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"Skoda A7": passenger car of the third generation of the Octavia model

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"Skoda A7": passenger car of the third generation of the Octavia model
"Skoda A7": passenger car of the third generation of the Octavia model

Skoda A7 Octavia is a new passenger car of the third generation, which has become more comfortable for passengers, easy to drive and safe due to the increased cabin size, the use of additional modern control and security systems.

Model history

The Octavia compact passenger car has been produced by Skoda, which is part of the Volkswagen concern, since 1996. The car got its name from a passenger car produced in the seventies by a Czech company.

The five-seater subcompact can be produced in several body styles, as well as have all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. The car is in stable demand, in Russia the Octavia model makes up about 5% of all passenger cars sold.

"Skoda A7 Octavia" is a representative of the third generation of the model and has been manufactured since 2013. The new A7 has the following modifications:

  1. Combi.
  2. "RS" - sports version.
  3. Combi RS.
  4. "Scout" - all-wheel drive version.

Restyled model made in 2017year.

skoda a7 reviews

For the domestic car market, the Skoda A7 Octavia is assembled at the facilities of the GAZ Group in Nizhny Novgorod.


The design of the third generation of the car has not changed significantly. The designers for the Skoda A7 Octavia made the following point modifications:

  • installed a new logo in chrome trim;
  • increased grille;
  • changed the shape of the head optics;
  • widened lower air intake with built-in fog lights;
  • side windows got chrome trim,
  • extended front stamping to the rear bumper;
  • widened C-shaped rear combination lamps;
  • formed sharper transition angles between the faces of the trunk lid;
  • added triangular inserts that form an interesting contour passing from the rear lights to the trunk.

In addition, the rims have received a new pattern.

Skoda Octavia A7

The changes carried out have updated the recognizable design of the car, and also brought sporty features to the appearance of the Skoda A7 Octavia.

Technical parameters

Octavia cars traditionally have high-quality technical characteristics, which are largely ensured by the power units used. For the Skoda A7, a wide variety of engines are provided, namely:

  • petrol (volume/power/fuel consumption in urban mode);
  • 1.2L / 105.0L With. / 6,5 l;
  • 1.4L / 140.0L With. / 6.9 L;
  • 1.6L / 110.0L. With. / 8.5L;
  • 1.8L / 179.0L With. /8.2 l;
  • diesel;
  • 2.0L / 143.0L. With. / 5, 8 l.

To complete the transmission, there are two options for a manual gearbox (5 and 6 steps), a 6-band automatic transmission and a 7-speed DSG robot.

The A7 has a top speed of 231 km/h with a 179 hp engine.

skoda a7 engine

The Skoda A7 Octavia has received the following new enlarged dimensions:

  • wheelbase - 2.69 m (+10.8 cm);
  • length - 4.66 m (+9.0 cm);
  • height - 1.46 m;
  • width - 1.81 (+4.5 cm);
  • clearance - 14.0 cm (-2.4 cm);
  • trunk size - 569/1559 l;
  • tank volume - 50 l.

Vehicle may be fitted with the following tire sizes:

  • 225/45R17;
  • 205/55R16;
  • 195/65R15.

Car equipment

The owners of the Skoda A7 in the reviews note the good equipment of the car. For the acquisition of the new generation of "Octavia" used:

  • front seats with adjustable lateral support;
  • electrically adjustable driver's seat with memory functions for seat and exterior mirrors (three options);
  • multifunction steering wheel;
  • keyless entry;
  • head optics and combined rear lights in LED version;
  • information dashboard with trip computer screen;
  • multimedia complex with5.8 inch touch monitor;
  • navigation system;
  • rear folding armrest with cup holders;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • cruise control;
  • tracking system for road markings;
  • monitoring the driver's condition;
  • Dimmable LED interior lighting;
  • nine airbags;
  • electric tailgate opener;
  • electric folding rear seats;
  • parking assistant.
Skoda A7

The following high-quality materials are traditionally used for the interior trim, the dimensions of which have increased:

  • soft plastic;
  • fade-resistant anti-wear fabric;
  • woolly flooring with soundproofing qualities;
  • light frame of a number of interior elements;
  • polished metal inserts.

The new car "Skoda A7 Octavia" of the third generation, having retained all its positive qualities, has become more comfortable for passengers due to the increase in the size of the cabin and the use of additional equipment.

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