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"Toyota RAV 4" - the clearance of a passenger car, and the habits of a crossover

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"Toyota RAV 4" - the clearance of a passenger car, and the habits of a crossover
"Toyota RAV 4" - the clearance of a passenger car, and the habits of a crossover

Crossovers today are one of the most important niches in the car market. While classic Jeeps are fading away, crossovers offer a balance between off-road performance and comfort combined with relatively cheap operation. This is the most versatile vehicle. The most widespread are Japanese crossovers, among which Toyota occupies one of the leading positions.

First generation

Youth Toyota

The Toyota RAV 4 is a compact crossover SUV produced since 1994. Initially, it was a small car for young people, with rather modest equipment and intended for outdoor activities. The small clearance of RAV 4 did not allow calling it a full-fledged SUV. However, for the delivery of vacationers to nature, the capabilities of the car were enough. But over time, the vehicle gradually became more family-friendly. The car started to get heavyrise in price and acquire new options. The off-road capabilities and clearance of the RAV 4 of the next generations began to fade into the background more and more.

The fourth parquet generation

Produced since 2012, the fourth-generation car continued these trends.

Even the appearance of the RAV 4 has become a little like an SUV, approaching the appearance of a sports station wagon, which is emphasized by the car's high shoulder line and eye-catching wheel arches. The car has impressive overhangs and relatively low ground clearance. RAV 4 is 4570 mm long and 1845 mm wide. Height is 1670 mm.

Model 2012

Off-road performance, RAV 4 clearance

The crossover has an interesting state of affairs with ground clearance. Most versions of RAV 4 have a ground clearance of 197 mm, which is generally the norm for an SUV. However, the version with the most powerful engine has a lower figure. The top RAV 4 has a clearance of only 165 mm due to the exhaust pipe. This approach of the manufacturer clearly speaks of the predominantly asph alt purpose of the car. And at the same time it leads to confusion in the minds of motorists who are constantly confused about what clearance the RAV 4 has. However, in defense of the car, it must be said that it is equipped with a variety of driver assistance systems and feels very confident on ice or a long climb. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that the latest RAV 4 is completely useless outside of asph alt. It handles bad roads well, but not off-road. And this is the main task of the machinesimilar class.

Engines and transmission

The crossover is offered with three types of gearboxes: with the cheapest "mechanics", a variator or a six-speed "automatic". There are versions with front and all-wheel drive. There are also three engines. Two-liter gasoline, issuing 146 liters. s., 2.2 liters turbodiesel with a return of 150 “horses” and a top-end gasoline with a volume of 2.5 liters, twisting all 180 forces. Fuel consumption on the highway ranges from 6.5 liters for a turbodiesel to 8.5 liters for a flagship engine.

what is the clearance of a rav 4


Even in the most basic version, the RAV 4 is equipped with traction control, as well as ABS and brake force distribution, which makes it a very safe and predictable car in difficult conditions. In addition, there is a complete set of airbags and power windows. There is air conditioning, an on-board computer and heated front seats. In the next version, dual-zone climate control, a CVT, a high-quality multimedia system and a number of additional driver assistance systems appear. The top versions offer improved multimedia, keyless entry, a rearview camera, bi-xenon headlights and further power package expansion.

"RAV 4" is deservedly popular among connoisseurs of crossovers as a very comfortable and at the same time safe car, where you can always make a trip to nature.

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