Gangster cars of the 90s: a list. Popular cars of the 90s

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Gangster cars of the 90s: a list. Popular cars of the 90s
Gangster cars of the 90s: a list. Popular cars of the 90s

The nineties of the past century are often rightly called the "criminal era", not without a grain of truth. Nevertheless, it was at that time that world-famous high-quality cars began to appear in domestic open spaces. Many of these cars of the 90s were given to bandits of different ranks. Consider a list of such vehicles, many of which are still successful.

Image"Chevrolet Tahoe"
Image"Chevrolet Tahoe"

General information

Naturally, not only representatives of the underworld traveled on the roads. Many road users were law-abiding citizens. However, against the backdrop of "Moskvich", "Volga" and "Zhiguli", any foreign car was conspicuous, and its owner was considered a successful person. What can we say about those who had a really prestigious model. Let's try to find out in more detail which cars of the 90s were held in high esteem.

Below is a list of especially popular cars of the period under review:

  1. VAZ-2109.
  2. "BMW-5".
  3. "Lincoln Town Car".
  4. Volvo-940.
  5. Grand Cherokee.
  6. Mitsubishi Pajero.
  7. Chevrolet Blazer.
  8. "Toyota Land-Cruiser.”
  9. Mercedes-Benz G-Class.
  10. "BMW-7".
  11. "Audi-80".
  12. Mercedes S-600.

Let's study the brief characteristics and features of these cars in more detail.

Cherry Nine

It may seem strange to young people that at that time one of the most popular cars was the VAZ-2109. Especially the underworld preferred the version in red. The first reason for fame is the affordable price and prevalence in the domestic market. In addition, the car had decent traction and dynamic parameters for that time. This was especially true of variations with a 1.5-liter engine with a capacity of 70 horsepower.

The advantages of the car also include reliability and good handling. Unlike the "eight", the cherry "nine" had five doors, which made it possible to quickly get into the cabin and just as quickly leave it if necessary. There is nothing strange in the fact that the VAZ-2109 fell in love with the "brothers" who performed the dirtiest work in the field. The car was even captured in songs, and ordinary guys dreamed about it in order to become "cool kids".

Cherry Nine
Cherry Nine

BMW-5 (E34)

The black “beha” has long been associated with gangster cars of the 90s. Cars from a manufacturer from Bavaria appeared on the domestic market immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They did not become massive overnight, due to the high cost. Over time, deliveries of used cars of foreign manufacture were established in Russia. "Five" was appreciated for its relative unpretentiousness andexcellent dynamics, along with a prestigious exterior.

"BMW-5" could afford not every representative of the criminal world, not to mention ordinary citizens of the country. The "fives" were usually transplanted by criminals with a certain authority in the relevant circles and "profitable" places for making a profit. As the development and growth of illicit capital continued to grow, modification became more and more popular. The black "five" often appeared in films on the relevant topics ("Blind Man's Bluff", "Brigade" and others).

Lincoln Town Car

Among American cars of the 90s in Russia, the specified brand was popular, which is now almost never seen on our roads. At that time, a whole stream of Lincolns, Pontiacs and Cadillacs was coming from across the ocean. Representatives of the State traffic inspectorate also had the American model Ford Crown Victoria in their reserve.

For these reasons, these models were also in demand in criminal circles. One of these cars was the Lincoln Town Car. Both representatives of the first generation with a five-liter engine, with a power of 160 “horses”, and versions of the second generation (4.6 l / 210 hp) were in demand. It is worth noting that there were no official deliveries to Russia, so most of the modifications were purchased from "gray" dealers. In a short time, the car managed to gain popularity, and was even filmed in one commercial.


At first glance, the Volvo does not seem to be very suitable for gangster cars. However, this one is. Now the car is positioned as a transporta tool for calm people who value reliability and safety on the roads. In the 90s, the sedan in question was perceived as a powerful overall foreign car. The owners especially appreciated the version with a turbine engine of 2.3 liters, with a capacity of 165 horsepower. An additional plus is the highest degree of comfort.

Car "Volvo-940"
Car "Volvo-940"

Most often Volvo-940 met in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. This is due to the proximity of the borders of Sweden and Finland, from where these cars were supplied. The model cannot be attributed to cheap versions. For example, the price of the 940th Volvo ranged from 30 to 35 thousand dollars. The main owners at that time were successful businessmen with links to criminals or authoritative representatives of the underworld.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

SUVs are gangster cars of the 90s that occupied a special niche. They were "without exception" called jeeps, regardless of the specific brand. In this series, the Grand Cherokee, which was also called "wide", can be called a favorite. Such success of the car is not accidental. It was distinguished by solid dimensions, inspiring respect and fear to other road users.

In addition, the SUV had high cross-country ability and reliability, powerful power units (from 190 to 245 "horses"). Well, his "cool" exterior could not leave indifferent representatives of criminal circles. "Cherokke" was supplied from America, which was another plus in his "piggy bank", since in those days everything foreign was valued much more than now. One of the most popular films90s, where this machine is found, is "Brother-2". One of the main characters shoots him spectacularly from a machine gun.

Mitsubishi Pajero

Among the popular Japanese cars of the 90s is the Mitsubishi Pajero SUV. He was also called "Fry". "Brothers" appreciated the car for the same as the "Cherokke", but there were a number of other points. Among them is efficiency due to an expanded range of diesel engines. In addition, the vehicle was equipped with an improved Super Select 4WD transmission unit with a locking center differential. The last point was very relevant for the province and remote areas. Most often, the SUV was found in the Far East, where it was delivered directly from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Auto "Mitsubishi Pajero"
Auto "Mitsubishi Pajero"

Chevrolet Blazer

A popular car from the 90s after 1995 was sold under the name Tahoe. In general, the concept of an SUV has remained virtually unchanged. Its main purpose is to overcome off-road and transport a large number of people. Perhaps the leadership of General Motors did not even assume that their "brainchild" was used to transport bandits. But the fact remained.

