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Tires 195/65 R15 Nordman Nordman 4: review, description, specifications and owner reviews

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Tires 195/65 R15 Nordman Nordman 4: review, description, specifications and owner reviews
Tires 195/65 R15 Nordman Nordman 4: review, description, specifications and owner reviews

Speaking of domestic car tires, many people remember the old Soviet tires, which rarely had outstanding performance. However, today there are many Russian-made tires that can compete well with models from famous world manufacturers. One of these tires is Nordman Nordman 4 19565 R15. This rubber is firmly entrenched in the market, as it is well suited to the local climate and has a pleasant cost. To get acquainted with it, you should consider in detail both the official data provided by the manufacturer and the reviews of drivers who have been using it for quite some time.

Briefly about the manufacturer and model

Company Nordman is the Russian "daughter" of the more famous manufacturer Nokian. It is thanks to such “connections” that the domestic manufacturer manages to use the experience gainedby foreign experts for many years of development of the most diverse rubber, which has received worldwide recognition. However, the cost remains very attractive, since the main segment of the market is the budget one, for which the products of local factories are intended.

195 65 r15 nordman nordman 4

The model under consideration refers to winter tires designed for use in harsh conditions. If you take a quick look at the Nokian Nordman 4 19565 R15, you will notice the attributes required for this purpose - deep and large tread blocks, the presence of metal spikes, a massive design of the tread pattern.


On the shelves of tire stores you can see this model, presented in several sizes. In total, there are more than 40 variations with an internal diameter of 13 to 18 inches. It is possible to choose the height of the profile and the width of the working area in accordance with the technical requirements of the car. As can be seen from the size of the wheels, first of all, the Nordman Nordman 4 19565 R15 model is intended for installation on cars, including budget ones, as well as light crossovers and family minivans. For heavier vehicles like minibuses, pickups and full-fledged SUVs, the manufacturer has provided reinforced series, marked with the letters XL and SUV.

tires nokian nordman 4 195 65 r15

Shape of tread pattern

One of the key features of the domestic tire is the presence of a peculiar tread pattern made"herringbone". There is a one-piece central rib, the task of which is to maintain directional stability during high-speed movement, as well as to ensure the strength of the entire structure. Thanks to him, Nordman 4 XL 19565 R15 tires are minimally deformed when crossing obstacles, and can maintain a confident grip with the road surface at this moment.

nokian nordman 4 195 65 r15

The herringbone structure made it possible to make the edges of the tread blocks omnidirectional, which significantly improved the dynamic and braking performance of the tire on any road surface and during various weather conditions. The side tread blocks have perpendicular sipes, which increased rowing performance and improved flotation in loose or fresh snow.

Drainage system

Although this tire is designed for use in regions where winters are quite severe, it is still designed for thaws. A well-thought-out system of lamellas provides high-quality removal of water or snow porridge from the contact patch with the track. All of them are interconnected and push excess moisture to the sides, so that it is easily removed along the wide grooves between the side blocks.

Besides the fight against water, the sipes also help when driving in deep snow. They act as temporary storage. The snow, being compressed, remains inside the lamellae, and thus new grip points are created that can be used for acceleration or braking. When a wheel with a Nokian Nordman 4 19565 R15 tire rotates, the sipes are cleaned and the cycle canrepeat again.

nokian nordman 4 195 65 r15 95t

Presence of spikes

In order to cope with ice or heavily compressed snow, the manufacturer provides metal spikes. They have a standard shape, and are not particularly different. However, a lot of work has been done on their seats. The result is not only a reliable fastening of the spikes, which does not allow them to fall out under load, but also a special system that minimizes unpleasant noise effects. We are talking about special pads that allow the spikes, if they are not used, to bend inside the Nokian Nordman 4 19565 R15 95t tire and not complicate the movement on clean asph alt. In addition, such a system allows the metal elements to last longer, because they are less erased.

Rubber compound development

Manufacturers did not stand aside regarding the issue of elasticity and durability of the tire. The classic version was applied using silicon compounds and acids, which ensure a reliable connection of the remaining elements of the rubber compound to each other. In this way, abrasive wear has been reduced.

nordman 4xl 195 65 r15

To increase the elasticity of the working area of ​​the tread, a natural component such as rapeseed oil was used. According to the developers, it allows you to further increase the strength and wear resistance of Nordman Nordman 4 19565 R15, but at the same time it makes it possible to maintain elasticity even in very severe frosts.

Positive feedback aboutmodels

In order to evaluate the actual operating conditions of this rubber and its behavior in them, you should read the opinions of users. Reviews about nordman 4 19565 R15 left by other drivers emphasize the following positive points:

  • Affordable value. This model is one of the cheapest on the tire market, but at the same time it has a number of indisputable advantages that create a good price / quality ratio for it.

  • Good cross. Rubber is able to handle deep snow, no matter how long ago it fell. The rowing characteristics also come in handy when driving on loose or wet dirt.

  • Confidence on the ice. Rubber due to metal spikes can maintain good grip even on icy surfaces and quickly respond to controls.

  • Good durability. With careful driving, Nordman Nordman 19565 R15 tires will definitely last for several seasons. The spikes also sit tight and do not fall out under loads.

  • Hydroplaning resistance. A well-thought-out drainage system without any problems copes with the removal of not only water, but also thick snow porridge, which makes rubber indispensable during thaws.

As you can see, the model has good advantages that will surely appeal to every driver. However, she also has disadvantages, which you also need to know about before buying.

nordman 4 195 65 r15 reviews

Negative reviews

BasicThe minus of the tire is its noise. Although it is quieter than other studded options, nevertheless, when driving on clean asph alt, the noise can be very annoying, especially if the car is budget and the sound insulation is not very good. This point should be taken into account if you have to drive for a long time, or if you plan a long trip.

The second disadvantage that you should pay attention to is the need for additional balancing. Because of this, it will not work to “change shoes” in the garage yourself, since an unbalanced wheel can damage the chassis. Otherwise, no critical shortcomings were noticed by users.

To sum up all the information from the reviews, Nokian Nordman 4 19565 R15 tires will perform well in any region except the south, since the optimal conditions for it are an abundance of snow, ice or snow porridge.

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