"Niva" 5-door: tuning. Options and tips for improving the model

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"Niva" 5-door: tuning. Options and tips for improving the model
"Niva" 5-door: tuning. Options and tips for improving the model

"Niva" while driving on the track looks quite attractive, harmoniously fitting into the overall picture. But many motorists, taking care of their beauty, try to ennoble her as best as possible. Tuning The 5-door "Niva" withstands well, and if a professional master works on it, it will really change radically.

Tuning compositions

The very model of the machine allows you to improve it constantly. Fans of experimenting are not afraid to embody the most daring ideas, thanks to which the tuning of the 5-door Niva can withstand a large number of times. The main thing is to entrust it to an experienced master and calculate finances.

"Niva" 5-door tuning photo
"Niva" 5-door tuning photo

Many "Nivas", unfortunately, are already morally outdated, but they still carry their owners faithfully. And the owners spare no expense to technically transform the car with additional features.

In order for the 5-door Niva tuning to be worthy and of high quality, it is worth contacting the services of the car market. But a decision must be madedeliberately, deciding in advance what you need, and only then purchase the appropriate parts.

Decent appearance

Many drivers seek to express their individuality, to give the car distinctive features. That is why the appearance of the car is so important to them. To update the 5-door Niva, the owners view tuning photos on sites, get acquainted with the work of the masters.

Definitely need to completely repaint the body. Most often, this is not a common procedure, but using liquid rubber or gluing with a more expensive carbon film. It is durable, because many owners stop their choice on it.

Paint the car in some unusual color or select several shades, harmoniously combining them with each other. There are hobbyists who paint their car in contrasting colors.

Many people love 3D airbrushing. There are so many options here that one can only be surprised, admiring the fantasies of some owners. This method is used so that the car can significantly stand out, turn into an exclusive sample.

The photo of tuning the 5-door Niva in black or white looks especially impressive.

The advantages of this type of painting are undeniable:

  • when drawing a pattern with a special coating, the body acquires additional protection against external damage;
  • appearance of the car compares favorably with others;
  • swindlers are unlikely to risk stealing such a car - it is too conspicuous;
  • the picture itself can tell a lot about the owner, about him, for example, coollike it.

Before agreeing to draw a drawing, you should consider the sketch, carefully considering the decision. Too "controversial" airbrushing may be of interest to the traffic police.

"Niva" airbrushing
"Niva" airbrushing

The most common ways of this type of tuning are basically:

  1. Traditional application method. This is an attractive tuning of the 5-door Niva 4x4. A photo of similar models, a drawing or a sketch is used in this case to enhance visual perception. The master has a set of tools with which the pattern is applied to the body manually. In this case, the payment for the work is usually the higher, the more professional, talented and skillful the work is done.
  2. Digital way. It is considered the most progressive, since in this case PC-controlled equipment is used. A certain program already has the required image, and it appears on the body thanks to a high-precision printer. The advantage of this method is that during operation all the intended colors and shades will be clearly transmitted.
  3. Film way. The easiest way to decorate a car, as a ready-made film with a selected pattern is applied. For many drivers, this method is more acceptable because of the cheap price. The work can be completed in a short time. This coating provides good additional protection against damage. This type of tuning can be done on your own if you have at least a little experience.

Changes in the cabin

So that in a car like the 5-door Niva, the interior tuning would lookcompleted, you will need to make a constriction of various elements. This includes primarily seating. It will be very useful to replace the skin with a more noble material, such as genuine leather or velor.

5-door "Niva" interior tuning
5-door "Niva" interior tuning

It should be taken into account that materials intended for cars are a special category of goods with a more voluminous thickness and a special protective coating. You need to take care of the presence of soundproofing materials, they will also keep the heat in the cabin.

It would be nice to change the seats, replacing them with sports ones - they are more compact, comfortable and deep.

If the steering wheel needs to be improved, it can be sheathed in leather or vinyl. The wooden steering wheel looks expensive and “elite”.

The plan for improvement includes the refinement of the cabin. A good addition would be a navigation system, as well as ventilation or seat heating, properly positioned lighting, massage capes, and an audio system. After that, the interior tuning of the 5-door Niva will be performed at a high level.

Small but significant changes

Niva's bumper is most often in good condition, but still I want to transform it. To form new parts, stick them on the base and cover with paint, you will need fiberglass. It gives the car style and originality, and lasts a long time.

Power bumper
Power bumper

For changes in Niva set:

  • New modern thresholds, especially if they are completely out of order, have begun to rot.
  • Radiatorsgrilles to ensure good airflow. In addition, the design of the new gratings has changed significantly, new technologies have improved the quality.

In principle, the owner of the Niva can reinstall them himself, but if the original painting or airbrushing is planned in the future, it is better to entrust the replacement of parts to a specialist, since the drawing can be deformed.

The engine compartment needs to be protected

"Niva" can cross many hard-to-reach areas, overcome areas with a lot of water. Then it will be necessary to install a snorkel - permanent or removable, which is made privately. This type of tuning will help to overcome water obstacles, while the liquid will no longer be able to get into the engine, it will not even overheat significantly. With this tuning, filter contamination is reduced.

To protect the engine compartment from corrosion, it must be protected from moisture and dirt. The following measures will help:

  • drainage pipe being lengthened;
  • The seal and air intake are installed on the hood;
  • Spars are protected using plastic or rubber plugs.

Where to hide luggage

Trunk and bumper tuning "Niva"
Trunk and bumper tuning "Niva"

Niva has a very small trunk, despite its impressive overall dimensions. And if there are a lot of things, experts advise using the roof of a car. To build a trunk, you will need roof rails, so the design will be more durable. And so that you can get luggage during a stop, you will need a retractable ladder.