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"Toyota Corolla": equipment, description, options, photos and owner reviews

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"Toyota Corolla": equipment, description, options, photos and owner reviews
"Toyota Corolla": equipment, description, options, photos and owner reviews

Toyota is associated by many motorists with three characteristics: simplicity, reliability, quality. The first car called "Corolla" came off the assembly line back in 1972. Even then, it was quite popular due to its simplicity of design, automatic and manual transmission and versatility, thanks to which this model is still loved today. A distinctive feature of this body were round headlights, which were retained until 1988.

Image "Toyota Corolla" of the first generation

Top Bestseller

But still, the same cult Corolla in the back of the E120 became the main hit of sales. This is the car that has a huge number of different layouts of transmissions and engines, a fairly extensive selection of trim levels. In many countries, these machines were "workhorses", as they did not require large investments in repairs and maintenance, but they simply had enormous resources and capabilities.There were even versions with all-wheel drive! The design of this car turned out to be quite recognizable. In 2006, the model received a slight cosmetic restyling, which slightly modified the front bumper and the shape of the fog lights.

Image "Corolla" 120

Cult "Toyota Corolla": complete sets

In fact, there were only two of them: Terra and Sol. Let's start with the Toyota Corolla 120 trim levels. They have almost no differences, except that climate control has been introduced into the richer Sol trim instead of an ordinary air conditioner, and rear power windows have also been added. This is where the differences end. There is, of course, a complete set - T-sport, but it is extremely rare or with a right-hand drive and an exorbitant price. The range of engines is also quite simple. The Corollas of the European market were equipped with three petrol and two diesel engines.

Interior "Toyota Corolla" 120

Gasoline engines of this car: 1.4L (4ZZ-FE), 1.6L (3ZZ-FE), 1.8L (1ZZ-FE). They differ, perhaps, only in volume and power and have almost the same problems. These power units, produced before 2005, have a habit of consuming a large amount of oil. But after 2005, the company corrected a technical flaw with oil scraper rings and piston design, and this problem was gone. In general, with proper maintenance, these motors do not have serious problems. As for the diesel engines of this car 1.4 l (1ND-TV D-4D, 90 hp), 2.0 l (1CD-FTV D-4D), 90 hp), theyhave problems only with the fuel system that requires high-quality fuel. Summing up, we can say that the entire line of engines has an incredible resource that allows this Toyota to easily pass the milestone of 300,000 kilometers, but only if there is proper care for the engine, of which there are not so many varieties.

New breakthrough

Image "Toyota Corolla" 140

So the year 2006 has come, when the 10th generation of the iconic Corolla came out. The new Corolla has changed dramatically, from the headlights to the almost new interior. Of course, I immediately want to ask: “Has it remained as reliable as it was in the past?” And this is where the problems begin. It would seem, what problems can be? But the main one turned out to be not at all in the engine, but in a newly made checkpoint called a robot. In fact, Toyota introduced the same manual transmission, but instead of the driver, the electronics switch gears thanks to various actuators and their control units. Initially, the idea was good, but the robotic gearbox was so unfinished that by 2008, Toyota decided to completely abandon its installation on this model, returning the time-tested and already familiar hydraulic automatic.

Range of engines and equipment

The first model of this body, exactly like the restyling, had two engines. The first is a completely new, but fairly reliable 1.6 liter engine (1ZR-FE) with a capacity of 124 horsepower. As well as the 1.4 liter engine (4ZZ-FE), which migrated to the new model from under the hoodthe previous generation. However, already in restyling, this power unit was replaced by the company with a more modern 1.3-liter engine. True, there is little data on its reliability, since this ICE, unlike its predecessor, was not particularly popular. Judging by the reviews, the 1.6 engine does not have so many significant drawbacks. On the first releases, there was a problem with the design of the water pump, which the manufacturer has eliminated. Also, the alternator pulley had a rather small resource and could fail quite early. In addition, there is a problem with the steering rack on the Corolla: after a certain run, it starts to “knock”. But it was she who existed on the Corolla from the 120th body, so this problem was often simply turned a blind eye.

Toyota Corolla equipment 150

This car belongs to the C-class, where the highest competition among automakers reigns. All companies produce their C-class cars, and everyone is trying to be the best. Toyota is no exception. For the Toyota Corolla 140, there were three trim levels: "comfort", "prestige" and "elegance". In principle, as in the previous generation of this car, the Toyota Corolla equipment does not differ much from each other. For example, configurations "elegans" and "prestige", unlike "comfort", have climate control, rear power windows and fog lights. This is where the differences end. And the prestige and elegans configurations differ only in cruise control.

Interior "Toyota Corolla" 150

Then the companyToyota released a restyling of the 140th body and gave it a larger number, which indicates that the restyling was quite deep. 2 new trim levels of Toyota Corolla were added: "Comfort Plus" and "Elegance Plus". In addition, there have been big changes in the technical part of the car. The robotic gearbox was removed, and the “comfort” package was added: adaptive cruise control, an automatic parking system and an adjustable pedal assembly. In the “security” package, a blind spot monitoring system and a stabilization system are introduced, and for the “comfort” package, airbags, window (curtains) and an anti-lock braking system (ABS) are added to this package. In general, all configurations are quite similar, except for "prestige" and "elegans plus": only they include climate control, fog lights, headlight washer and electric folding mirrors. In addition, "comfort" has a push-button start system, cruise control and multi-steering wheel.

New Corolla - Japanese queen

Image "Toyota Corolla" 160

The new 160th Corolla body was just an incredible leap forward compared to its older sisters. The exterior of the car is quite aggressive, with elements of futurism. By the way, in the American market, the Corolla has the status of a sports sedan. It is very interesting that in the technical part it can be called sports. But, with regards to the exterior design, the manufacturers have done their best. There is even something in it that is inherent exclusively in Japanese cars, perhaps some sharp lines expressing the desiretravel thousands of kilometers. It is clear that the design of this car makes a person perceive it as highly premium, not as it really is.

The interior, oddly enough, looks good. We can say that Toyota went to unify the interiors of its cars, which is why the interior of this Corolla sends you to the salon of the flagship Camry. Finishing materials are very high quality and pleasant to the touch, due to the versatility of the front console creates a feeling of safety and security. In the highest trim levels, a modern multimedia system with a 7-inch display is installed.

Variety of packages

The interior of the new "Corolla"

Judging by the reviews, the configurations of the new Toyota Corolla 2017 are very different from each other. Three engines are presented in the ICE line on the Russian market: the already familiar 1.3 liter and 1.6 liter, as well as a new 1.8 liter engine. Prices for the most affordable equipment of this Toyota Corolla start at 975 thousand rubles. It has a 1.3 liter engine and a manual transmission. The most sophisticated equipment, "prestige", can be purchased for 1.349 million rubles. Perhaps this is the only drawback of this model. Of course, for the money you get climate control, keyless entry with Start / Stop system, front and rear parking sensors, a rear-view camera, as well as a multimedia device with navigation. But this is outside the policy of this model. Initially, the Corolla was created as a budget, reliable and simple car. Undoubtedly, she remained the samereliable and simple, but the main advantage of this model, namely accessibility, has gone. Of course, there are compromise solutions, for example, the new Toyota Corolla equipment - "style".

By the way, there is a very interesting fact here. The configurations of the new Toyota Corolla in the back of 2018 do not differ at all from the 2017 model.


But even this minus will not change the attitude of people towards this car: it is still the same first car in its class and it will hold this title for many more years.

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