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Luxury cars: photos, list

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Luxury cars: photos, list
Luxury cars: photos, list

If in the early days of the automotive industry, the presence of a four-wheeled vehicle made its owner a we althy person, today a car in a garage does not surprise anyone at all. Based on their own preferences and income level, motorists often acquire luxury sports cars, comfortable small cars, budget models of the middle class and family cars.

The huge variety of modern brands that produce many different models to meet consumer needs has made motor vehicles not just a luxury item, but a truly necessary means of transportation. Now it is simply impossible to surprise even with the purchase of a luxury car. Such transport deserves special attention, since it is the representatives of the elite class that stand out among their fellows with unique features and inimitable features.

What is a luxury car

Thus designate a number of cars that have signs of real luxury. This class includes, first of all, large, powerful, comfortable cars, the price of which, as a rule, is extremely high. In fact, such transportonly we althy people can afford. After all, the cost of a luxury car usually ranges from 5 to 30 million rubles due to the prestige of this type of transport. Although the upper limit of the price of such a machine does not really exist. Today, the industry is able to please motorists with an exclusive car, the cost of which may well exceed 35 million rubles.

luxury car

Description of Executive Series

Luxury cars are always at the top of every respectable brand's car series. According to the generally accepted European classification, such vehicles belong to the series, denoted by the letter F. These cars are produced primarily for those people who want to show others their own status, we alth and a privileged place in society. The price for this type of transport can fluctuate within several tens of million rubles.

Usually, it is these cars that world famous personalities prefer to use: popular actors, musicians, famous politicians, business tycoons, in general, all those who can afford to maintain a representative car. Photos of luxury cars often become the decoration of the covers of the respective magazines. Most of the F-series cars require a personal driver, since car owners themselves rarely drive vehicles with their own hands. Although the list of luxury cars includes such models, driving which you can get real pleasure.

Secrets of Creation

In the production of luxury cars, only the best materials are used: the engine, wheels, filling, body and interior are all made from high-quality components. Trying to demonstrate their own capabilities, manufacturers equip their products with all possible functions and make them multi-tasking. All this is necessary to ensure maximum comfort and safety of the crew when traveling in a luxury car.

Luxury cars: list

The highest quality materials are used for finishing and decorating the interior, as far as possible. Manufacturers give their preference to natural leather and wood, high-quality metal alloys, while using a minimum amount of plastic and avoiding all kinds of substitutes. The only exception is the now fashionable environmentally friendly artificial leather, which is a fairly high-quality analogue of natural raw materials. Some manufacturers produce representative cars exclusively on order.

Main parameters

If you look at the list and photos of F class cars, you can see that most of them are made in a sedan body. Many models have an extended body for the greatest comfort of passengers located in the rear seats. But, despite this feature, overall representative cars look extremely prestigious and respectable. Among other things, there are basic characteristics that absolutely all brands of luxury cars correspond to. For example,The minimum length of a machine recommended as a representative of the F series must be 5 meters and a width of 1.7 meters. Such vehicles are required to be equipped with:

  • powerful engine with 16 or more valves, while the engine capacity is at least 3 liters;
  • automatic transmission;
  • special airbags, ABS and other features.
Luxury cars: brands

Top brands

The best luxury cars are produced by manufacturers that have a strong position in the global market and occupy leading positions in various ratings. It is noteworthy that some brands produce only expensive, luxury cars, while others, in addition to producing executive cars, are developing budget vehicles that are accessible to most people.

The luxury car series is represented by the following manufacturers:

  • Jaguar;
  • Tesla;
  • Porsche;
  • Cadillac;
  • Aston Martin;
  • BMW;
  • Infiniti;
  • Bentley;
  • Mercedes;
  • Lexus.
Chinese luxury cars

Every day, Chinese technology is gaining more and more popularity, taking a strong position in literally every segment of modern production. The transport industry is no exception. So, the first Chinese luxury car was the Riich G6 model, developed by the Chery brand. However, the best machines from the world's leading manufacturers deserve special attention.manufacturers.


A worthy representative of the luxury category of cars is the Cadillac CT9, the presentation of which took place back in 2015. This car is a successful attempt by developers to equip rear passengers with the most comfortable environment. The rear of the car is equipped with two separate seats, between which there is a lot of free space. The seats themselves are equipped with heating, ventilation, massage function and multimedia monitors. Engine power is 404 horsepower. True, despite this, the car is considered quite economical, since its consumption does not exceed 10 liters per 100 km.

Luxury Car: Crew Journey


This car is well known to almost every motorist. This model is the most popular in the F series, presented by Aston Martin. The car has a high-quality finish, which is made of expensive materials, modern electronics, powerful powertrains and an excellent multimedia system.


At the time of its release, this model made a splash among Porsche fans. This is a large, powerful car, equipped with the most modern systems and chic finishes. Driving or even just being inside this car, you can get real pleasure from driving. An important advantage of this model is its relative accessibility. This car can be purchased in a relatively inexpensive configuration. The Panamera isoverall spacious sedan with dynamic technical parameters and a sporty body.

Luxury car: photo

Tesla S

The model has everything you need to be considered the best futuristic executive car. This is a very spacious car with a comfortable rear row and driver's seat. The car became an example of an excellent combination of a unique electric motor and excellent technical characteristics. Tesla S is equipped with a five-seat interior, expensive finishes, and modern filling. All this is able to satisfy the needs of even the most sophisticated car enthusiasts.

Lexus LS

This model is rightfully considered one of the best in the segment of expensive luxury cars. The developers used state-of-the-art electronics, the most powerful power plants and reliable security systems in this car. Manufacturers paid special attention to the comfort of passengers and the driver of the Lexus LS. The car is truly multifunctional, equipped with a huge number of additional options aimed at the safety and comfort of the crew.

Top luxury cars

Class S

The list of rated F-series cars would not be complete without the world-famous Mercedes. The S class represents truly expensive luxury cars that are most popular among car owners. Models of this series combine the highest level of comfort and excellent dynamics, they embody almost the entireclass segment F.


This car is one of the most expensive representatives of the luxury class. A distinctive feature of this Rolls-Royce is a kind of aggressive appearance, which is given to the car by large headlights and a massive radiator grille. The body of the car reaches 6 meters in length and almost 2 meters in width. The engine with a volume of 6.8 liters operates with an automatic transmission equipped with 8 speeds. The car's power of 460 horsepower is capable of accelerating the car up to 240 km/h. The interior of the Phantom is decorated with genuine handmade leather, wood and expensive carbon fiber.

Of course, the list of modern executive cars does not end there. Today, manufacturers delight users with a huge range of luxury cars equipped with the latest technology.

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