HBO variator: what is it and why is it needed? Ignition timing variator
HBO variator: what is it and why is it needed? Ignition timing variator

Gas-balloon equipment is used to equip a vehicle to reduce fuel costs. Gas costs almost twice as much as gasoline, but its consumption is higher. In addition, the main fuel from the system cannot be completely removed. Gasoline warms up the car after a long parking and in cold weather. Real savings are no more than 30-35 percent. This indicator can be improved by the HBO variator, which increases the performance of the power unit.

Ignition timing variator
Ignition timing variator

Why change the ignition timing (IDO)?

Gas has a high octane number (propane with butane - 105 units, methane - 120). Gasoline of any brand has an indicator that is significantly lower. Consequently, in gas equipment on a car, fuel burns more slowly, that is, gasoline and gas have different UOPs.

This moment determines the impact on fuel consumption and the dynamics of the engine. The gas mixture has an increased operating temperature. When the exhaust valves are opened, this composition flares up from overload. Correct specifiedmoment helps a special variator. It regulates UOZ, reduces excessive fuel consumption, eliminates valve burnout. When the ignition timing is changed, the mixture ignites and burns out before the exhaust valves open. As a result, the temperature indicator from the gas exhaust decreases, the efficiency increases, as well as the operational parameters responsible for fuel consumption.

Selection criteria

On sale are UOZ electronic regulators from various manufacturers in several modifications. When choosing a HBO variator, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Date of manufacture of the setting tool.
  • A type of signal generated by crankshaft sensors.
  • Instrument performance.

There are three types of devices on the market that are compatible with different types of sensors. These can be inductive impulses, interaction with Hall indicators (digital signals) and an ignition unit aggregating with a pair of distributors.

Gas equipment for a car
Gas equipment for a car


HBO variators are presented in various designs. For example, Polish and Italian-made devices interact with the crankshaft sensor, changing its values and then transferring them to the computer. Parameters of modifications with the possibility of programming are adjusted during computer diagnostics.

Models in different versions, regardless of the manufacturer, are aimed at performing the same task, but their operational parameters vary somewhat. The following arethe most popular versions of UOZ variators for HBO:

  • AEB-510 N – mounted in vehicle systems with inductive sensors. The device receives signals from one camshaft.
  • AEB-516 Shark - the device is controlled by impulses from a pair of camshafts, installed where it is not possible to use the 510th version.
  • Stag TAP (ST-02) - the device is designed for indicators with digital pulses.
  • ST-03/1 - the device aggregates with induction type sensors, recognizes signals from two digital streams of the camshaft.
  • ST-03/2 - interacts with Hall sensors, responds to a digital signal from a pair of shafts.


It is allowed to reprogram ignition timing variators of the following brands (interacting with inductive sensors):

  • "Bosch 60-2".
  • Ford 36-1.
  • Toyota 36-2.

The Stag TAP-01 modification is a universal instrument, which is able to recognize the signals of the crankshaft indicator that supplies inductive pulses.

Variator elements for HBO
Variator elements for HBO

Domestic models

In their reviews of HBO variators, users point to several more practical and reliable models. Among them:

  • Line "Microluch" (Microluch). A suitable model is selected depending on the type of indicators of the crankshaft and camshaft of the vehicle.
  • Version "Triton-618". This is a two-channel device that integrates with engines equipped with digital and digital sensors.inductive type.
  • Model-1 60-2 is suitable for inductive elements. The adjustment of the device can be done manually or using a computer. In this it differs from other domestic analogues, its price, respectively, is higher.
Variator for HBO 4 generations reviews
Variator for HBO 4 generations reviews

How to set the ignition timing variator for LPG

Experts recommend mounting the device simultaneously with gas equipment. It can also be installed on an existing system. As to where exactly the device needs to be integrated, users' opinions are divided. Many factory instructions recommend installing HBO CVTs in the engine compartment. Some masters mount the device next to the on-board computer.

