ZMZ-514 engines: specifications, manufacturer, application
ZMZ-514 engines: specifications, manufacturer, application

ZMZ-514 engines are the brainchild of ZMZ OJSC. This is a company operating in the field of mechanical engineering. In our country, it is the largest manufacturer of gasoline power units. More than 80 variations of different engines for cars of the UAZ, PAZ and GAZ brands come out of the conveyors of this plant. The company also produces more than 5 thousand automotive components. It is part of the syndicate of OAO Sollers. His story began in 1958.

Specialists of this company came up with a rather interesting arrangement of ZMZ-514 engines. This also applies to their components and principles of work. Turbocharging technology deserves special attention.

The most popular novelties of the UAZ concern with the indicated engines are also presented in the presented material.


ZMZ-514 engines, as a rule, have 12 elements. They are shown in the diagram below and numbered accordingly.

Cross section of the ZMZ 514 engine
Cross section of the ZMZ 514 engine

Engine includes:

  1. Cylinder block.
  2. Cylinder head.
  3. Combustion chamber.
  4. Piston.
  5. Compression ring with top position.
  6. Similarring, but with bottom position.
  7. Oil extraction ring.
  8. Piston pin.
  9. Connecting rod.
  10. Connecting rod bend of the crankshaft.
  11. Inserts p. 9.
  12. Counterweight.

High strength cast iron is used for all cylinders.

The cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy. It has special valves.

Valve drive

Considering the ZMZ-514 engines, it is impossible not to describe the valve drive associated with them. His diagram is shown below.

valve drive
valve drive

Numbered components:

  1. Hydraulic support.
  2. Valve spring.
  3. Drive lever.
  4. Inlet camshaft.
  5. Cover item 4.
  6. Similar shaft but linked to exhaust valves.
  7. Valve cracker.
  8. Plate p. 2.
  9. Cap reflecting oil.
  10. Support washer item 2.
  11. Saddle n. 12.
  12. Bleed valve.
  13. Guide sleeve item 12.
  14. Guide sleeve p. 15.
  15. Inlet action valve.
  16. Saddle item 15.

Nozzle cooling piston

ZMZ-514 engines (like many other power devices) must be properly cooled. There is a special nozzle for this. It cools the piston. The principle of its operation is presented below schematically.

Piston cooling nozzle
Piston cooling nozzle

Numbered components:

  1. Valve body.
  2. The body of the nozzle itself.
  3. Tube.
  4. Piston.


In order for cars to add power and dynamic performance, manufacturers arrange turbocharging in them. It can be sold on both diesel and gasoline vehicles.

Turbo diesel engines are more efficient and safer than their petrol counterparts.

In the situation with diesels, exhaust gases have a temperature reading of 600 °C. In gasoline mechanisms, this figure reaches 1000 ° C. This has a negative impact on turbocharging technology.

The layout of the turbocharging system is not particularly complicated.

Diagram of the turbocharging system
Diagram of the turbocharging system

In appearance, the design looks like a pair of snails, which are fastened together with a hose. The system includes the following components:

  1. Intercooler.
  2. Turbo compressor.
  3. Air intake device.
  4. A filter that purifies the air.
  5. Throttle shutter.
  6. Pressure hoses.
  7. Intake manifold.
  8. Nozzles connecting elements.

Manufacturers often supplement this arsenal with intake flaps.

As for the cumulative scheme of all turbocharging technologies, there is almost complete identity here. The difference may affect only some components.

The key component in this system is the turbocharged compressor. Thanks to his work, air is pumped. This node is formed by the following components:

  1. Body.
  2. Shaft.
  3. Two wheels: turbine and compressor.
  4. Turbine body.
  5. Bearings.
  6. Seal rings.

The first wheel is placed in a special case. It is resistant to powerful temperatures. Functions of this wheel:

  1. Energy conversion of exhaust gas masses.
  2. Rotation of the second wheel.

This keeps the air inside. It is being compressed. The resulting mixture follows the cylinders.

