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Best frame cars: model list

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Best frame cars: model list
Best frame cars: model list

The design of a frame car in its structure resembles a human skeleton. The main bearing part of the machine is the base for the placement of all body elements and hinged systems. Leading automotive manufacturers, taking into account consumer interests, often make changes to the frame design. Nevertheless, there are machines in the assortment of leaders, the frame of which has practically not undergone transformations and upgrades.

Frame car chassis
Frame car chassis

What is a car frame?

The assembly in question is the heaviest part of the vehicle. On average, as a percentage of the total weight of the machine, this element is 15%. The frame is subject to increased requirements in terms of technological functionality, strength, and sufficient lightness. The design of the unit includes longitudinal metal beams connected by crossbars. The number of components may vary depending on the brand and purpose of the car.

Frequently, frames have a variable width with an expansion towards the power unit and a narrowing towards the rear axle. Riveted structures have become quite popular due to their relative simplicity.manufacturing and high technological performance. On machines produced in small series, manufacturers often resort to bolt systems. Thick rubber pads are used as a vibration damper.


Among the advantages of frame cars:

  1. Simplicity of design, facilitating the implementation of calculation methods.
  2. Increased comfort, due to the separate location of the frame and body.
  3. Improved noise and vibration isolation.
  4. Considered design is optimally suited for carrying critical loads, both in cars and trucks.
  5. One frame configuration can be suitable for the construction of different modifications and brands of cars. The system can easily be extended without loss of strength characteristics. This feature allows you to create extended buses and limousines.
  6. Frame cars are easier to assemble at the plant, which reduces the cost of the vehicle. This is due to the fact that the main components are assembled directly on the frame, and then the body is fixed. This build is simpler than mounting units on a monocoque model.
  7. On the same structure it is allowed to mount various passenger bodies, which allows you to change the modification, taking into account fashion trends and consumer demand.
  8. Repair of such systems and recovery after an accident is easier than load-bearing counterparts.

List of frame cars

Below is a list of cars that have been in the TOP 10 best "frames" for many years:

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser(Toyota Land Cruiser).
  2. Hummer.
  3. Wrangler Jeep.
  4. Nissan Patrol.
  5. Mercedes G-class.
  6. Chevrolet Tahoe.
  7. “Mitsubishi Pajero” (Mitsubishi Pajero).
  8. Traiblazer.
  9. Kia Mohave.
  10. UAZ Patriot (UAZ Patriot).

More on these frame cars.

Toyota LC

One of the best "frames" in the world is rightfully considered the "Land Cruiser". Japanese developers have done painstaking work on the creation of this legendary SUV. Distinctive features of the machine are considered to be high levels of cross-country ability and comfort, as well as reliability and build quality.

It is this model that combines several nuances that have become the vector of development for most SUVs of a similar class. The high characteristics of the machine were also appreciated by domestic consumers. Oddly enough, it sounds, but Toyota Land Cruiser practically does not get cheaper in the secondary market, and sometimes vice versa. This is especially true of the LC-100 modification.

Frame car "Toyota"
Frame car "Toyota"


This brand is heard by all users interested in technology. Initially, the main purpose of the car was military service. Over time, this utilitarian off-road SUV was redesigned for civilian purposes. Despite the "demilitarization", the "Hammer" remained the same uncompromising with a phenomenal cross.

The H-1 version retained the classic frame, continuous axles, and a powerful power unit. The series has the most compact of the Hummers (H-3), which is ideal for fans of reliable, small and original crossovers.


The classic frame car has also been produced for many years in accordance with established traditions. The car is equipped with all-wheel drive, dependent suspension on axles, significant exit angles. Some modifications are not inferior to the tank in terms of cross-country ability, having a reduction parameter of the transfer case in the ratio 4:1.

No wonder the word "jeep" has become a household name for all SUVs. The car feels good both off-road and on paved surfaces. Dynamics, handling and comfort - at a decent level. The main nuance is driving without a roof. If necessary, the jeep is equipped with a soft protective top.

frame car
frame car


Another great Japanese frame car. This series has been produced for many years, has all-wheel drive, and is regularly updated. In the new generation, the design of the machine has improved, while retaining all the advantages of the frame configuration. "Nissan Patrol" has become a "favorite" among fishermen and hunters, thanks to the high cross-country ability, roomy trunk and maximum equipment. The SUV copes with its tasks perfectly.

