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"Kia-Sportage": all-wheel drive, principle of operation, specifications and owner reviews

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"Kia-Sportage": all-wheel drive, principle of operation, specifications and owner reviews
"Kia-Sportage": all-wheel drive, principle of operation, specifications and owner reviews

Not so long ago, sales of the updated Kia-Sportage SUV with all-wheel drive started on the domestic market. This crossover is one of the most sought-after representatives of its segment. Users appreciate the car for the optimal combination of price and quality parameters, as well as practicality and good standard equipment. The Korean-made car is in the leading positions and is not going to give them up. Let us consider in more detail the characteristics and features of this vehicle, as well as the reviews of the owners about it.

SUV "Kia-Sportage"

General information

As for technical capabilities, the updated "Kia-Sportage" with all-wheel drive boasts a good selection of powertrains and transmission units. In this segment, petrol and diesel versions of various capacities are presented. This distinguishes the considered crossover from competitors. In terms of capacity, the vehicle is also quitecomfortable. It surpasses the Ford Kuga, Nissan Qashqai and Mazda CX-5 in this indicator. True, the car is inferior to Toyota RAV-4, Honda SRV and Hyundai-Takson.

Technical plan specifications

The following are the main parameters of the crossover "Kia-Sportage" (all-wheel drive"):

  • engines - 1.6 liter petrol or diesel engine;
  • transmission unit - six-speed manual or automatic;
  • power parameter - 132 hp p.;
  • front/rear suspension - MacPherson independent gas system (or independent multi-link equivalent);
  • curb weight - 1.56 t;
  • maximum speed - 186/200 km/h;
  • acceleration to "hundreds" - 9, 1/11, 5 seconds;
  • average fuel consumption - 7.6 l/100 km;
  • luggage compartment capacity - 466/1450 l;
  • length/width/height - 4, 48/1, 85/1, 65 m;
  • wheelbase - 2.67 m;
  • road clearance - 18.2 cm.
  • Salon "Kia-Sportage"


The car in question in the basic version was produced with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine, which was aggregated with a mechanical six-speed gearbox. The second most popular modification was equipped with automatic transmission for six modes. Previously available only in front-wheel drive, now the Kia Sportage with all-wheel drive has become popular. The power of the last"engine" ranges from 115 to 138 horsepower.

A two-liter diesel engine is optionally offered, which is paired with an updated eight-speed automatic. Such a modification has not yet been received on the domestic market through official sources.


Crossover "Kia-Sportage" automatic with all-wheel drive, even in basic equipment, is completed quite well. This includes Hill Climb Assist, Heated Mirrors, Auto-fold option.

In the minimum equipment, the consumer also receives:

  • auto-on head optics;
  • adjustable vertically and horizontally steering wheel;
  • air conditioner;
  • headrests and armrests in the rear row of seats;
  • multimedia system with touchscreen, six speakers, smartphone activation;
  • rear view camera;
  • Steering wheel radio button controls.
  • Image "Kia-Sportage" four-wheel drive


The basic configuration of the "Kia-Sportage 3" with all-wheel drive is not equipped with roof rails. Also, users in this version are not available LED elements of head optics and "stowaway". As a kind of bonus, the manufacturer offers only a repair kit.

The function of checking "blind" zones is available only in the "top" configuration. For the domestic market, adaptive cruise control systems andlane keeping. This car has no all-round visibility due to the presence of only one camera. The assembly of the interior of the SUV is of high quality, it is finished with materials that are pleasant to the touch, no worse than the "Tuareg" or "Tiguan" interior.

There is enough space inside the car, the driver's seat can be adjusted. The back row is spacious, there is plenty of room for three adults. The doors open wide, which provides a comfortable fit and does not create problems when installing a child seat. There is plenty of space for small things, a bottle of water can easily fit in the glove box, and there are a couple of convenient cup holders between the driver and passenger.

Photo "Kia-Sportage"


As evidenced by the reviews, "Kia-Sportage" with all-wheel drive in terms of safety surpasses the "Renault Duster". A crash test conducted in 2015 showed that the car in question deserved five stars according to Euro NCAP. Best of all, the crossover showed itself in tests for the safety of the driver and adult passenger. Slightly lower, but also at a high level, they rated safety when transporting children. The situation is a little worse with electronic systems to counter unforeseen and emergency situations.

"Sporteydzh" is not equipped with the most spacious trunk when compared with other members of the same class. Still, 466 liters with the seats folded down is a pretty decent figure. Maximum compartment volumeincreases three times when folding the rear seats, which are transformed in a ratio of 60/40.

Reviews about the "Kia-Sportage" in the machine with all-wheel drive

According to user feedback, the SUV in question is suitable for people who have frequent trips out of town or on difficult roads in terms of cross-country ability. A car with all-wheel drive feels great in the city, but it is more difficult to operate and maintain. Experts advise those who mainly move around the city to opt for a front-wheel drive model. Firstly, the all-wheel drive modification is more expensive in price. Secondly, it has more fuel consumption. Either way, it's up to you.

In their reviews of the diesel versions of the Kia-Sportage, the owners note that there is a slight vibration on versions with both drive axles at high speeds, but otherwise there are no special differences between the gasoline version and the diesel one.

Car "Kia-Sportage"


Judging by consumer reviews and the characteristics of the car in question, with all-wheel drive it is better to choose a diesel variation. It is more powerful and more practical, and also consumes less fuel. In general, the car is quite worthy, has the right to international competition in its segment.

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