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How to choose a fuel saver? Comparison of Fuel Shark and Neosocket
How to choose a fuel saver? Comparison of Fuel Shark and Neosocket

Many car owners have heard about such a device as a fuel saver, but not many people know its advantages and principle of operation, as well as its main characteristics. We will study in the article whether devices can really save fuel consumption, by how much, and also compare the popular Fuel Shark and Neosocket models.

What is a fuel saver?

Efficiency of economizers

As you know, up to 30% of the fuel that does not burn in the cylinder block goes out into the atmosphere with the exhaust gases due to the formation of clots in it. The economizer, which is a patented device, can ionize gasoline at the time of maximum load on the engine using a magnetic field. It is under its action that carbon molecules move from a state of rest to a stage of excitation, attracting oxygen. As a result, the fuel mixture burns completely.

There are also devices that work from the car's power supply and save energy, which can later be used for air conditioning in the cabin, stereosystems, wipers and heating. In addition, they do not overload the battery and generator.

Thanks to this device, the efficiency of the engine increases, and the consumption, regardless of power, decreases. According to experts, the fuel saver helps to save up to 30% of gasoline.

The device, measuring up to 10 cm and weighing only 200 g, increases engine power by up to 5%, reduces fuel consumption by 10% to 30%, has no consumables and can work without requiring repair for up to several years.

Other Economizer Benefits:

  • prevents plaque build-up, extending piston ring life;
  • Installation only takes 10 minutes;
  • increases spark plug life;
  • fuel burns almost completely;
  • fast ROI.

How to choose?

Principle of operation

Experts say that careful driving, as well as modern devices such as an economizer, can significantly reduce vehicle fuel costs.

Experts have proven that the fuel saver, which in most cases is simply plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, is safe. Regardless of the choice of the manufacturer of the device, the device will work on every vehicle that has an on-board network voltage of 12 volts.

All devices have been designed to optimize vehicle performance. The principle of its operation is to redirect the load that goes to the battery. As a result, the load on the generator andthe battery becomes smaller and the performance of the vehicle as a whole improves.

There is also an F1-Z fuel saver. It is installed in the "inlet" behind the air filter. This is a kind of fan that creates the maximum force of air passing into the combustion chamber at high speed. Thus, it saves fuel consumption and reduces the load on the engine.

Fuel Shark: how the device works

Compare Fuel Shark, Neosocket

The Fuel Shark fuel economizer is equipped with electrolytic condensate that is added to the car's electrical system. Freeing up energy when needed for increased consumption, the capacitor is charged. "Fuel Shark" compensates for voltage for elements such as wipers, stereo, navigator, air conditioning and headlights. As a result, fuel burns better, the electrical system runs smoother, and the spark is better. In general, this affects the reduction of the load on the battery and generator.

But the percentage of fuel consumption does not depend only on the economizer. It also takes into account driving style, vehicle maintenance, driving conditions and many other factors. That is why the characteristics of the device indicate that fuel savings are possible within 10-30%.

Fuel Shark Benefits

The Fuel Shark device, which saves fuel consumption from 10% to 30%, has many advantages. The main thing is that the installation does not require special knowledge or skills, as well as a lot of time. It works from the cigarette lighter.

Benefitsfuel saver usage Fuel Shark:

  • significant savings in gasoline consumption - according to motorists, an average of 25-35%;
  • decrease in CO content in gases;
  • increase engine power;
  • increase the life of the motor, battery and spark plugs;
  • easy to install;
  • no need for constant maintenance;
  • service life is several years.

The principle of operation of the NeoSocket device

The principle of operation of the fuel economizer

The device maximally optimizes and distributes electrical power in the vehicle. While driving, the car uses excess energy, thereby the capacitor of the device begins to charge. When the generator or battery starts to work in an enhanced mode, the device gives off electricity, compensating for its deficiency. Thus, the battery and generator can work in a stable mode.

Thanks to the operation of the device, the ignition system works optimally and without failures, the fuel burns out completely, the power of the car and the service life of vehicle components increase, and the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere decreases.

According to reviews, the NeoSocket fuel economizer allows not only saving fuel consumption, but also solving a number of other important tasks. The device, which has the shape of a "pear" and consists of a capacitor and a connection connector, is easy to install. In addition, there are varieties of devices for different types of fuel on which the car runs: gasoline, diesel or gas.

Advantages of the NeoSocket economizer

What is a fuel economizer?

According to reviews, the NeoSocket fuel saver, the principle of which is similar to the well-known Fuel Shark device, has many advantages. Namely:

  • saves fuel consumption by 10% to 30%;
  • increases vehicle mileage;
  • reduces CO content in exhaust gases;
  • positive effect on engine power;
  • easy to install and maintain;
  • does not require special care or repair;
  • light and compact;
  • long service life.

These positive properties depend not only on the type of device, but also on the brand of car, year of manufacture, driving style and the nature of the roadway. One of the factors that attracts car owners is the ease of installation, you can simply plug it into the cigarette lighter.

Comparison of FreeFuel, Fuel Shark and NeoSocket

The principle of operation of the fuel economizer

Let's carry out a comparative analysis of economizers of well-known FreeFuel, Fuel Shark and NeoSocket models according to the main criteria. Namely:

  1. Design. The FreeFuel fuel economy device is a miniature device made of neodymium alloy in a plastic case with two magnets inside. The device is installed on a gas, diesel or gasoline supply pipe under the hood of a car using rubberized clamps. FuelShark and NeoSocket fuel economizers are also compact. They arepowered by the vehicle's electrical system and look like radio transmitters.
  2. Performance. All devices work automatically. Since Fuel Shark and Neosocket are powered by a cigarette lighter, they can interfere with the driver. Although the device itself is compact. For convenience, you can choose FreeFuel, which is hidden under the hood.
  3. The principle of action. FuelShark and NeoSocket accumulate charge and subsequently give it to the car's power grid. At the same time, the possible effect of voltage drops on the engine is stabilized, which generally contributes to saving fuel consumption. They can only be used in cars in which the mains power is 12 volts. FreeFuel, thanks to the influence of a magnetic field, increases wear resistance, engine efficiency and better fuel consumption. The device can be used regardless of the brand and type of car. Experts note that FreeFuel is a more durable device. Even after 100 years of operation of the economizer, its efficiency will decrease by only 10%.
  4. Cost. The cheapest option is the NeoSocket device - its price starts from 500 rubles. FreeFuel and FuelShark are almost 4 times more expensive - from 1800 and 1900 rubles respectively.


Fuel Saver "Fuel Shark"

In reviews of the fuel saver from experts and users, it is noted that in winter it is better to use the FuelShark device. Car owners argue this by saying that they can start a car with it in the cold season.easier. This applies to diesel and gas cars, for gasoline it is better to purchase FreeFuel. It will last longer and pay for itself faster.

Also, car owners compare real fuel economy. If FuelShark and FreeFuel had up to 20%, then the budget version of NeoSocket did not achieve such results - its savings amounted to no more than 7%.

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