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Variator belt: replacement and types

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Variator belt: replacement and types
Variator belt: replacement and types

In order to understand what will be discussed, you need to know what a variator is. This is the part that is responsible for the smooth switching of speeds in any unit. It is currently used quite widely, including in vehicles of various types.

Belt variator

One of the advantages of the belt variator is that rubber belts are highly reliable. In addition, their service life is quite long. These two pluses are due to the special wedge shape that the belts take. If you measure the life of belts in a vehicle by the distance that it can travel, then this is about 50 thousand km. However, despite these advantages, belt drive is rarely used. All due to the fact that both pulleys must constantly be at an angle of 200. And as multiple experiments have shown, any hydraulic system or spring copes with the task of holding this position much better than a rubber variator belt. Let's talk about that.

Belt variator

Variator belt for scooter

This is one of the most important parts on a scooter. The thing is that it is he who makes the transportmeans. People who buy a scooter for the first time often do not pay attention to it, although they should. When buying a used scooter, you should immediately check the variator belt. If he was subjected to heavy loads, traveled too long a distance (more than 6000 km), or was simply treated carelessly, for example, by starting abruptly, then most likely the rubber belt was worn out. It will need to be replaced. When purchasing a new scooter, you should still pay attention to this. Despite the fact that he did not go anywhere, he could stand for quite a long time in the warehouse. And with such a simple variator rubber belt can crack just from time to time.

variator belt for scooter

After buying a vehicle, it is worth paying attention to this detail every 1000-2000 km. As soon as the first signs of deterioration appear on the belts, they should be replaced immediately. Such signs can be a noticeable slippage of the belts, an erased main layer of rubber. It is best to check this before leaving, since you can only replace the variator belt on a scooter with a special puller and a wrench.


In order to replace the variator belt on a scooter, you need to start by unscrewing the nut, which is located on the variator itself. After that, the whole procedure, in principle, is quite simple. The old belt is removed and the new one is installed. Although the replacement process itself is very, very simple, you need to seriously consider buying this part. The thing is that you need to buy only that belt,which is stated in the technical characteristics of the scooter. If you make a mistake with the choice and purchase a smaller or larger belt, this will affect the speed of the vehicle. In addition, the wrong size will lead to the fact that after 1000, maximum 1500 km, the product will simply break.

snowmobile drive belt

What happens if the belt breaks? Most likely, all the weights of the variator that are there will also fall out. If this doesn't happen, it's a lot of luck, but most often they fly out almost immediately after the rubber part breaks.

CVT belt for snowmobile

There is a good company called DAYCO that makes snowmobile belts. The company's manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, and their products are divided into three categories:

  • the first category of belts is designed for a quiet ride and medium loads;
  • the second category can withstand more serious loads, and you can also drive off-road;
  • The latest series of belts designed for extreme snowmobile driving and the heaviest loads.

These parts are assembled in the USA and then shipped to companies like BPA, Arctic Cat.

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