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Honda PC 800: specifications, declared power, maximum speed, operating features and owner reviews

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Honda PC 800: specifications, declared power, maximum speed, operating features and owner reviews
Honda PC 800: specifications, declared power, maximum speed, operating features and owner reviews

In 1989, the Honda PC800 Pacific Coast touring motorcycle was introduced to the global motorcycling community, mass production of which continued until 1998. The model was originally focused on the North American market, but subsequently began to be offered to motorists from Japan and Europe. Over the entire period of serial production of the motorcycle, more than 14 thousand copies were produced.

The PC800 Pacific combines the features of two different bike models - the Honda ST1100 Pan European and the Honda Deauville 650.

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Honda PC800 Features and Overview

The original concept of the bike is quite interesting and was to create a practical bike designed for beginner riders with unpretentious maintenance. The engineers of the Japanese company Honda managed to achieve the task by creating the Honda PC 800 Pacific - a reliable, practical and easy-to-use model with the following features:

  • Good wind protection allows you to move at high speed in any weather and protects the driver from oncoming trafficair.
  • Multifunctional dashboard in classic automotive style. The display shows information about the status of the motorcycle.
  • Spacious luggage compartment that takes up the entire rear of the motorcycle;
  • Models produced between 1989 and 1990 were equipped with an AM/FM radio capable audio system.
  • Low maintenance cardan drive.
  • The pre-1997 Honda PC800 turn signal wiring diagram included an auto-off function.
  • A hydraulic clutch is more comfortable and lighter than a cable clutch and requires virtually no maintenance.
  • No need for periodic valve adjustments thanks to installed hydraulic valve clearance compensators.

Among other features of the Honda PC800, one can note the presence of a full plastic body kit, typical for scooters, a drum-type rear brake mechanism. Touring versions are equipped with a combined brake system and plastic rain and mud protection, which allows you to overcome off-road conditions.

honda pc800

Engine and Specifications

Honda PC800 received a V-shaped two-cylinder power unit from another model - Africa Twin 750. Changing the stroke of the engine allowed to increase its displacement to 800 cubic centimeters. At low revs, the engine maintains smooth traction, delivering 66 Nm of torque and 57 horsepower. Liquid-type cooling system, three valves are installed on each cylinder, whichcommon to all Honda V-twin powertrains.

Honda PC800 owners in their reviews note a discrepancy between the fuel consumption indicated in the manuals and the real one: for every 100 kilometers the motorcycle consumes 5-6 liters, depending on the driving style, load and technical condition of the motorcycle.

Model history

The first Honda PC800 motorcycles were produced in 1989. The previously proposed optional installation of an AM / FM radio was canceled in 1994, and three years later, in 1997, the automatic turning off function of the turn signals was removed, the front wing was combined with a fairing. In 1998, the motorcycle model was officially discontinued.

The bike can still be purchased today in good technical condition and without a run across the Russian Federation for 180-200 thousand rubles. The minimum cost of used models in Russia is 140 thousand rubles.

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Legendary motorcycle PC800

Over the years of mass production, the Honda PC800 touring motorcycle has become a legend, gaining a large number of fans around the world. The closest relative of the model, on the basis of which it was created, was the no less legendary Honda Africa Twin. It was from this motorcycle that the Honda PC800 inherited the engine and transmission, but in a slightly modified form: the engine displacement was increased by 50 cubic centimeters, the piston stroke increased, which was beneficial. Pacific Coast at minimum torque has excellent traction, which is not inferior to choppers of identical cubic capacity of the power unit andpersists after a high speed increase. Throughout the rev range, the engine maintains power and traction without the dips or pickups that many motorcycles in the same class sin with.

Transmission and fuel economy

The Honda PC800 inherited from Africa Twin also received a five-speed gearbox, which has undergone some changes. All gears, with the exception of the very first, are elastic and rather long, which saves the driver from constantly shifting them when driving in the city. On the track, the acceleration dynamics of the motorcycle are identical in any gear.

