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"Suprotek": reviews of car owners

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"Suprotek": reviews of car owners
"Suprotek": reviews of car owners

The engines of modern cars must meet more and more stringent requirements, including not only weight and size, but also their effective power. At the same time, many are well aware that such indicators have an inverse relationship, and this has an extremely negative effect on the reliability of components. In particular, this applies to the life of the engine itself. At some point in development, reducing the life of an installed engine coincided with commercial interests, as it ensured a reduction in the existing turnover cycle of the vehicle buyer.

But the constant competitive struggle of the largest car manufacturers, as well as various environmental requirements, led to the fact that manufacturers had to ensure an increase in reliability, and first of all, the stability of its performance for at least three to five years of operation, and that's all in conditions where highly accelerated equipment is used.

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The main direction of modernization of modern engines is the use of new materials installed in the main friction units, as well asdevelopment of more effective lubricants, one of which is the special tribotechnical composition "Suprotek". Feedback from car owners who have already tested this tool in practice is often positive, and the published research results are quite interesting. But many do not understand how this effect is provided.

Why do we need "chemistry"?

Despite the fact that car manufacturers are taking various measures to reduce such interest, there are many reasons why many people use "chemistry" for engines, including "Suprotek". Owner reviews indicate that they purchase such funds mainly for the following reasons:

  • The desire to restore the original characteristics of the car after a long run or to increase the life of the engine until the next overhaul.
  • Get higher individual performance. In particular, this concerns an increase in throttle response and engine power, as well as the possibility of using the car in intensive mode without serious damage to its resource.
  • The prudence of car owners who want to keep the original characteristics of their car for as long as possible, including also the desire to resell at a better price.
  • Desire to reduce the cost of fuel and lube oil or engine repairs.

There are situations when automotive "chemistry" is used as a last resort. For example, in a personthere may not be money or time to carry out repairs, but at the same time he needs a car to solve some important issues, and he uses special tools like the Suprotec additive. Feedback from car owners suggests that such funds in some situations are the only right solution.

Thus, over the past few years, the field of automotive "chemistry" for engines has developed significantly, including not only volumes, but also directions.

What is she like?

Auto chemistry includes the following types of additives:

  • polymer containing;
  • layered;
  • metal cladding;
  • friction geomodifiers;
  • metal conditioners.

Depending on the application and function available, these products are used as an additive to standard lubricating oil, with both advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, people still prefer to use Suprotec. Owner reviews often say that the benefits of these funds still cover all the inconveniences of their use.

Metal cladding

The principle of operation of such additives is that ultrafine particles of soft metals penetrate into the friction zone, where the parts are separated by a small film of surfactants and powders. Among the advantages of such funds, it is worth mentioning an increase in the contact area, a decrease in total friction losses, as well as a relatively low cost.

suprotek reviews

At the same time, there are somedisadvantages: limited period of work, low adhesion of the applied layer, deposition of metal in the channels and on the walls, as well as too high concentration of metal in the oil.


Such additives work due to the fact that in the process of their use Langmuir structures are formed in the form of spirals perpendicular to the friction surfaces, thereby ensuring reliable retention of the lubricant. In addition, at sufficiently high loads, they begin to react with various juvenile surfaces, forming iron fluoride, which also provides some extreme pressure properties. These products are perfluoropolyether carboxylic acid, polytetrafluoroethylene, fluoroplast-4 and perfluoropropylene oxide.

suprotek oil quality oil

Among their advantages, it is worth noting that they are notable for their low price and excellent extreme pressure characteristics, but at the same time their disadvantages include absolutely unpredictable formation of conglomerates from residual products, which leads to clogging and increased wear of the channels. Also, their use is fraught with the formation of tarry deposits, and combustion products may contain various toxic substances.


These tools ensure minimal shear between layers of connections and elements. The advantages of such products are that they allow you to achieve an increased contact area, reduce friction losses, and also provide excellent anti-wear characteristics whensmall price.

At the same time, they work for a limited time, concentrate too much in the oil, and also provoke abrasive and corrosive wear during destruction.

Air conditioners

Metal conditioners provide the formation of chlorides on various contact areas of the friction surface at increased loads. The film, which is between 300 and 400 nm thick, is constantly abraded and regenerated.

The advantages of such products are excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure characteristics, as well as a fairly reasonable price, but among the disadvantages it is worth noting a limited period of action, the risk of corrosive wear and too high concentration of the drug in the oil.

