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"Volkswagen" 7-seater: review, description

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"Volkswagen" 7-seater: review, description
"Volkswagen" 7-seater: review, description

In March 2018, the official release of the new minivan, the Volkswagen Turan, took place at the Geneva Motor Show. People got acquainted with the new design and innovations of this German car, and also learned about its secrets and hidden features. Sales of this car began already in September 2018, and the price at the beginning of trading was from two million rubles. The receipt of this machine in Russia was not planned. However, this will definitely take place during 2019.

Volkswagen 2018


This austere salon will appeal to all German motorists. What about connoisseurs in Russia is not yet clear. However, according to reviews on the Internet, many liked the design. These bright strokes, catchy stampings - all this gives the feeling that you are sitting behind an expensive, prestigious car.

This minivan has two different interior layouts: seats for 5 seats and for 7. Of course, many take the second modification. After all, it is more practical and better in every way. During the change of generations, the 7-seater minivan "Volkswagen-Turan" became more and more space in the cabin, and already the third generation of this German car has so much space in the interior that no one complains. It is worth noting that in the reviews, the owners of the "Turan" of old generations always complained about this.

The machine has become larger due to the fact that German engineers switched to a new platform, which was lengthened by 63 millimeters. The second row of seats began to shift not by the usual 150 millimeters back, but already by 210. And the third row received an increase in free space in the amount of 53 mm.


Touran 2019

It is made in a new, modern style. German companies have been practicing it for quite a long time - since the beginning of 2018. Strict, straightforward style, faceted body outlines - all this creates a really great design of the new 7-seater Volkswagen Turan.

When you see this car for the first time, it expresses its audacity, confidence, composure. When you are driving this car, you feel like driving a tank without fear of anything. Overhangs are minimal. This is done for practicality. All this is aimed at one big goal - to make the interior of the 7-seater Volkswagen Turan much better, more convenient, more practical and more spacious. The German manufacturers did it very well. The trunk is large - everything you need is placed in it. And in the cabin it’s not crowded for anyone - neither the driver and the passenger in front, nor the people on the back sofa.


7-seater "Volkswagen-Turan" moved to a new platform on which it is being built.Therefore, its dimensions have become much larger than in its second generation (the article refers to the third modification). The wheelbase has also become longer.

Why did he get bigger, why was this done? The thing is that German manufacturers in their line of models presented 4 different minivans at once. Each of them has certain features - it is made in its own way. Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan is the most compact. Further Caddy - more big, however, belongs to the type of small minivans. The largest is the 7-seater Volkswagen Turan and the Sharan model. Each person is provided with a wide choice of minivans, and one of the 4 must definitely fit the individual taste.


Volkswagen Touran 2019 auto

The 7-seater Volkswagen Turan shows a new style: no smooth lines, only edges. They are very popular now with German car manufacturers. According to many reviews, this style suits the car very well. The whole design is fully consistent with its concept, emphasizing the class of the car.

He looks dynamic, stylish and aggressive. However, it retains its most important qualities of a minivan - the classic forms that have always been inherent in family cars.

The 7-seater 2018 Volkswagen Turan is distinguished by its design: high waistline, short overhangs, horizontal roof lines. She also has very large, wide openings in the doors. The trunk lid is square, which is also unique.

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