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Shacman, dump trucks: specifications

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Shacman, dump trucks: specifications
Shacman, dump trucks: specifications

Many modern cars are the result of joint decisions between several brands. By the same principle, a new Chinese brand, Shacman, has grown. Dump trucks, and it is on them that the Chinese make the main bet, are by no means the only class of vehicles bearing the emblem of this enterprise. The brand produces chassis for the installation of different bodies, buses, tractors and, of course, dump trucks.

shacman dump trucks

In addition, the plant has launched the production of some parts that are installed on cars from other manufacturers. An example is the cooling systems for engines. But before proceeding to the description of dump trucks, it is worth mentioning one detail that distinguishes only the products of the Chinese Shacman. Dump trucks, which will be discussed further, are not often seen on city streets, despite good maneuverability, handling and other characteristics. This type of car can be safely called a "workhorse". The Chinese are positioning them as quarry vehicles.

Shacman Models

Beforemoving on to dump trucks, let's go through the company's products, but since a whole article is not enough to list a complete list of equipment, let's go over the most interesting developments bearing the Shacman name.

Dump truck. The manufacturer gives the lion's share of resources to this particular type, so we will start the list of models with it. It should be noted that in addition to the conventional dump truck, the plant produces a dump truck with a flat platform, a dump truck chassis, a dump truck, and even a dump semi-trailer. Some models will be discussed below.

The next one on the list is a bus. The plant develops 4 types of city buses, several variants of intercity and tourist cars, as well as a special school bus. At the same time, the latter has the full attributes of such transport - color, beacons on the roof, passenger capacity of about 30 seats.

shacman dump truck specifications 6 4

It is also worth noting a wide variety of tractors with different carrying capacity, different wheel formulas, additional equipment. In addition to everything described, the Chinese produce a whole series of various municipal equipment such as snow plows, etc.

Brand History

The birth year of Shaanxi is considered to be 1974, when the first all-terrain vehicle for the needs of the Chinese army came out of the gates of a factory in Shaanxi province (where the head office and main factories are located). Less than 10 years pass, and Shanxi becomes the main manufacturer of army heavy equipment. In 1978, civilian trucks appear on the market. The next step - 1993, carscars, then cooperation with Nissan (Japan), and the brand enters Asian markets. In 2004, an agreement was signed with Man Corporation (Germany). Since this year, the Chinese manufacturer has been talked about in Europe. The machines were distinguished by quality, reliability and reasonable prices. Thanks to these three components, Shanxi products reach Russia in 2007. In 2008, there is a big rebranding, and the new trucks are given the modern name - Shacman and a logo reminiscent of the English S - the first letter of the name.

shacman dump truck specifications

The MAN F2000 model served as a prototype of a modern Chinese truck. Moreover, German designers took part in the development of the face of the updated car.


The Russian "stuffing" Shacman deserves special attention. The dump truck, the photo of which is presented at the very beginning of the review, has air conditioning, a radio tape recorder, and even a separate bed. It should be noted that this is the basic configuration of the model. To date, dump trucks are assembled on 8 conveyors of factories. The cars leaving one of them are designed specifically for Russian conditions. They have enhanced thermal insulation, the wiring received additional rubberized protection against dirt, even the body is equipped with heating, which allows you to use the car all year round and in all weather conditions. Also worth noting is the reinforced metal of the body and the double additional spar along the entire length of the frame.

Power section

The Russian version also has differences under the hood.For example, a synchronized gearbox (12 speeds for the 6x4 option, 9 for all-wheel drive versions), a motor from the well-known Cummins brand in Russia (335-440 hp at 11 hp). The transmission for Russian versions is provided by Fast Fuller, a well-known brand in the world of automotive components.

You can also note the bridges made using the technologies of well-known Austrian companies. The calculated axle load is up to 13,500 kg, however, real tests exceeded this number by 2 times.

