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All about 396255 UAZ

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All about 396255 UAZ
All about 396255 UAZ

After reading this article, you will learn everything about the car of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant - 396255 UAZ. It will talk about what it is, the characteristics of the van-minibus and the conditions in which it is used.

Cargo-passenger van-minibus

396255 UAZ

Purchase 396255 UAZ cargo-passenger van-minibus can be implemented on various terms: credit, leasing, cash or bank transfer. Regardless of the method of purchase, issues related to service and warranty service are resolved when contacting the factory's dealerships or official representative offices located throughout our country. Vehicle 396255 UAZ can be purchased both directly from the factory and from the sites of the regional representative offices of the enterprise.

Specifications of the cargo-passenger van-minibus

396255 UAZ

Modification of the cargo-passenger van-minibus UAZ 396255, specifications:

  • has a clean interior (two soft seats);
  • equipped with a ZMZ-4091 internal combustion engine, 112 horsepower;
  • the salon is equipped with folding benches onsix seats;
  • equipped with a table.

The cost in this configuration is about 550 thousand rubles for the period of February 2017.

Using auto

The 396255 UAZ car was designed specifically to be able to transport both goods and people. The use of this machine is both in urban areas and in villages, where, as you know, there are not always good roads.

What's the difference?

spare parts for UAZ

In appearance and a number of technical characteristics, internal arrangement, this machine is very similar to the traditional "nurse", but since there are no brackets for hanging belts, as well as attachments for stretchers and other "sanitary" devices, registration the traffic police passes without problems.

Why UAZ-396255?

396255 UAZ is a versatile utility vehicle that can accommodate up to nine passengers or cargo of the same weight. The car will be indispensable in work and quite comfortable on vacation, on trips. The car belongs to the category of cars.

Overview Reviews

UAZ 396255 specifications

Analyzing the reviews, we can say that the car is a good solution for the working life of Russian reality, at the same time, the car can be used for outdoor recreation, hunting and fishing trips.

Despite certain problems with reliability, spare parts for UAZ can be bought in almost any city in Russia, in an auto parts store,and the repair itself can be largely done on its own, without the involvement of specialists.

In general, cars of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant enjoy well-deserved respect and love from car owners, especially lovers of fishing and hunting, because all-wheel drive vehicles of this automobile plant are indispensable helpers when it is necessary to move in off-road conditions, delighting with their driving performance and convenience.

Despite the past years, since the release of a number of models, their appearance has not changed, although the filling of the machines is constantly being improved, introducing new technologies, materials and the very principle of operation into the design.

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