The wheels themselves are mounted to the rotor shaft. Their proper rotation occurs due to bearings.

The intercooler cools the unit and the air. So the latter becomes denser.

The technology usually uses an air intercooler. There is also a liquid version, but the first one is more efficient.

The whole system is controlled by the regulator. It does not allow energy overload from gases.

Weaknesses and strengths of turbocharging

Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. This also applies to turbocharging. His strengths are:

  1. Serious development of the efficiency of the power unit.
  2. Thanks to him, the whole power works more economically.
  3. Ensuring total fuel combustion.
  4. Reduce nitric oxide generation.
  5. Sustainable.

List of its cons:

  1. Fragility. The system must be handled very carefully to prevent overheating.
  2. Turboyama. When the driver steps on the gas, the car may take some time to respond.

UAZ Hunter

As noted earlier, ZMZ-514 engines are mainlyintended for UAZ vehicles. One of the most popular models is UAZ Hunter.

Classic Hunter
Classic Hunter

This is a four-wheel drive SUV frame model. It is able to pass on roads of varying difficulty and rough terrain.

The production of the five-door UAZ SUV began in 1982. It was a modification of the UAZ-469. After 13 years, it was transformed into the UAZ-3151. And in 2003, there was a generation change, and the car was renamed UAZ-315195, in another way - "Hunter".

The model is intensively used in the armed forces of the Russian Federation, in special services and law enforcement agencies.

Hunter was also exported to Germany and some Asian countries.

Since the UAZ enterprise closely cooperates with the ZMZ organization, the appearance of the ZMZ-514 in the Hunter became quite logical. And with this engine, models have sold over 1,650,000 units in many countries.

In 2015, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, a special edition of Hunters was released. In this UAZ, ZMZ-514 was also arranged. And the model itself had no differences from the classic modification, but was endowed with noticeable design specifications.

Trophy Hunter
Trophy Hunter

In 2017, the anniversary version of "Hunter" was released. The occasion is the 45th anniversary of the release of these models. Its differences from the classical model are as follows:

  1. Unique coloration.
  2. Changed interior design.
  3. Some design details.
Anniversary version of Hunter
Anniversary version of Hunter

New Hunters

In 2015, the release of these modelscould stop. Various technical and material difficulties arose. But in 2016, conveyors with these machines became active again.

In 2017 there was an anniversary edition of cars. And in 2018, fresh models came out in several trim levels. The price of the new UAZ "Hunter" depends on its equipment and configuration.

For example, for a classic modification you will have to pay about 620,000 rubles. And for the variation "Trophy" - 680,000 rubles.

There are diesel variations of Hunters on sale. They include the following elements:

  1. Headlights with hydraulic adjustment.
  2. Seats with washable upholstery.
  3. Trunk with hinged door.
  4. Reserve wheel with stamped rim.

The price of the new UAZ "Hunter" may vary depending on the availability of additional options. For example, the surcharge for alloy wheels with a parameter of 16 inches is 15 thousand rubles. For the color "metallic" you need to pay another 2000 rubles.

Model 4 x 4 "Profi"

UAZ Profi 4X4
UAZ Profi 4X4

Another popular representatives of the Ulyanovsk enterprise are 4 x 4 modifications. The Profi model deserves special attention. Such a UAZ 4x4 is an off-road truck. Type of drive - rear. Although these criteria apply to the 2017 model. In 2018, an all-wheel drive modification also appeared

The total weight of the rear-wheel drive version is 3.5 tons. The price tag is 600,000 rubles.

The 4WD model has a two-seat cab only.

Both versions have a ladder frame. It is formed by two profiles. They differ in height. Framedeveloped in length and reinforced with additional inserts. They are located in places with the greatest load. The dampers are mounted differently.

The bumper and plastic grille are elements that can be changed one by one.