Updated versions of the car are equipped with a reduction gear, a blocker, a 5.6-liter engine that produces 405 horsepower. On the highway, fuel consumption is no more than 12liters per 100 km. Adjust actions in difficult conditions allows automatic transmission in seven modes and a stabilization system. Another plus is the ability to select the appropriate travel mode, depending on the type of road surface.

Frame car "Nissan"
Frame car "Nissan"


This frame car from Mercedes is popularly known as Gelenvagen or Gelik. The car symbolizes a certain era of SUVs and has one of the most recognizable exteriors in the world.

Skeptics will say that frame jeeps and hinged doors are steadily becoming obsolete. However, true connoisseurs of the G-Class position the model as something more than just an SUV. The car is popular not only with the civilian population, but is also operated by the army of different countries, special services, and tourists. "Gelik" feels great both in the city and far beyond it. Manufacturers understand the peculiarity of the model, so design changes are made to a minimum.

Frame SUV
Frame SUV


This reference American frame SUV is not particularly common in the domestic market. The car resembles a liner floating on the road. Characteristically, the Americans are held in high esteem by huge dimensions, powerful engines with good appetites, a frame configuration, and large wheels. Chevrolet Tahoe has it all. The six-liter engine of the car aggregates with a mechanical transmission unit. In the extended version, the modification in question is known as the Suburban.


One of the best frameJapanese-made cars are regularly updated, including body upgrades, improved equipment and design. The fourth generation has already entered the series, which further testifies to the popularity and reliability of the machine. Manufacturers offer consumers three engine versions:

  • three-liter diesel engine for 200 "horses";
  • three-liter petrol engine (178 hp);
  • "engine" with a volume of 3.8 liters, a power of 250 liters. s.

"Pajero" has a high cross-country ability, the original four-range gearbox, four-wheel drive, increased ground clearance (23.5 cm). The price of the vehicle, compared to most analogues, is quite acceptable (from 1.6 million rubles).

Frame car "Mitsubishi"
Frame car "Mitsubishi"


If you choose which frame car is the best in terms of price and quality, you should pay attention to this representative from the Chevrolet company. The machine has excellent technical performance, has an impressive massive body and a powerful frame structure. The SUV is included in the list of leaders due to the productive and durable power unit.

In addition, the car has a roomy comfortable interior, original aggressive appearance, decent equipment as standard. "Tribylizer" is not common in the Russian market, but it gives odds in many respects to most of its competitors. If you love power, reliability and cross-country ability - the car is definitely for you.

Mohave Kia

Frame car fromKorean manufacturers specially designed for use in extreme conditions, while maintaining maximum comfort in such situations. In some states, the SUV is supplied under a different name (Borrego). As an engine, a choice of diesel or gasoline power unit is offered. In the first case, the volume is three liters with a power of 250 liters. With. On the gasoline version, the car develops 275 "horses" (volume - 3.8 liters). A six-mode gearbox aggregates with a diesel engine, and an automatic transmission for five modes with a gasoline engine.

Among other features, impressive ground clearance, huge wheels and arches for them, several stabilization systems, electronic assistants should be noted. All of the above "stuffing" guarantees comfort, safety and confidence of the ride. According to the manufacturer, the car consumes about 9.7-10.2 liters of fuel per 100 km.

UAZ "Patriot"

It would be unfair not to mention a domestic representative in the top ten among frame cars. A worthy candidate in this direction is the UAZ "Patriot", whose history began in the 50s of the last century. However, consumers saw a completely updated model only in 2016.

Frame car UAZ
Frame car UAZ

The budget car meets the requirements for frame modern SUVs. The main advantages of the "Patriot" are an acceptable price, good equipment, decent indicators of cross-country ability and comfort. The optimal ratio of cost and quality determines the popularity of the model among hunters, fishermen and thoseusers who often move in difficult environments.

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