The second way is more practical and profitable for the following reasons:

  • Reduces contamination of the device, no water gets into it.
  • Long wires are not required, which improves the quality of the pulse from the sensors.
  • Heat from a running motor does not affect the function of the fixture.
  • Easier adjustment and diagnostics.
HBO need a variator
HBO need a variator

Installation process

As evidenced by the reviews, the 4th generation HBO variator can be installed independently if you have certain skills in working with electronic systems and knowledge of how to properly configure the device. To do this, the cover of the device is removed, the connection is made strictly according to the scheme attached to the instructions for the device. One output is connected to the VUOZ throughvoltage supply contact to DPKV. The second adapter is connected to the HBO valve. Ground is applied to the shield braid of the position indicator wire. Then they organize a connection with the terminals of the octane corrector.

After all commissioning operations are completed, activate the engine and test the car in operation. If you do not have the relevant skills and experience, it is reasonable to contact specialists who practice the installation of these devices on vehicles.


Installing a variator on HBO 4 generations provides a number of advantages, among which we note the following:

  • The power unit power parameter is increasing due to the complete burnout of the gas.
  • Compression is at the required level, early burnout of the valves is prevented.
  • The negative consequences of incorrect HBO settings are leveled when burnout is turned on and valve seats are overheated.
  • Can be used on all types of "engines", regardless of the number of cylinders.

Are there any disadvantages?

Opponents of the devices in question point to their low efficiency. However, upon careful examination of the facts, it becomes clear that such a statement is unfounded. It is believed that a knock sensor is used to adjust the ignition angle. In reality, this is not the case, since this indicator is activated only while the engine is running on gasoline.

The gas does not detonate, so there is no adjustment of the SPD. As a rule, the knock indicator works on fuel with the lowest octane rating. In a practical example, it looks like this: the car was refueled with AI-95, then they decided to transfer it to the 92nd gasoline. The gas has an octane rating much higher. Therefore, the lead angle will not change, remaining the same as on gasoline.

CVTs of the latest generation are equipped with updated sensors, modern firmware, and work according to a different scheme. Problems with this device are mainly related to its incorrect connection or the introduction of outdated designs. Studying the negative reviews about the use of the variator, you need to be interested in what year the gas equipment was installed on the car.

Helpful tips

It is worth noting that it is necessary to increase the UOP only when the vehicle is running on gas. If we talk about gasoline, then the ignition timing should remain at the level specified in the technical documentation of the car.

On carburetor machines with gas-balloon equipment of the first generation, it will not be possible to adjust the variator in the traditional way. On such engines, the adjustment of the UOS is performed using the distributor.

When installing HBO, you should not try to achieve maximum fuel economy by any means. It is necessary to remember about slow reactions to the accelerator and the loss of power reserve. It is also not recommended to set the speed to a minimum when the motor starts to slow down, endangering the stability of the system.

For injection engines with gas-balloon equipment of the second and third generation, the operation of UOZ variators is welcome. Otherwise, there is an accelerationburnout of valves and failure of the catalyst with a simultaneous increase in engine oil consumption.

Installation of a variator on HBO 4 generations
Installation of a variator on HBO 4 generations

How to check if a HBO variator is needed?

A simple test has been developed to verify the need to purchase this device and to re-adjust the ignition advance. First, the engine of the vehicle with LPG is started, but without the corrector for the UOZ, they are waiting for switching to gas. The palm is brought to the exhaust pipe, the sensation of the temperature of the exhaust gases is fixed. Then repeat the same procedure with the installed variator. Draw appropriate conclusions.

In the second case, the exhaust temperature and pressure will be significantly lower than that of a car without a PTO corrector. The verification test indicates that it is important to introduce the devices in question into systems with gas-balloon equipment. This is due to the fact that long-term operation of a car with HBO leads to malfunctions that require unscheduled repair of the power unit. This increases the cost of maintaining the vehicle. To avoid this, install the variator.

Installation of HBO variators
Installation of HBO variators


Car owners do not get tired of looking for various ways and methods to save on car repairs and fuel consumption. One of the best options, as the reviews show, is the transition from gasoline or diesel fuel to gas. People write that they reconfigure factory fuel systems not only on passenger cars, but also motorcycles, buses, trucks.

As the reviews show, rightthe performed manipulation allows you to significantly save on fuel, without losing dynamics and other parameters of the equipment. Some users are alarmed that when switching to another type of fuel, there is a risk of overheating of the motor and the negative consequences associated with this moment. For maximum leveling of a possible problem and optimization of the functioning of the fuel structure, an ignition timing variator for gas-balloon equipment was created and developed.