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The size of the Renault Logan wiper blades. Which is better to choose?
The size of the Renault Logan wiper blades. Which is better to choose?

To better prepare your car for the new season, you should think about replacing the wiper blades. Let's consider how to understand that it's time to change the wipers, the features of choosing a product, and also what should be the size of the wiper blades on the Renault Logan of different years of manufacture.

How do you know when it's time to change your windshield wipers?

How to choose the size

Wipers should be changed periodically, but how do you know when it's time to change your wiper blades? Signs that the wipers are not performing well:

  • the windshield is poorly cleaned of plaque and dust even after prolonged operation of the brushes;
  • dirty streaks and stains remain on the glass.

These factors indicate that the rubber plates have worn out. It is also worth running your fingers over them - if the surface is uneven, but bumpy, then it's time to change the wipers.

Features of the wiper blades on Renault Logan

Criterias of choice

Important elementcar safety are qualitatively selected car wipers. It is their choice that determines how well the driver can see when driving in adverse conditions.

Quite often, new wipers on Renault Logan are installed by motorists immediately after buying a vehicle. Standard windshield wipers don't do their job very well and have a short lifespan.

Wipers at Logan do not work synchronously with the washer, as this system is provided only in modern cars. Therefore, cleaning is often carried out dry, or the driver must start the washer manually. But this is somewhat inconvenient while driving, as it distracts the driver from the road.

Another inconvenience is the length of the wipers. The standard or factory size of the Renault Logan wiper blades on both the driver and passenger sides is 55 cm. This length does not contribute to the complete cleaning of the windshield, since most of it is simply not captured.

This is why most owners resort to replacing wipers immediately after buying a car. Thus, you can choose a design of a different type, as well as synchronize its operation with the washer.

What size should Renault Lonan wiper blades be?

Wiper blade size

What are the best wiper blades for Renault Logan? This is a rather controversial issue, since everyone chooses depending on personal preferences.

The most optimal brush sizewiper "Renault Logan" 2 should be 65 cm on the driver's side and 55 cm on the passenger side. However, they can be different in rigidity, some designs have shields. It must also be remembered that such frame wipers are not always convenient, especially in the winter season. This is because moisture can freeze between the frame and the rubber pad.

Many car owners in this case prefer to purchase frameless designs. It performs the cleaning process better, moreover, such wipers do not freeze to the glass. The frameless version also has a kind of wear indicator in the form of a strip that changes color as the brushes wear out.

How to choose wipers?

Many owners of the French "Logan" are faced with such a problem as slipping wipers on the windshield. In this case, they do not do the cleaning job at all, in fact, they can further pollute it, which will affect driving conditions. This indicator indicates that it is time to change the wipers.

And here questions arise for almost every vehicle owner: what size Renault Logan wiper blades to choose and what to look for when buying. The vast majority of car owners are looking for original (factory) wipers for the "Frenchman". But, as it turned out, it is with them that problems arise, besides, they have a short service life. It is better to pay attention to non-original products from other manufacturers and choose the design according to size. Don't have to chooseits frame type, because they have a lot of moving metal elements that do not work well in the cold season.

Even if you choose the right size frame structure for the Logan, it is not flexible, often adjacent to the windshield. You can solve this problem by lubricating the frame, but this must be done regularly, which takes some time.

Selection criteria

Adjusting the wipers on the "Renault Logan"

When choosing brushes for cleaning glass on a 2008-2015 Logan car, it is recommended to take into account several factors. Namely:

  • price;
  • design type;
  • mounting method;
  • size;
  • product quality.

Manufacturers recommend changing wipers at least once a year. Although the service life of products can be from six months to 2 years. The longer the term, the more qualitatively they are produced.

What is the best size for Renault Logan wiper blades 2008 and later? It is believed that this is a design whose length on the driver's side is 65 cm, and on the passenger side - 55 cm. Depending on the manufacturer, this size may vary slightly. It is important to remember that they should be longer on the driver's side.

The design can be framed (as a rule, for factory models) and frameless. The first option does not work well in the cold season and wears out faster. The best option, according to both owners and experts, are frameless designs. They are closer toglass, regardless of size and quality, perform the cleaning function.

What should I pay attention to when buying? An important nuance is the presence of spoilers. This does not depend on the size of the Renault Logan wiper blades. Wipers, supplemented with such a system, are well kept on the glass, regardless of the speed of the vehicle.

Which wipers last longer?

Which design to choose

Having decided on the size of the Renault Logan wiper blades, let's talk more about the design.

Wipers can be:

  • frame - standard factory type, which is installed on all French models, but has a shorter service life and works poorly;
  • frameless - can be different in size, have an aesthetic appearance and work longer and better (this type, regardless of the manufacturer, is chosen by most car owners when replacing wipers);
  • hybrid - a relatively new type of wipers that were originally equipped with "premium class" vehicles (now such designs can be selected according to the size of the Renault Logan wiper blades of 2014), they combine all the advantages of frame and frameless option.

The choice depends on the personal preferences of the driver, but it is better to purchase branded wipers. At the same time, they should be different for the winter and summer seasons.


Most Logan owners face such a problem as the appearancedrops on the windshield. What can be done in such a situation? First of all, choose the right size for the Renault Logan wiper blades. They don't have to be original. It is the improved length of the wipers that can get rid of the streams of water on the windshield, due to which the entire system will function better.

You can adjust the size of the brushes when replacing them by modifying and repairing their trapezium. To carry out the replacement, it is worth removing the wipers from the fasteners with an ordinary wrench. Then remove the casing under the glass. It performs only a decorative function. Next comes the dismantling of the trapezoid: cut off at the point where the bend begins. The straight section is shortened by 8 mm and welded. It is the welding seam that is needed for stripping and assembling the structure back. Thus, droplets on the glass will no longer bother.


The size of the wiper blades on the "Logan"

The size of the Renault Logan wiper blades produced in 2010 must be at least 65 cm on the driver's side and 55 cm on the passenger side. The factory options for the "Frenchman" are the same, 55 cm on each side, so they often do not cope with the cleaning function and require replacement.

When buying new wipers, it is better to pay attention to the frameless or hybrid design. They perform better and last longer.

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