The advantages of the car in question include the following points:

  • presence of a frame structure;
  • traction motors with a power of 180-225 "horses";
  • capacity (if desired, up to seven people fit in the cabin);
  • on the extended modification, the capacity indicator is even higher.

Universal SUV for gangstersshowdown featured in such well-known TV series as "Gangster Petersburg" and "Brigade".

Toyota Land Cruiser

The love of successful compatriots for this modification has not faded even now. Today, Cruiser is chosen by we althy entrepreneurs, representatives of law enforcement agencies or security agencies. In the 90s, cars of this brand were unequivocally ranked as gangster "cars". Until the 97th, version 80 was mainly used in domestic open spaces, and closer to the 2000s, the 100th Kruzaks began to appear.

Appreciated the SUV for what other jeeps are for. Who doesn’t like the optimal combination of a powerful engine, high cross-country ability, reliability and prestige of Japanese quality. Not every person could afford such a luxury, most of the owners are criminal authorities or people closely associated with them.

Image"Toyota Land Cruiser"
Image"Toyota Land Cruiser"

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

"Gelendvagen" also has not lost its fans so far. In Russia, this model began to gain popularity in the second half of the 90s. He began to slowly push Cherokke out of the criminal fleets. The vehicle fully complied with the gangster concepts of cars of the 90s. The device is made in black, had a decent size, high power, excellent maneuverability. Interestingly, it is the black tint that is a characteristic feature of gangster cars. If they saw modern "Geliki" in bright colors, they probably would not understand the humor.

It is worth noting that the Mercedes G-classwas popular with bandit authorities, although it was usually purchased for the guard cortege that accompanied its leader. Later, the Gelendvagens "migrated" to government escorts and law enforcement agencies. This is the spirit of the new era.


The BMW-7 E32 was no less popular with the underworld than all of the above cars. The vehicle was not used by small businessmen and street bandits. The reason is simple - a rather high price. At the time of the dashing 90s, only people of the highest criminal class could afford cars.

The indicated brand was most often purchased in E32 and E38 bodies. The volume of power units fluctuated within 2.5-5.4 liters. The power parameter of the 750i series on the V-12 engine reached 326 horsepower. After the release of the picture "Boomer", the car model in question became the dream of all teenagers and young men. It was after this film that the car became widely recognized in Russia.

Car "BMW-7"
Car "BMW-7"


German cars among foreign cars became one of the most popular in Russia in the dashing 90s. The owners of "nines" and other domestic cars, having risen financially, often changed to better and more prestigious cars. Among the "gangster" representatives of the Audi series, it is the 80th modification that is most often mentioned. The people also called this car "Barrel", in the back of the "B3" version was produced from 1987 to 1991, it became one of the "early" foreign cars among the bandits.

The vehicle was equipped with a 1.4 to 2.3 engineliters. This parameter was quite enough to “avoid” the police chase, which had mainly domestic VAZs and Volga. In the early and mid-90s, there were quite a lot of these cars on the roads. They were valued for reliability, good handling, dynamics and comfort.

Mercedes-Benz S 600

"Six hundredth" "Mercedes" has become a real symbol of irrevocably gone dashing 90s. "New Russians" in crimson jackets, who proudly sit behind the wheel of the Merina - an image that has entered into jokes, cinema and advertising.

Mercedes-Benz car
Mercedes-Benz car

Despite all the accompanying nuances, the choice of crime bosses Mercedes-Benz W140 is quite understandable and justified. In addition to the external prestigious design and reliability, it should be noted a number of such options that were a curiosity in those days. Among them:

  • dual-zone climate control;
  • adaptive climate system;
  • seats with various adjustments and electric heating;
  • power steering, heated mirrors and more.

Now such equipment of machines is taken for granted. In the 90s, not all cars could boast of such "minced meat". Under the hood of the car was a V-12 engine with a power of 394 “horses”, with a volume of six liters. Among other advantages - excellent dynamics and the highest build quality. The people "six hundredth" was also called "Boar". How much cars cost in the 90s is difficult to answer unambiguously. These were "nines" for a couple of thousand dollars, and such monsters as the "Mercedes-600". Its price has startedfrom 100-120 thousand dollars, which exceeded the cost of the "Grand Cherokee" by 2-3 times.

A kind of cult arose around the model in question on the domestic market. It happened that the owners of the "lower" versions acquired the appropriate nameplates, fitting them on the body in order to appear more solid on the road and in the eyes of others. In any case, on the tracks and in ordinary life, the owners of the "six hundred" were respected and feared. One interesting and sad nuance - often such people were shot and blown up in their own luxurious geldings. Such were the criminal massacres of that time.


The car is still more of a status symbol than just a vehicle. A little over 20 years ago, in many families, the pinnacle of luxury was considered to have a VCR, not to mention a car. Among the Russian cars of the 90s, the nines and eights were considered prestigious. However, the top of prosperity and respect were foreign cars. Naturally, given the realities of that time, high-quality cars were available mainly to members of organized criminal gangs. It was not possible to earn money on a Mercedes or BMW with honest labor. Even if it was possible to pull off such an operation, there was a high probability that the same criminal groups would “expropriate” the cars.