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UAZ "Hunter": off-road tuning. All possible options

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UAZ "Hunter": off-road tuning. All possible options
UAZ "Hunter": off-road tuning. All possible options

Tuning UAZ "Hunter" off-road allows you to improve the driving and other characteristics of the car. This car is made on the basis of the military series 469. The SUV has high cross-country ability due to its versatility, specific wheel formula and special body geometry. This technique is a real treasure for lovers of modernization.

How to make tuning UAZ "Hunter"?

Improve wheels

At the first stage of tuning the UAZ "Hunter" for off-road, it is reasonable to replace the wheels. This operation is not cheap, but without it, further alterations do not make much sense. As an alternative to native wheels, enlarged mud analogs are taken. In the standard version, the car in question is equipped with “shoes” of the 235/70 R-16 type. In addition, the larger diameter of the wheels will increase ground clearance and cross-country ability, making it possible to safely overcome the most difficult sections. It is best to take tires 35 inches (315/75).

Rubber modification and tread pattern are completely dependent on the intended usefuture all-terrain vehicle. It is desirable to install disks smaller (for example, 15 inches), due to their availability and cheapness. The cost of this stage depends on the manufacturer of tires and wheels.

Body and suspension assembly

It is logical that off-road tuning of UAZ "Hunter" continues with the preparation of arches for the updated wheels. First you need to raise the body above the frame. At this stage, it is planned to install special layers between the body and frame parts. If necessary, trim the arches of the wings. Carrying out such a backlash helps to overcome areas with boulders and other significant obstacles.

Tuning UAZ "Hunter" for off-road

You will also need to upgrade the car's suspension. The updated hub helps improve the interaction between the larger wheels and the raised body, further improving flotation. They replace the standard elements with shock absorbers increased along the way and add additional spring sheets.

Mounting the winch

This design will allow your ATV to get out of the most difficult situations. Therefore, when tuning the UAZ Hunter off-road with your own hands, do not ignore this element. And if you make two options, in front and behind, then it will be possible to force such sections that even the tank cannot do.

For mounting on an SUV, a hydraulic or electric winch is suitable. The choice must be approached responsibly and seriously. Power lift models are more common as they fit all Jeeps. They are easy to install andmaintenance, have good power, reasonable cost, work autonomously. The disadvantages of such modifications include high energy consumption, which requires the installation of an additional battery.

Tuning salon UAZ "Hunter"

Power kit

Further tuning of the UAZ "Hunter" for off-road continues by installing an updated body kit. They mount a powerful bumper, you can buy it in a store or weld it yourself. In the second case, the element will turn out to be more powerful and cheaper, and after contact with an obstacle, it will not be difficult to repair it.

The SUV is protected from side impacts with the help of power thresholds, which at the same time serve as an emphasis for the “hi-jack”. They also put protection on fuel tanks. To overcome off-road, it is necessary to protect the motor part, steering rods. Special bumpers will save the body, windshield and lighting elements from blows from branches.

Axle lock, ELMO system, snorkel, sealing performance

We continue further tuning the UAZ "Hunter" for off-road with our own hands. The photo below shows almost all of the previously mentioned operations. The next steps look something like this:

  1. Installation of self-locking devices. They are appropriate when the owner knows how to handle them correctly (does not allow rapid slip, abrupt start and jumps).
  2. Installation of an ELMO-type coupling amplifier. Experts recommend using this part, especially if the machine will also be used on asph alt.
  3. Mounting onthe roof of the snorkel, which will protect the power unit when immersed in water.
  4. Sealing the filler neck of the lubrication system, transferring electricians as high as possible to avoid critical contact with water. They also process the ventilation of the checkpoint, bridges, transfer case for leaks. The easiest way is to bring the breathers into the engine compartment.
  5. Do-it-yourself tuning UAZ "Hunter"

Additional tuning UAZ "Hunter" for off-road

The photo at the beginning of the article shows what a handsome man you can make with your own hands from the regular version of the Hunter. Important in the alteration of a car for an all-terrain vehicle will be the improvement of the braking system. It is also desirable to install disk elements in front, which will make it possible to improve movement not only on the road, but also on the usual road. In addition, discs are self-cleaning, unlike drum counterparts.

Additional trunk, although it does not affect the cross-country ability, nevertheless will allow you to transport all the necessary cargo and equipment. Also, additional spotlights are often placed on it. It should be borne in mind that you will need to install a ladder to get to the specified element.

Minor improvements

How to make tuning UAZ "Hunter" for off-road, discussed above. Additionally, you can upgrade the exterior, interior and accessories, which will add comfort and originality. The following works are being carried out in this direction:

  • airbrushing or painting in unusual colors;
  • installation of a powerful pump, additionalcooling fan;
  • installation of additional headlights and alloy wheels;
  • installation of manholes, additional fuel tank;
  • replacement of seats and upholstery;
  • mounting damper, air conditioner;
  • replacement of the power unit with a foreign analogue.
  • Tuning engine UAZ "Hunter"


Modernization of the UAZ "Hunter" car to improve cross-country ability requires compliance with three main stages: replacing wheels, transforming the body and strengthening the suspension. If all operations are performed correctly, the parameters of the car will improve significantly. However, if you want to make a real and unique all-terrain vehicle, you will need to carry out a number of additional manipulations. In any case, do-it-yourself tuning is more profitable than buying an expensive imported SUV.

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