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Variator belt: dismantling and design features

Variator belt: dismantling and design features
Variator belt: dismantling and design features

CVTs are becoming more and more common today. Despite the fact that they began to be used for a long time, they are now appreciated. Like all devices, they are prone to breakage.

variable speed belt

Special attention should be paid to the features that should be considered when replacing CVT belts. Their dimensions depend on the purpose of the product. The most widespread models with a height and width within 20 mm and 45 mm, respectively.

What you need to know

The work is done in a timely manner with the help of certain tools. A belt with a high output will not properly transmit torque to the pulleys, resulting in a loss of power. Replacement is recommended to be done in specialized workshops by trusted specialists, but if this is not possible, you can do it yourself.

Variator belt design

The design includes steel strips covered with wedges. On average, the belt is replaced every 200-250 thousandkm. If the operating rules are not followed, it may be damaged due to metal fatigue. The material is stretched, and the distance between the plates increases, which leads to breakage. In this case, towing the vehicle is undesirable, as the elements of the loose belt can damage other parts, such as pulleys or gears.

scooter variator belts

Even a breakdown of the speed sensor can lead to serious consequences if it fails during fast movement and the electronic control unit puts the pulleys in an emergency position. In such a situation, the variator belt can both deform and break. If the car is moving at an average speed, then the load on the belt will be minimal. Since the sensor is made according to the Hall principle, such situations often occur. When buying a used car, it is recommended to change the sensor first. It will not be difficult, since it is fixed on top of the case. Snowmobile CVT belts can also be damaged at low speeds, such as hitting a curb while reversing.

Work in progress

To replace the belt, you will need an impact screwdriver, a few clamps, a hammer, wrenches, a clean work surface and a few empty containers to store the removed small parts. It is recommended to place the containers in a convenient order as the parts are removed, and write down or take a photo of special moments. All this reduces the risk of error when assembling the variator, because the design is disassembled in one day, and assembly can be started only after a week.

variator belts dimensions

To begin with, the bolts securing the camshaft cover are unscrewed, there must be at least six of them, after which the cover itself is removed. The helical gear is removed, all the parts to be removed are put into pre-prepared containers, after which the box should be turned over and part of the housing removed along with the shaft. Next, the bolts on the perimeter are unscrewed, the cover is gently tapped with a hammer and carefully removed. Also, do not forget about the gear. The pump mount is carefully unscrewed, and the chain with the gear is pulled out. The pump cover can now be easily removed by grasping the shaft and gently pulling upwards.

Reassembly is also easy. The dismantling of this side of the CVT is completed, it is necessary to put it aside for a while and proceed to unscrew the cover. It is fixed quite tightly, so you need to wring it out, for this you need a regular screwdriver. After removing the cover, the main elements of the variator will open: two shafts and a variator belt. With the help of clamps (plastic ones will be the best option), the belt is compressed, this will prevent its destruction during further analysis. The belt is pulled out together with the pulleys from the variator, while making sure that nothing extra gets into the opened holes. After that, the pulleys are removed from the belt. It remains only to replace the variable speed belt with a new one and reassemble all the parts.


It is worth paying attention to the material used. It's all aboutthat an ordinary rubberized textile belt, which is used for an air conditioner or a generator, is not suitable for work, as it wears out quickly.

snowmobile variable speed belts

The scooter's variable speed belts, which have a special structure, are devoid of these shortcomings. In automobile variators, a wide metal chain consisting of plates is also used as a belt. To lubricate it, it is recommended to use a special fluid that does not allow the chain to slip.

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