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Chevrolet Orlando: impressive ground clearance, powerful engine. Minivan or SUV?

Chevrolet Orlando: impressive ground clearance, powerful engine. Minivan or SUV?
Chevrolet Orlando: impressive ground clearance, powerful engine. Minivan or SUV?

The designers of the American concern managed to make on the platform of the Chevrolet Cruze car, which belongs to the classic class C, a compact minivan with pronounced external signs of an SUV. Indeed, the Chevrolet Orlando, whose ground clearance exceeds 150 mm, is equipped with a rough-looking plastic protection on the bottom of the body and has developed wheel arches, looks more like a crossover.

chevrolet orlando clearance

And yet this car is designed for a married couple with a lot of children - the number of seats, excluding the driver's seat, is six. The volume of the luggage compartment in this version is symbolic and is slightly less than 90 liters. The consistent transformation of the cabin with the folding of the rows of seats alternately increases this figure to almost 900 liters and one and a half cubic meters, respectively.

Chevrolet Orlando Interior Features

Intern althe space of this compact van is well thought out and organized, there are many small boxes for small items, which in any car accumulate over time a great many. A roomy interior, combined with the outstanding road performance of the Chevrolet Orlando, ground clearance, which allows you to overcome obstacles along the way without much interference, make the car very practical.

The power unit of the Russian version of this car is represented by a gasoline engine with a displacement of 180 cubic meters. cm, developing power over 140 hp. It pairs well with both automatic and manual transmissions. Both types of transmission have six steps, allowing you to use the engine's capabilities as efficiently as possible. A powerful Chevrolet Orlando engine, above average ground clearance is a good recipe against Russian off-road.

chevrolet orlando ground clearance

The manufacturer announces the expansion of the range of engines in the future and intends to supplement it with a two-liter turbocharged diesel engine with a maximum power of over 130 and 160 forces. As many as two variants of torquey diesel engines under the hood of the Chevrolet Orlando, the clearance, which is excessive for a city car, and the fancy appearance, bring it closer and closer to a full-fledged SUV.

Technical parameters of the compact van

Dynamic characteristics of this extraordinary representative of the minivan class are impressive, the maximum speed is forcibly limited to 190 km / h, the power reserve allows more. Overclocking performance is alsoheight - up to a full hundred, the car accelerates in a little longer than 10 seconds. Quite good. Fuel consumption for a fairly large and heavy car is small: in the version with a gasoline engine - 7 liters in city traffic.

chevrolet orlando car

An interesting fact is that the Chevrolet Orlando, whose clearance is quite large, is supplied not only to our country, but also to the prosperous Old World, where the state of the roads does not cause any particular complaints. Apparently climate change and snowy winter did their job, and the designers quickly responded to the changes.

Thus, the Chevrolet Orlando, created on the basis of a passenger car and happily combining the features of a compact van and an SUV, will appeal to both large families and just lovers of crossovers. Big cars are loved in our country, which means that this car is simply doomed to success.

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