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Pirelli Cinturato P1 tires: description, specifications and owner reviews

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Pirelli Cinturato P1 tires: description, specifications and owner reviews
Pirelli Cinturato P1 tires: description, specifications and owner reviews

Quality summer tires remain essential for every driver. Traffic safety directly depends on it, especially at high speed on a good paved track or during rain, when there are a lot of deep puddles on the road, and braking efficiency is noticeably reduced. It is for such situations that premium tires with the beautiful Italian name Pirelli Cinturato P1 are adapted. Both professional testers and ordinary drivers speak well of it. For. To understand its advantages and disadvantages, one should consistently consider all the key features, as well as analyze the reviews of those who have already used it in everyday life.

Model in brief

This rubber was developed recently, so only advanced techniques are used in its productionand technology, and during the design, the main developments of recent years were involved. The world-famous Italian manufacturer has a staff of staff who have years of experience in combining different factors to create the most versatile tire for a given season.

pirelli cinturato p1 verde reviews

The result of the work of professionals is the Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde tires, which have a lightweight design, high wear resistance, and the ability to maintain performance for a long time regardless of temperature and weather conditions.

Tread pattern

When developing the design, both practical and aesthetic aspects were taken into account. The basis was the classic asymmetric scheme, which is used in many developments of this manufacturer. However, with the help of computer analysis and modeling, it was supplemented with some details that increase the efficiency of each individual unit.

Thus, it was possible to achieve good directional stability, which is facilitated by a thoughtful central rib. It is made in the form of separate blocks separated by slots with varying thickness. This is done so that the cutting edges of the Pirelli Cinturato P1 R15 can work under any load, and the blocks do not connect to each other.

pirelli cinturato p1 verde

The sides of the pattern are more massive, they are designed to improve responsiveness when maneuvering, as well asprotection against various mechanical damage. With careful operation of the tire due to reinforced side blocks, it is almost impossible to get a hernia or a puncture.

Fight against hydroplaning

Another important "skill" for summer tires is the ability to efficiently drain water during heavy rains. Due to surface tension, plain water becomes a rather dangerous enemy for every driver, since with an inefficient drainage system, the car can go into a skid, floating on its surface. This can be avoided if the rubber will cut the water edge with the help of central blocks, and also bring it out of the tire. The sipes on the Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde are placed in such a way as to give the water a good impulse and direct it to the edges of the work surface, which allows you to not worry about hydroplaning even when driving through fairly deep puddles.

pirelli cinturato p1 r15


Given the rather high cost of the tires in question, the issue of profitability of their acquisition is quite acute. Therefore, the manufacturer tried to maximize their service life by using several factors at once. One of them is an improved and patented rubber compound formula, which includes synthetic components that allow strengthening the bonds between other chemical elements used in the manufacture of a tire. As a result, abrasive wear is noticeably reduced, which allows Pirelli Cinturato P1 20555 R16 rubber to last several tens of thousandskilometers.

Another step is the sequential arrangement of the tread elements, in which the load on them increases only during maneuvering or acceleration / deceleration, which has a positive effect on the service life.

Fuel economy

In addition to trying to justify the cost with a long service life, they have taken steps to reduce fuel consumption. At current prices, this is a pretty significant savings, as depending on the type of car and driving style, savings can be as much as 0.2 liters per hundred kilometers.

pirelli cinturato p1 205 55 r16

This effect appeared due to the work done to reduce the coefficient of rolling resistance of Pirelli Cinturato P1 rubber. At the same time, acceleration improved, a more confident roll appeared, which allowed minimal use of the accelerator when driving on tracks with good coverage. However, this is not all the bonuses that have been achieved using this approach.

Noise reduction

Most of the unpleasant sounds, such as hum or buzz, as well as vibration, are created due to the friction of the tread working area on the road surface. They can be very annoying, especially on long trips in cars with mediocre soundproofing. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde tire, as well as the competent arrangement of individual elements, noise was minimized. Now it is almost invisible and does not have such a distracting effect.influence. The noise drop is partly a side effect of the fuel economy efforts, as rolling resistance is the main source of annoying noises.

pirelli cinturato p1 on disc

Reviews about the model

In order to verify the quality and compliance with the declared characteristics of a particular product, you should analyze the reviews left by its real users. Regarding the Pirelli Cinturato P1 model, the following positive points can be distinguished in them:

  • Good behavior in the rain. Rubber shows itself on the positive side when driving on wet pavement and puddles, effectively getting rid of excess water at the time of contact with the track.

  • Good dynamic performance. As users emphasize in reviews of the Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde, the rubber accelerates and brakes confidently regardless of weather conditions, maintains directional stability during high-speed driving on highways.

  • Low noise level. The tires are actually quite quiet and don't rumble even at high speeds, making them suitable for everyday use as well as long journeys.

  • High wear resistance. Many drivers note that tires can last a very long time, and after the first ten thousand kilometers, wear is almost imperceptible.

As you can see, the main points correspond to the manufacturer's statements. However, there are some drawbacks noted in the reviews aboutPirelli Cinturato P1 Verde to consider before buying tires. So, some users note that sometimes they lack softness, which is felt when driving on not very good roads. As you can see from the shape of the tread, it does not handle unpaved roads quickly enough, especially if there is dirt or loose sand on them.

pirelli cinturato p1 verde tires


This model is designed for those who are ready to spend a fairly large amount of money at once, so that later for several years they can forget at all that rubber needs to be bought, and not just changed when the appropriate season approaches. The Pirelli Cinturato P1 handles well on the highway or in urban areas in any weather, but it should not be driven onto dirt roads. The tires are also quiet and can save money by reducing fuel consumption with careful driving.

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