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"Volkswagen" - luxury minivan

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"Volkswagen" - luxury minivan
"Volkswagen" - luxury minivan

"Volkswagen" is a minivan, which is one of the most popular among large families and lovers of practical cars. There are many models produced by this concern in this class, but it is worth talking about the most popular.

Volkswagen minivan

Volkswagen Multivan

First of all, I would like to tell you about this Volkswagen. This minivan is designed for seven seats and occupies one of the leading positions in the ranking of German models of this class. In 2010, the most popular version was released, namely, a restyled modification of the T5.

The interior is beautifully decorated here. Since this machine is more often bought for commercial purposes, all the efforts of the developers were aimed at improving ergonomics and bringing the comfort of landing to perfection. And it worked out. The seats are great, the dashboard is made of high quality material, the steering wheel fits perfectly in the hand, and the sliding doors make getting in and out a lot easier. Andthe impression is complemented by impeccable assembly, good sound insulation and comfortable full-fledged seats.

Volkswagen minivan 7 seats

Volkswagen Touran

Another popular Volkswagen. This minivan was brought to the attention of the public in 2003 in August. It was assembled on the platform of such a car as the Volkswagen Golf (5th generation). This model uses a new rear axle equipped with a four-link suspension, as well as an electromechanical power steering.

Since 2003, since November (a couple of months after the release), the car began to be equipped with an intelligent “smart” reminder system for the motorist and front passenger that they forgot to fasten their seat belts. Manufacturers thought about safety in the first place. If, God forbid, an accident happens, then the car will hardly suffer, except in the event of a head-on collision. During a practical experiment, it was found that in such an accident, only a little damage to the body of the car.

About popularity and ratings

Actually, it must be said that the Touran is the second car that was designed and assembled in Europe, which received a three-star rating for pedestrian safety. For the comfort of passengers, the Volkswagen minivan received five stars. The car has everything: anti-lock braking system ABS, ESP stability control system, adaptive headlights that automatically change position depending on the steering angle and speed. And, of course, the model is equipped with all the necessary airbags - front, window, and side.

Volkswagen minivan reviews

Volkswagen Sharan

And finally, a few words about this car. This Volkswagen minivan has 7 seats, like all the others discussed above. It has been produced since 1995, for the entire time of release it has undergone several restylings. Interestingly, the name is translated from Persian as “carrying kings”. This, by the way, is a joint project of the Volkswagen concern and Ford Galaxy. The plans were to take one of the leading places in the minivan segment, and it turned out. This “Volkswagen” minivan received extremely positive reviews. Because despite belonging to a very modest class, the car was quite powerful. In Mexico, for example, the minivan was available with 150-horsepower 1.8-liter turbocharged engines, which carried out their work under the control of a 5-speed gearbox. In Argentina, cars were equipped with weaker engines producing 115 hp. But the most powerful option is the Sharan Mk2. He received completely new power units that were able to develop maximum power up to 200 “horses”! The concern also produced models with diesel engines. They, of course, were weaker - the power ranged from 140 to 170 hp

In general, all Volkswagen minivans are comfortable, powerful enough and, most importantly, safe. No wonder they have gained such popularity all over the world.

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