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The all-terrain vehicle "Metelitsa" is a unique platform for a passenger car

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The all-terrain vehicle "Metelitsa" is a unique platform for a passenger car
The all-terrain vehicle "Metelitsa" is a unique platform for a passenger car

In Chelyabinsk, a unique caterpillar platform has been developed and patented, on which passenger cars of domestic or foreign production can be mounted. This project is aimed at improving the quality of life of ordinary people living in the subpolar and polar regions, in the Far East and Siberia. The creator of the invention is Vladimir M altsev.

ATV capabilities

In conjunction with a car, the Metelitsa all-terrain vehicle is an off-road vehicle for driving on snow of any depth and density, swamps, unstable soils, and for overcoming water obstacles. The module has high reliability and cross-country ability, not inferior to Canadian snow and swamp vehicles.

All-terrain vehicle Metelitsa

The caterpillar all-terrain vehicle "Metelitsa" can transport cargo weighing from 1 ton on a separate trailer. Applications:

  • patrolling and repairing oil and gas pipelines;
  • investigation of power lines;
  • securityborders;
  • exploration expeditions;
  • search and rescue of people in emergency situations;
  • hunting and fishing in remote areas;
  • trip to the mountains;
  • skiing.

The first version was created in 2003, now the second generation of the Metelitsa all-terrain vehicle has already been developed and is being produced.

Design Features

The device of the Metelitsa all-terrain vehicle looks like a tank, only without a turret, a car takes its place on the platform.

Niva on the Mill module

Benefits include:

  1. Low ground pressure (0.07 kg/cm3) does not disturb the vegetation layer of the soil.
  2. Steering and occupant comfort remain on par with a typical passenger car.
  3. "Changing shoes" of a car (in particular, "Niva") from a wheeled vehicle to a caterpillar all-terrain vehicle takes about 2 hours.
  4. The weight and size of the platform design allows it to be transported to the place of intended use on a trailer.

At the request of the customer, delivery in a container in disassembled form is possible for the assembly of the Metelitsa all-terrain vehicle platform on site. The design of the platform is an excellent combination of economy, cross-country ability, reliability and stability.


To open and start production, a lot of money is required, although the patent for the Metelitsa all-terrain vehicle was obtained in 2003, due to the financial component of the time it took to open the enterprisequite a lot.

Today, the production of platforms is about a hundred a year, production is expanding every year, branches for the production of Metelitsa are opening in other cities. The first cities to open representative offices were Tyumen and Salekhard.

In the opened branches, employees are constantly required to assemble, maintain and organize sales of the product. It takes about a month to produce one unit.

snowmobile Metelitsa


The Blizzard is suitable for any passenger car weighing 1-4 tons with a power rating of 90-250 horsepower.

Technical parameters of the all-terrain vehicle "Metelitsa":

Platform type

Crawler module

Max speed

80 km/h

Fuel consumption

20 liters per 100 km

Weight of the entire structure

2500 kg

Dimensions (length x width)

3950mm x 2450mm

Track width

800 mm

Ride clearance


Module (platform) weight



Russia, Chelyabinsk


CJSC "ChelyabTrak"

The small weight and size of the structure make it possible to transport it by road, rail, air or even helicopter transport. A distinctive feature is the use of a lever-spring type suspension and the presence of its own transmission at the platform.

The all-terrain vehicle does not require complex maintenance.

blizzard caterpillar

Installation and compatibility

Today it is possible to install only all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive cars "Niva", "Zhiguli", "Subaru", "Wrangel" and so on. Soon the engineers and designers of Chelyabinsk are planning to launch an updated version of the Metelitsa all-terrain vehicle, which will be compatible with front-wheel drive vehicles.

Installation sequence:

  1. The passenger car enters the platform on its own.
  2. The wheels are removed one by one.
  3. The car is lowered onto special holders using a jack.
  4. Traction, control system and running gear are connected.
  5. Fill in and bleed brake fluid.
  6. ATV ready for use.

When summer comes, you can put the wheels back on, drive off the platform and get your usual car again.

track module


You can buy "Metelitsa" only directly through the manufacturer. To do this, you can contact him by phone or email. Estimated Price:

  • for VAZ "Niva" from290 thousand rubles;
  • for imported cars with manual transmission - from 450 thousand rubles;
  • for the line of UAZ cars - from 450 thousand rubles.

It should be noted that the latest videos posted by the manufacturer have been removed. The company's website also does not exist. However, when ordering the Metelitsa tracked all-terrain vehicle, the manufacturer requires 100% prepayment. Perhaps you should pay more attention to such a serious purchase.

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