There are two pendants: front and rear. The first type is spring. The second is spring. The spring fastening points are concentrated directly under the spar. This optimizes the bending moment on the frame.

Shock absorbers have external differences from analogues. Thanks to them, the move is smooth. And this comes out both on an empty and full car.

About Pro Bridges

The developers created the rear axle specifically for this model. It is characterized by increased carrying capacity. The stockings of the upgraded beam are made from a thicker tube.

The body of the main gear has become stronger. This craftsman achieved the use of stiffeners.

Reducer on the front side has not been changed. If desired, you can purchase a differential lock between the wheels.

The front axle of this UAZ 4x4 received two additions:

  1. Uninsulated steering knuckles. CV joints are involved in them.
  2. Ball support elements. They do not have plastic inserts.

The turning radius has been significantly reduced thanks to these additions.

The front axles do not differ in the design of the corner modules.

At the same time, the steering trapezoid was modernized in the model, the castor was developed. So the steering became more stable.

Transfer case

In all-wheel drivemodifications, it copies the "patriotic" original. The difference lies in the management. In the Patriot, all-wheel drive is driven by a control washer. In Pro, this mode is activated by a lever mechanically connected to the transmission.

Other elements of the power block

They are the same on both models (rear and all wheel drive). The ZMZ "Pro" engine with 4 cylinders appears here. Its volume is 2.7 liters. The highest torque is 235 Nm at 2650 rpm. The engine can develop 150 hp. s.

These parameters were achieved due to the following factors:

  1. Developed compression (was 9, 1, now 9, 8).
  2. Expansion of gas distribution stages.
  3. Better elimination of exhaust gases from the combustion chamber.

The specified engine has been developed to the environmental standard Euro-5. The control program has been changed in it, the number of active components has been increased, and a neutralizer has been added.

The engine operates with a 5-speed manual gearbox. It is made in South Korea.

Clutch designed for high torque.

Body Options

The model has a platform where:

  1. Metal sides.
  2. Gender. Aircraft plywood is used for its manufacture. Mounting brackets for various loads are flush mounted into it.
  3. Tent. He is very dense. Its arcs are formed strictly vertically. The ceiling is formed by a "house". There are transparent cells on the top side of the awning. Its tailgate can be lifted easily by pulling on the special straps.

Loading height - 5.2 m. When compared with the frame, there is an overestimation of the loading platform.

The total volume of the cargo department, taking into account the awning, is 9.4 cubic meters. m.

Other features

It is important to note the following:

  • The curb weight of this model is 1990 kg.
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 68 liters.
  • Type of front brakes - disc. Rear - drum.
  • Tire parameters - 225/75R16C.

The minimum cost of the basic configuration is 750,000 rubles.

About the new "Patriot"

New UAZ-Patriot
New UAZ-Patriot

UAZ 4x4 "Patriot", released in 2018, has the following differences from the previous version:

  1. Multi steering wheel. It can be adjusted in two planes.
  2. Heated steering wheel and seats.
  3. Climate control.
  4. Short switches under the steering wheel.
  5. Two airbags.
  6. Substantially upgraded head console. The multimedia display position is the top side. Deflectors are arranged on the sides. Screen diagonal - 8 inches.
  7. There is a 3-inch screen on the dashboard.
  8. The presence of a rear view camera.

Power Data

The following devices are installed in the new Patriot:

  1. ZMZ-40905. Type - gasoline. Data: 2.7 l, 135 l. s., 220 Nm.
  2. Innovative ZMZ-514. He is diesel. Is turbocharged. The technical characteristics of the ZMZ-514 engine of the new series are as follows: 2.3 l., 115 l. s., 272 Nm.

Engines can be supplemented with the following gearboxes:

  1. Mechanics with 5steps.
  2. 6-speed automatic.

Number of transfer box steps - 2. It is equipped with an electric drive.

The gear has been changed in the front axle, the new differential has been installed in the rear.