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Hemi engines: specifications, on which cars they are installed

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Hemi engines: specifications, on which cars they are installed
Hemi engines: specifications, on which cars they are installed

Motors from a unique, according to auto experts, collection from talented American engineers have shown their superiority in practice. The devices have earned trust and respect for the manufacturer, who has gone through a difficult path to the production of a high-quality power unit. Drivers are interested in the question on which cars Hemi engines were installed and why these power units have gained a special niche in the market?

A couple of interesting historical facts

Crysler began developing new products in 1940. These were 16-piston Hemi engines with power figures of 2.5 thousand “horses”. They were mounted on American fighter-bombers. They did not receive serial production. Their fate was finally decided after World War II. Many Chrysler subsidiaries voted with both hands to sell the motor, to return to solving the old problems. The problematic issue was closed by President Kaufman Keller, who nevertheless decided to offer the unit to the international car market.

Powerful sports engine "Chemie"

The first model is built in two weeksHemi engines, then passed another two years of difficult testing. Finally, he appeared before car consumers in a V-shaped "eight" under the hot name FirePower with a volume of 5.4 liters. s., having pleased 180 liters. With. The motor showed excellent racing performance, bringing glory and honor to the owners in the competition.

Design secrets

Engine "Chemie" - an example of American power

Increased power, exclusive angled valves have made Hemi engines sporty from the very first minutes of series production. Due to this design, ventilation of the combustion chamber and exhaust power were increased. As an additional change, the motor gained increased suction capability due to less curved channel designs.

Partly the combustion chamber is created in a hemispherical geometry, into which the spark plugs and valves fit. Inside the chamber was a piston with a smooth structure that set it apart from other engines with cylindrical chambers, a flat upper vault.

Skeptical opinion

Some experts consider this design a flaw due to the too complex structure of the cylinder head and valve drive. That is why I had to experience many problems in practice during maintenance and repair work.

The price of Hemi engines is quite high, associated with increased requirements for fuel resources, a considerable amount of consumption. The increased mass of the device itself is also added to the disadvantages.

Despitevibration reduction during movement and the absolute silent operation of the motor, he gained a large number of fans in mass consumption. What varieties have been applied in life?

Briefly about the types of motors

Let's consider the most common models.

  1. The inline four-cylinder compact engine has gained massive popularity due to its ease of placement in any space. Its weight has already been adjusted, allowing you to get rid of energy costs. I liked the good balancing, good maintainability, the availability of valve actuators. Not everyone was satisfied with the Chemi engine with a volume of 3 liters, the increased center of gravity added disadvantages.
  2. The inline 6-cylinder is a favorite of BMW designers. This unit was installed on the 2JZ model. This is the perfect balance of affordable price, good technical parameters. The motors were distinguished by ease of operation and maintenance due to the low price of the cylinder block. The downside was considered difficult installation due to the difficult dimensions of the device.
  3. The Hemi V8 unit was designed for US muscle car models, showing enviable strength, a high percentage of reliability.
The engine was used on the Dodge Coronet

Models used on Dodge Coronet, Plymouth Barracuda, Chrysler 300C, 1955 Ford.

V-8 motor features

Technical features "Hemi v8"

This motor was built from scratch. The camber angle in it is 90 degrees. The third motor "offspring" is distinguished by cast ironblock, the participation of aluminum in the manufacture of the block. This power unit is lightweight, compact in size compared to the V8 Power Tech model. This is achieved through the simple design of the OHB valve timing. In the basic version of the Hemi 5, 7 liter engine, it performed well. Its production has been launched since 2003, and it continues to be produced to the present.

There is only one camshaft here, and it is located in the collapse of the block. The drive is carried out using a chain, it is relatively long. In the combustion chamber, the valves are placed opposite each other. The volume and power indicators satisfy motorists. Engineers also took care of the environmental component of the design, reducing engine consumption using the MDS system. It can disable half of the cylinders in one head and two in the other. Disabling is possible when choosing a speed mode from 30 km / h, at a speed of less than 3000.

The first version of the collection appeared on the Dodge Ram. Then they became companions of the Dodge Durango, racing Fiats and Peugeots. The owners of the Jeep Grand Cherokee felt the full power of the engine in 2005. Its main advantage is undemanding to the quality of gasoline. In the latest versions, the MDS system was removed: motorists were fed up with the noise in the cabin, vibrations, for which there were repeated complaints to the concern's mail. The manufacturer is responsible and listened to everyone's opinion.

Successful design project

Racing model "Dodge charger daytona"

The Dodge Charger Daytona is especially interesting. This racing"monster" could accelerate to 322 km / h, delighting riders with 420 "horses". Not only the Dodge Charger Daytona engine contributed to the increased speed performance, but a specially designed stabilization wing increased the dynamics. The people called them winged warriors for a reason.

Positive side of buying

Image "Chemie" was used on the "Plymouth Barracuda"

Hemispherical design features help minimize heat loss, increasing power efficiency. It is difficult to believe in a low fuel consumption, but it is a fact. You can refuel with 92-m gasoline. Filling a full tank, one wonders how economical the engine compartment is: the tank on the Dodge Ram contains up to 71 liters, and at the same time the consumable properties are 18.5 liters.

Valve placement makes it possible to place candles at the top point. This gives the efficiency of combustion of the fuel-combustible mixture. It burns out completely thanks to two candles, the “front” of ignition is located simultaneously on both sides. Timely "treatment" with malfunctions, filling in high-quality oil, control of all elements instantly improves the quality of driving, stimulates the car to obedient behavior on the tracks of any plan. The famous "American" is not cheap, but its price is justified by its consistently high quality characteristics.

Already this century, Chrysler launched a line of new engines with hemispherical combustion chambers. The new system is significantly different from the models of the 50-70s of the last century. In addition, it is complemented by a variable valve timing system andsystem for shutting off part of the cylinders. The main thing is that the unit has not lost its legendary racing properties.

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