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MTLBU: specifications, all-terrain vehicle functions, engine description, photo

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MTLBU: specifications, all-terrain vehicle functions, engine description, photo
MTLBU: specifications, all-terrain vehicle functions, engine description, photo

The modern army needs not only tanks, planes, but also special equipment such as MTLBU. We will consider the technical characteristics of the universal all-terrain vehicle below. The vehicle serves to support infantry, self-propelled artillery mounts, personnel and special forces. This technique refers to light armored tracked units that are still in use, although the development was carried out back in the 60s of the last century.

MTLBU operation

History of Creation

The MTLBU all-terrain vehicle, whose technical characteristics are quite competitive with all analogues of that time, became the basis for dozens of tracked modifications in various directions. Despite the fact that some skeptics talk about the weak security of the machine, it performed its function flawlessly in many hot spots, as well as on civilian missions.

The fact is that the multi-purpose light armored universal tractor was created, first of all, not for direct participation in combat operations, but as a transport vehicle. This machine is not focused on attackers.action, available on most models, the machine gun is designed exclusively for self-defense.

The popularity of MTLBU, the photo of which is given below, is due to reliability, high performance and maintainability. The caterpillar suspension provides excellent cross-country ability, while low weight and high power density add maneuverability. The tractor in question is in service in several dozen countries of the world. More than 9.5 thousand units have been manufactured during serial production.

Characteristics of MTLBU

Technical characteristics of MTLBU

The following are the parameters and overall dimensions of the specified vehicle:

  • length/width/height - 6, 45/2, 86/1, 86 m;
  • tonnage with/without trailer - 2000/2500 kg;
  • speed threshold - 62 km/h;
  • fuel consumption per 100 km - 100-120 liters;
  • gauge - 2.5 m;
  • wheelbase - 3.7 m;
  • clearance - 40-41 cm.

Interesting facts

The leadership of the Soviet armed forces in the sixties of the last century decided to replace obsolete tractors of the AT-P type with an improved analogue. The project was developed by converting existing equipment to modern army requirements (in order to save money). The technical characteristics of the MTLBU at that time were the most suitable. The main mechanisms and parts remained virtually unchanged, except for the installation of an armored hull.

Designers worked on the creation of a special vehicleKharkov Tractor Plant. Two years after the start of development (1964), the car entered the serial conveyor. The body part of the tractor is welded from steel plates of small thickness, which reliably protects only from small arms. This moment is compensated by the low weight of the armored car (9.7 tons). MTLBU caterpillars have a low specific pressure on the soil, provide a high throughput rate, and the transport also has a good buoyancy parameter, which makes it indispensable when working on various and mixed landscapes.

MTLBU all-terrain vehicle in action


The all-terrain vehicle transmission unit is located in the front compartment, consists of a swivel mechanism and a gearbox. Behind this compartment is the control room, which is separated by an armored partition. The unit is equipped with seats for the commander of the combat vehicle and the driver. High-quality visibility is guaranteed by windshields with protective covers-lids. In the front part of the hull there is a turret for mounting a machine gun (caliber 7, 62 mm) serviced by the crew commander.

The MTLBU all-terrain vehicle is also equipped with a motor department in the middle part of the skeleton. Here is the power unit and the main clutch. In the stern of the equipment there is a transport and cargo compartment, which serves for the transportation and landing of troops or cargo. Stern hatches and doors marked directly in the roof of the hull are used as exit and entrance gates.

The MTLBU engine is a YaMZ-238V diesel engine with a capacity of 240 horsepower. Eight cylinders givethe ability to reach speeds on the highway up to 62 km / h. The track rollers of the all-terrain vehicle make it easier to move on the water surface, thanks to a special air chamber. The specific pressure of the tracks on the ground is 0.45 kg/cm2. All-terrain vehicle suspension - independent torsion bar. The machine is able to float by rewinding the tracks.

Cabin of the all-terrain vehicle MTLBU


Due to its unique characteristics, MTLBU was produced in a variety of variations. The most popular among them:

  1. The MTLBU-V version is distinguished by improved cross-country ability, is equipped with wide tracks, provides minimal ground pressure compared to the basic versions.
  2. Altai and VN models are adapted to the needs of the national economy.
  3. The VM series is equipped with a 12.7 mm NSVT machine gun.
  4. VM1K - has improved YaMZ-238-BL diesel engines adapted for operation in high mountain conditions.
  5. M-1A7 - version of the all-terrain vehicle with a turret from the BTR-80. The vehicle is equipped with PKTM (7.62 mm), Kord (12.7 mm) machine gun mounts, and an automatic grenade launcher.
  6. Engineers of the Muromteplovoz plant created a special fire tractor on the basis of the considered all-terrain vehicle.
  7. Modification from the specialists of the Kurgan Machine-Building Plant - MTLBU-M2. The machine is equipped with an upgraded motor transmission unit.
  8. The MTLBU-R6 tractor was made in Kharkov, has an updated diesel engine, a turret with a 30 mm cannon, a machine gun (7.62 mm), a Tucha smoke screen supply unit, and an improvedmaintenance personnel protection system.
The body of the MTLBU all-terrain vehicle

Other vehicles based on MTLBU

The technical parameters of the machine allowed the development of several more productive and reliable vehicles. This category includes:

  1. MTLB-R7 series. The Ukrainian model is made with the ability to install the Sturm combat system. It includes not only a 7.62 caliber machine gun, but also a pair of anti-tank systems, smoke ammunition, a 30mm anti-aircraft gun, and an automatic grenade launcher.
  2. The Polish variant under the name MT-LB is supplemented with a machine gun mount DShKM (12.7 mm).
  3. Self-propelled mortar produced jointly by Kazakh engineers and Israeli employees of the Soltam company. Its working title is Aibat.
  4. Azerbaijani designers based on the specified all-terrain vehicle created the MTLB-AM vehicle, which was equipped with a standard machine gun and a 57 mm launch arsenal (C-5 series), plus an automatic grenade launcher.
  5. Equipment to assist in the resuscitation of other MTP-LB vehicles, equipped with a cargo platform instead of a gun turret.
  6. An all-terrain vehicle with an extended chassis, with the placement of a self-propelled artillery mount of the "Carnation" type.
  7. Virgo version (2-C24) - mortar system.
  8. Chemical reconnaissance vehicle based on said tractor, known as RCM "Sperm Whale".
  9. Self-propelled mortar with a caliber of 120 millimeters "Tunja".
  10. Modification of the MTLBU all-terrain vehicle

Motor details

Characteristics of MTLBU in the directiontraction installation require a separate assessment. The motor of the all-terrain vehicle is characterized by the following parameters:

  • engine type - YaMZ-238V;
  • equipment with pre-launcher;
  • fuel injection - direct supply to the cylinders;
  • start - from the driver's seat;
  • power rating - 240 horsepower;
  • fuel category - diesel fuel;
  • main parameters - eight cylinders, four cycles, V-shaped arrangement of cylinders;
  • the tractor has a pre-start mechanism, and the engine is started from the driver's seat.


Based on the considered all-terrain vehicle, minelayers, radiation reconnaissance vehicles, medical carriers, electronic warfare kits, and headquarters equipment were also created at different times. This list is supplemented by infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) with powerful protection and weapons, anti-tank and anti-aircraft self-propelled tractors. A good overview made it possible for the driver to confidently control the vehicle at any time of the day. A pair of main headlights and an additional light element for night time provided the declared speed and maneuverability, and also guaranteed movement through water at a speed of at least 6 km/h.

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