For a better understanding, below we will consider in more detail several representatives of the Shacman brand. Dump trucks receive several wheel arrangements, from all-wheel drive (6x6) to reinforced (8x4). And although the developers notice that their machines are not designed to work on ordinary construction sites, nevertheless, the family connection with the German MAN is felt even on the heaviest versions - none of the models goes beyond 2500 mm in width, as required by European standards.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most powerful Chinese dump trucks have tubeless wheels. The developers took into account that under heavy weight the camera can stick to the inner surface of the tire, and if it hits some sharp obstacle, it can be damaged. The advantages also include an ergonomic and comfortable cab, the ability to lock the center differential, a reinforced heated body, the ability to adjust the steering column in various positions, which allows the driver to adjust it as conveniently as possible.

shacman dump truck photo

Disadvantages can be called lowlocated air filter, which can get dust, dirt or snow. Some models may experience electronic problems due to poor quality wiring.

So, let's look at all the wheel formulas that one of the types of cars uses, namely the dump truck produced by the Shacman brand.

Specifications 6 4

6x4 is the standard wheel formula for heavy vehicles, so we will start the description with it. The load capacity of versions on 3 axles reaches 25,000 kg, the volume of the body is 19 cubic meters. m. In the name of the model, it is customary to write the wheel formula, and then the engine power. For example, Shacman 6x4 336 stands for a dump truck with three axles, two of which are driving, engine power is 336 hp. s.

shacman dump truck reviews

Average data for all 6x4 dump trucks will be as follows:

  • engine size - 9, 5 - 11 l;

  • power - 336 - 340 hp;

  • fuel consumption - 35l/100km;

  • Gearbox - mechanics, 12 speeds;

  • truck weight - 14300 kg;

  • body height (on the sides) - 1500 mm, on the cab - 3300 mm;

  • body width - 2300 mm; total - 2490 mm;

  • body length - 5800mm, whole machine 8400mm.

The all-wheel drive Shacman dump truck receives approximately the same data. Its technical characteristics differ only in one detail. It has all 6 driving wheels and a switchable differential of one axle, thanks to this -increased cross-country ability and maneuverability.

But the version of the heavy dump truck on 4 axles is worth considering in detail. 4 axles mean more body and load capacity.

shacman dump truck owner reviews

Here are the parameters of the Shacman 8x4 375 version, which has a load capacity of 40000 kg:

  • engine size - 9.7 l;

  • power - 375 hp;

  • fuel consumption - 38l / 100km;

  • Gearbox - mechanics, 9 speeds;

  • truck weight - 18600 kg;

  • body height (on the sides) - 1500 mm, on the cab - 3300 mm;

  • body width - 2300 mm; total - 2490 mm;

  • body length - 7800 mm, whole machine - 10800 mm.

The four-axle machine has almost the same parameters as its lighter counterparts, with the exception of three: body length, load capacity and dead weight.


What do people say about the Shacman dump truck? Owner reviews can be described in one phrase: "If you have a real Chinese export Shakman, then there will be no problems with it." But if you ask them to name the differences between an Asian and a Russian car, few will answer. Most will mention hieroglyphs, their presence or absence, and a couple of other little things like that.

shacman dump truck manufacturer

Repairmen know a few more points, but since the car gets to them far from immediately after purchase. We list a few points that the service master will pay attention to when looking atShacman dump truck. Reviews of the masters note the following:

  • characters: they are not on the export machine;
  • color: official cars only come in yellow;
  • batteries: Russian delivery includes a pair of 180 Ah batteries;
  • insulation: in the Chinese version, of course, it is not.

The list goes on. An experienced repairman will still notice the frame, engine and gearbox markings, and much more.


Towards the end, we note one of the features that unscrupulous Shacman car dealers often use. Dump trucks in Russia come across two types: assembled specifically for Russian realities and overtaken from China. The buyer should carefully check which market the proposed car is designed for. What is the difference between an Asian and a Russian, what to look for when buying - was described in detail in this review.

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