Geo-friction modifiers

It is this type of funds that the additive "Suprotek" belongs to. Reviews of experts about these products are often only positive, which is ensured thanks to the special technology of work. This type of product first performs a complete cleaning of the friction surface, and only then creates the conditions for the further formation of a new layer by restoring the crystal metal lattice.

additive suprotek quality engine oil

Too high oil-holding capacity of this layer allows to provide effective protection against wear, to optimize the parameters of the unit. Among the advantages of such tools, it is worth highlighting the possibility of in-place reconstruction of friction units, the creation of a protective layer, a significant decrease in the wear rate, as well as a decrease in losses onfriction.

The disadvantages are minimal at the same time - the danger of overdose, the need to strictly follow the instructions, the relatively high price, as well as the direct dependence of work efficiency on the condition of the nodes. It is for this reason that many car owners choose Suprotec supplements. The reviews, however, indicate that the price often fully justifies the purchase of this product, since if you follow all the instructions, it is practically devoid of any negative qualities.

How are they different?

The fundamental difference between friction geomodifiers and other types of additives is that they do not work with oil on the friction surface, but create such contact conditions at the micro level, with the help of which it will be possible to build a completely new crystal lattice. Thus, the friction system independently forms a new quality, like some living organism, and the Suprotec additive helps it in this. Quality engine oil is diluted with this material, after which the system reacts and creates a secondary structure that is most suitable for this friction contact. Due to this, the versatility and efficiency of the use of such funds is achieved.

The most convincing difference between friction geomodifiers and other additional means is the preservation of effects even after the Suprotec oil is changed. Quality oil, diluted with other means, does not receive an aftereffect, that is, there is no product in it, and there are no special effects. By usinggeomodifiers, on the other hand, a layer is formed, a completely new structure that will continue to perform its functions without the source material.

suprotek oil for cars

Another key factor is their chemical neutrality, which makes Suprotec automotive oil safe to use in any lubricant where conventional additive packages are already barely balanced, and any use of additional active chemicals can provoke the most negative changes in lubricant properties.

If we talk about the effect that is achieved due to such formation of a new layer of the friction surface during the standard operation of equipment, it is worth highlighting a significant reduction in the level of friction, as well as the creation, under certain conditions, of such a structure that has practically no wear. Also, do not forget that if you pour "Suprotek" (oil) into the engine, it becomes possible to restore and eliminate various problems of a worn surface, which significantly increases its overall service life.

The processes of geomodification of surfaces can be implemented at the atomic level, and by their nature they are quite subtle and require more serious research. But at the same time, it should be said that only due to the lack of any serious research, general ideas about the processes significantly reduce the possibility of using this technology, and also prevent it from being improved, which is why the Suprotec additive has become popular..Engine oil from this company is made with an emphasis on the highest quality of the material, and she herself is constantly conducting various research in her laboratory. It is due to this that Suprotec products differ significantly from the formulations that are produced by other organizations.

What are its benefits?

Today, Suprotec oil in Saratov and other large cities of Russia is in extremely high demand, and this is mainly due to its following advantages:

  • The presence of the effect of restoring friction surfaces (a protective layer is formed, the thickness of which is about 15 microns), as well as ensuring the effect of geometry optimization on all friction surfaces.
  • Increased oil-holding capacity of protective layers - oil is retained on the surface much stronger than usual, which allows shifting the friction mode to the area of ​​hydrodynamic or semi-fluid friction.
  • Aftereffect - the friction parameters are fully preserved even after an oil change until the protective layer is completely worn out.
  • Chemical neutrality to any substances that are included in the standard lubricant additive package, so that the compounds can be used safely in any units and mechanisms - you just need to follow the instructions.
oil suprotek article

Actually, these are only the main differences that the Suprotec additive has. Oil for cars of all brands today can be seen in the catalog of thisfirms, and over time, the range is replenished with an increasing number of new products. It is also worth noting that there are oils for any type of engine. For example, Active is Suprotec oil (article: 121137), which is used for gasoline engines with a mileage of less than 50,000 km.


Reviews on the work of "Suprotek" are both positive and negative:

Positive. Many note that, despite the high cost of this tool, it fully justifies itself. Someone notices reduced oil consumption, someone has stopped complaining about problems with the engine, but the result is the same - significant savings on any repair or restoration procedures. Some say that, despite all these benefits, gas mileage has increased, although not critically

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