With these characteristics, the Honda PC800 consumes 5-6 liters of fuel when driving at a speed of 110-120 km/h. The range is limited to a 16-liter fuel tank, which is rather strange for a touring motorcycle model. The gas tank is located under the seat, which shifts the center of gravity and makes it easier to control. Despite the considerable weight, the Honda PC800 is excellently controlled and perfectly obeys the driver, which was achieved thanks to a competent layout and a low center of gravity, which makes it easy to maneuver in dense city traffic at any speed.

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Brake system

Unfortunately, the brake system of the motorcycle does not cause such enthusiasm: a double disc mechanism is installed in the front, but a drum mechanism in the back. This design caused a lot of questions among motorists and led to the fact that the PC800 has excellent front wheel braking and rather mediocre rear wheel braking. No complaints about the brakethe system would not exist if the rear brake was of the disc type.

Luggage compartment

The spacious luggage compartment is amazing on first inspection and explains why the Honda PC800 didn't get a larger fuel tank. The trunk holds two full-fledged helmets and other little things you need for a long trip. The design of the motorcycle allows you to install the center case, which will increase the usable volume and will serve as an excellent backrest for the passenger.

honda pc800 specifications

Motorcycle protection

Honda motorcycles are equipped with excellent protection against water, wind and dirt. The windshield protects the motorcycle from oncoming air flow, and the front fairing protects the rider and passenger from dirt and water.

Orientation to long-distance trips does not prevent the Honda PC800 from being used every day. Economical fuel consumption, affordable consumables, excellent handling and excellent maneuverability make the Pacific Coast a versatile motorcycle.

Dignity of the model

  • Great wind protection.
  • Spacious, moisture-proof and comfortable luggage compartment located under the seat.
  • Maintain traction across the entire rev range.


  • Primitive suspension design for a touring bike.
  • Small fuel tank capacity.
  • Insufficient braking performance.
  • Too much weight.
honda pc800 reviews

Owner Reviews

Many motorcycle enthusiasts buy Pacific Coast as an alternative to expensive motorcycle models. The reviews note the following advantages of the bike:

  • Tall, excellent wind protection for a comfortable ride.
  • Integrated luggage compartment with large capacity, allowing you to carry various cargoes and two helmets.
  • The engine is petrol-friendly thanks to its 9.0 compression ratio and can even run on 80 grade fuel.
  • Affordable cost with a high level of quality.

However, some motorists still refuse to purchase the Honda PC800, as some of its disadvantages outweigh the advantages:

  • For a dynamic movement of a curb weight of 260 kilograms and an engine with a capacity of 57 horsepower, it is frankly not enough - many PC800 classmates have more power.
  • The total volume of the fuel tank is 16 liters. Given the fuel consumption of 5-7 liters, the power reserve of the motorcycle is 250 kilometers. Of course, a certain autonomy is still present, but during long trips you still have to refuel regularly.
  • Large amount of plastic trim. Motorcycles offered on the secondary market are of a very respectable age, which leads to a loss of elasticity of plastic parts and an increase in their fragility. In the absence of proper care, the body kit rattles and vibrates while driving, leaving not the most pleasant impression of the trip.
  • Lack of tuning opportunities. The only thing available for the Honda Pacific Coast isrear and top box storage, front fender extensions and tall windshields.

Despite the fact that the touring motorcycle is equipped with a large number of plastic parts, the level of safety for the driver and passenger is quite high. In the event of a fall or collision, the legs are protected by special arches located at a low height under the plastic.

honda pc800 specs

The Honda PC800 touring motorcycle is the best option for long trips and maneuvering in dense city traffic. The model is unpretentious in service, possesses unsurpassed reliability and high build quality. Plastic body kits are easily repaired if necessary. Spare parts are inexpensive and readily available, they can be purchased in specialized stores. The main advantage of a touring motorcycle is, of course, a capacious luggage compartment, which causes a puppy delight among many motorists who encounter the Honda PC800 for the first time. The motorcycle is definitely worth buying: affordable price, excellent technical characteristics, dynamism and cross-country ability make it the best in its class.

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