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Another success - BMW 530i

Another success - BMW 530i
Another success - BMW 530i

BMW 530i is one of the variations of the BMW E39 body, which has been produced since 1995. It was based on the E34 and was produced until 2003, after which it was replaced by the next model - the E60 with a radically new design. Car body type - sedan.

bmw 530i
bmw 530i

Model characteristic


In 1995, the BMW 530i was presented for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car was noticeably different from the previous generation - it acquired a more angular body shape, and the radiator grille, on the contrary, became rounded. And finally, the brand name of the entire line - double headlights - was closed with one common ceiling.


The chassis of the BMW 530i was made up almost entirely of aluminium. The exception was a number of models equipped with a V8 engine, on which a cast-iron suspension was installed. The aluminum allowed the car to be more manageable while reducing its weight.

Thus, the unsprung mass of the suspension has decreased by thirty-six percent, and it has become much more comfortable. In addition, the improvement in driving quality was facilitated by a change in the rear, the design of which ensured the "thrust" action of the rear wheels. The battery wasmoved under the luggage compartment, which made the weight distribution of the car more efficient.

bmw 530i e39
bmw 530i e39


All modifications had different engines. The BMW 530i, for example, had a six-cylinder engine with 231 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque.

History of changes

  • 1997. The Touring station wagon began to be produced, slightly longer and heavier than the original model, but at the same time retaining all its driving qualities. The engines were the same, and two airbags were added as standard equipment.
  • bmw 530i
    bmw 530i

    1998 Start of serial production of M5. It was equipped with a forced five-liter engine equipped with the Double-VANOS system, as well as eight throttle valves. Its power (for the first time in the history of the company) reached four hundred horsepower.

  • 1999 There were several changes that affected the engines of the BMW 530i. In six-cylinder engines, a control system for two camshafts appeared, and eight-cylinder engines began to be equipped with two-stage catalytic converters for exhaust gases, with the help of which the Euro-4 standard was achieved. In the same year, the E39 first appeared on Russian roads, assembled in the Kaliningrad region. At the same time, they cost about ten thousand dollars less than their German counterparts.
  • 2000 year. The introduction of the 520d model, which was equipped with a two-liter four-cylinder diesel engine with a systemdirect injection with a power equal to one hundred and thirty-six horsepower, and the dynamics of 0-100 - 10.9 seconds.

BMW 530i e39 restyling

In the same year 2000, a slight modification of the appearance of the model was made. Now the dimensions of the headlights had a rounded shape "angel eyes", and the turn indicators of the taillights became transparent. In addition, the taillights received LED lamps. The design of the radiator grill has also changed a bit - it began to look more voluminous. Other changes include a new look for the bumper and front fog lights.

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