high-pressure jet of water. Next, foam is applied to the surface of the machine. Then it is washed off with plenty of water.

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The next step is to apply the main detergent to the body. It is left on the car for 5 minutes. The body is then rinsed and dried. Do not expose the body to high pressure if it has minor damage and chips.


How to wash your car at home without streaks? First you need to choose a suitable place for the car. There must be free space around the machine. Direct sunlight should not fall on it. It is best to choose a site in the shade or a ventilated area with good lighting. It should be borne in mind that all the water, along with detergents, will drain to the floor.


How to wash your car without streaks? Use clean, filtered water to wash your car. You also need to choose the right hose. If not, you will have to use ordinary buckets. Next, you need to pick up a special car shampoo and glass cleaner. You should carefully read the manufacturer's instructions. Some detergents must be diluted with water beforehand.

car faucet

Do not use alkaline products to wash your car. White spirit is used to clean oily areas. Not worth ituse car chemicals more than three times a month. You may also need auxiliary tools: sponge, brush, scraper and rag. Microfiber cloths can be purchased at auto shops, which perfectly absorb moisture. You can also buy body wax there.

Procedure of actions

How to wash your car without streaks? The car should be washed only after its surface has cooled down. Contact of water with a hot body will adversely affect its coating. First you need to close all the doors and windows of the car. Then wet the entire body and wheels. This will require about three buckets of water. Then the detergent is applied to the car with a spray gun or sponge. It is necessary to wait a couple of minutes for the dirt to finally soften.

Microfiber cloth

Further, the agent is washed off the body from top to bottom. In this case, you do not need to make circular movements with your hand so that stains do not form on the coating. Avoid getting large grains of sand under the sponge. They may scratch the finish. Discs and wheels are washed with a brush. Then the car is rinsed with water. You can once again walk on the body with a soft washcloth dipped in clean water. The next step is drying. Excess water from the body is collected with a scraper and a special cloth.

Drying the car

Glasses are washed with a piece of dry cloth and cleaning agent. The last stage is polishing the body with special tools. Usually the body of a new car is covered with a layer of varnish. But it does not protect the surface from various damages. Manufacturers do not recommend washingcar more than once a week. If you urgently need to wash the car, and there is no source of water nearby, you can use special sprays. How to wash the panel in the car without streaks? First you need to clean the interior elements with a vacuum cleaner. Then you need to wipe the panel with a rag and a safe cleaner.

Car wash in winter

How to wash your car without streaks at home? In the cold season, roads are sprinkled with chemicals. They mix with dirt and form a hard crust on the surface of the body. If it is not cleaned in time, it begins to destroy the paintwork. In winter, the car is washed only with cold water. Temperature fluctuations can adversely affect the coating of the body and glass. The car is washed in a closed and heated room. The body is thoroughly cleaned of snow and ice before applying detergents. After washing, the surface of the car must be thoroughly dried. To do this, turn on the stove at full power and open all the doors. All hinges, locks and rubber seals are treated with silicone grease. It forms a protective film.

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