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MeMZ-307: description, specifications and operating features

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MeMZ-307: description, specifications and operating features
MeMZ-307: description, specifications and operating features

The MeMZ-307 engine is a Ukrainian-made power unit (Melitopol Motor Plant), which was installed on Daewoo Sens and ZAZ Slavuta cars. It was developed by order of the Zaporozhye Automobile Assembly Plant for installation on ZAZ and Daewoo vehicles.


The subcompact engine was supposed to be an economical solution for the Ukrainian consumer. But during the operation it became clear that its quality leaves much to be desired. A modification was created for cars of the Slavuta family.

Daewoo Sense MeMZ 307

Unlike MeMZ-2457, a new block and head were installed on the 307 engine. The piston has become larger, from 72 to 75 mm. The valves remained the same, but the camshaft had to be improved. All this made it possible to increase the volume to 1299 cm3. MeMZ-307 valves are adjusted every 40,000 km. The big disadvantage was the lack of hydraulic lifters.

MeMZ-307 timing belt drive, which increases the possibility of getting bent valves. Therefore, it is recommended to monitor the condition of the belt. If there is damage, then it is worth replacing the part. service interv altiming belt replacement is 40,000 km.


MeMZ-307 Ukrainian design and assembly turned out to be quite reliable. A record was set for the motor - 420 thousand kilometers without major repairs.

Slavuta with MeMZ engine

Consider the main technical characteristics of the power unit:




1.3 liters (1299 cc)



Piston diameter




Power characteristic

70, 0 l. s.

Torque (kgfm)/Speed, min-1

107, 8 (11, 0)/3000-3500

Fuel consumption per 100 km:

city mode

8, 9 l

up to 90 km/h

5, 5 l

90 to 120 km/h

7, 2 l

Recommended fuel


Power system


Modifications and future plans

In addition to the standard version of the MeMZ-307 motor, a modified version withmarking 3071 for Slavuta cars. The difference is in torque and power. At 3071, the rated power characteristics do not exceed 64 liters. With. Otherwise, there is no difference between the power units.

It was also planned to produce a modernized motor marked MeMZ-3075, which had a block head with 16 valves. But, due to the closure of the Sens line in Zaporozhye, the design of the motor was suspended, and subsequently completely frozen.

Modified block head

The new power unit was supposed to receive the Euro-4 environmental standard, an improved design of the gas distribution mechanism and a volume of 1398 cm3. In addition, the piston size was increased to 77 mm. In this case, fuel consumption would be 7.2 liters per 100 km, and specific power - 112 liters. s.


Maintenance of the MeMZ-307 power unit is carried out identically to the MeMZ-245 motor. The service interval is no more than 10,000 km, but even the manufacturer's designers agree that it must be reduced to 8-9 thousand km. In each case of maintenance, it is necessary to change the oil filter and lubricant, as well as diagnose the main systems - brake and suspension.

Changing the oil and filter is quite simple, by analogy with MeMZ-245 or VAZ 21083. To do this, unscrew the drain plug, wait until the motor lubricant has completely drained, then replace the filter element. By the way, they are interchangeable with Sens and VAZ G8.

When the oil is drained, we twist the drainplug, after changing the sealing ring. Through the neck we fill in the new liquid. We warm up the engine and look at the level. If there is not enough oil, it is recommended to top up.

It should be understood that the cost of maintenance of the MeMZ-307 is quite high, if we take the prices of a car service, so most motorists carry out maintenance of the engine on their own from the very beginning of operation.


Well, how can a domestic motor not have flaws? Of course, the MeMZ-307 is far from being a completely technical solution, and therefore there are problems that are familiar to almost every owner of this power unit.

Cylinder head repair

Let's look at what motorists have to face:

  1. Troit. Quite a common occurrence. The problem lies in the fuel system, or rather, in the contamination of the injectors. As practice shows, after the first or second cleaning, one or more inlet elements have to be replaced, as they wear out quickly.
  2. Deafening. The cause of this malfunction is the frequent breakdown of the idle speed controller. It is also worth checking the throttle.
  3. Knocks and squeaks. If there are strange metallic noises, then you should pay attention to the valves. It's probably time for an adjustment.
  4. Whistling in the engine compartment. This means it's time to change the worn alternator belt.
  5. Oil leaks. Usually, the MeMZ-307 cylinder head gasket is unreliable and is often subject to breakdowns. If there are leaks, then it is worth looking forcause right here.
  6. Overheating. Of course, as on other cars, this is caused by a banal thermostat jamming. Replacing the part will help eliminate the root of the evil. It is recommended to install not an original part, but an analogue from VAZ.
Chip tuning Sens

Repair MeMZ-307 owners do it themselves, because if you use the services of a car service every time, you can go broke. Another advantage of the motor is the simple design, which greatly facilitated the life of motorists. I would like to note that no matter how many complaints were received against the Melitopol plant, the designers did not improve the engine.


A significant part of the motor owners carry out chip tuning to add the missing power. But even here it is not without pitfalls. So, it’s quite difficult to carry out such a refinement at home, and, accordingly, you have to go to a car service.

Turbine MeMZ 307

The second option, which is used together with chip tuning, is the improvement of mechanics. To increase the power characteristics, you will have to completely disassemble the power unit. The cylinder block is bored for ATF pistons with a diameter of 77.5 mm, lighter connecting rods and a crankshaft (manufactured by DEF) are also mounted. For complete happiness, you will have to sort out the head of the block, installing low-fit valves in it.

The last significant modification, which is not recommended, is the installation of a turbine with paiting and an intercooler. So, the Garrett 17 is perfect. Along with this, you will have to completelysort out the exhaust system. Make a forward flow with a diameter of 42 mm. All this will help develop power up to 200 hp. sec., after which at any time the motor may overheat. To prevent this from happening, we buy and install a cooling system kit from the VAZ-2108.


In general, the MeMZ-307 engine performed well. The device is much more economical than its predecessor, has an environmental Euro-II standard, as well as an improved piston group. But there is no escape from shortcomings. So, the engine often starts to triple and stall, and all the fault of the flaws on the part of the design bureau of the Melitopol plant.

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