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ZMZ-405 engines: specifications, prices

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ZMZ-405 engines: specifications, prices
ZMZ-405 engines: specifications, prices

The ZMZ-405 family of gasoline engines can rightly be considered one of the pride of their manufacturer, OJSC Zavolzhsky Motor Plant. The high quality of these motors is confirmed by years of operation, and often in rather harsh conditions. 4-cylinder, in-line injection engines ZMZ-405 appeared on the market in 2000. OJSC GAZ became the main consumer. These engines were equipped with GAZ-3111 cars. Subsequently, the power unit has been repeatedly improved.

ZMZ 405

Thus, after carrying out comprehensive work on adaptation, which began in 2009, one of the modifications of the 405 family - the ZMZ-40524.10 engine - began to complete Fiat Ducato cars. In modern conditions, 405 series devices are equipped with both cars and minibuses and light trucks.


The Zavolzhsky Zavod engine is a four-stroke automobile power unit with an in-line arrangement of cylinders and pistons. The supply of fuel to the intake channels of the cylinders and the ignition is controlled by an electronic system. The engine is equipped with an external fuel-air mixture formation system. Reciprocating piston movementis converted into rotational by means of one common crankshaft for all pistons. Two overhead camshafts. The cooling system is closed type, liquid with forced circulation of the cooler. The lubrication system of the 405th engine is combined. Lubricants are sprayed to moving parts under pressure.

Cylinder block and crankshaft

The upgraded block of the 405th engine is made of high-strength cast iron, which, combined with the use of high-precision metal processing methods in its manufacture, has significantly reduced cylinder deformation during operation. In the block of the old model, slots of 2 mm were provided between the cylinders for the cooling system. For the ZMZ-405 engine block, such slots are not provided. In addition, the threaded wells for the cylinder head bolts were enlarged.

ZMZ 405 specifications

The crankshaft is structurally identical to the ZMZ-406 engine, but cast from high quality and more durable cast iron. The design is full support with two counterweights for each crank. Improvements have improved the resistance to centrifugal forces and bending moments.

Engine Features

The carburetor ZMZ-406 was used as the basis for the engine. The 405th became a modified injection derivative. Modern advanced ZMZ-405 engines fully comply with the established Euro-3 standards. They are installed on cars of the GAZelle, UAZ and Fiat brands.The manufacturer has developed and implemented several innovative design solutions.

So, the ZMZ-405 block was lightened by 1.3 kilograms due to the complete dismantling of the idle system from the block head. The engine is controlled by an electronic throttle. This is what made it possible to abandon some components: throttle pipe, idle air control, idle air pipes, damper position sensor.

ZMZ 405 price

The cylinder block itself retained its original properties after weight reduction. Moreover, the rigidity of the block has been increased. Castings between cylinders have been eliminated with innovative cross slots provided in the cooling system.

Cylinder head improvement

Engineers of the manufacturing enterprise have improved the thermal insulation ZMZ-405. For more reliable tightness of the cylinder block, instead of a reinforced cylinder head gasket made of a single-layer non-asbestos material, a two-layer metal one was used. Renewal of the material and the use of new structural elements, in particular zigzag spring parts, ensured better sealing of the gas joint and lubrication system channels, and also improved the cooling process. The thickness of the new gasket design is reduced by three times compared to the original soft gasket with metal edging and is only 0.5 millimeters. This minimized the need for bolt tightening compared to previous parts, which in turn allows forreducing cylinder deformation during operation.

ZMZ 406 405

The 405 Euro 3 series engines use an extended drive belt and self-tensioner for auxiliary units. The estimated service life of the roller is 150 thousand kilometers. In engines of the 405th series, oil and fuel consumption is significantly reduced. These engines meet world standards and allowable toxicity standards, and are also characterized by increased reliability.

ZMZ-405: specifications

Developed on the basis of ZMZ-406.10, the ZMZ-405 Euro-3 engine has the following characteristics:

  • The power unit is designed for installation on minibuses and small trucks.
  • Engine type - internal combustion, gasoline, in-line fuel injection.
  • Cylinders - 4, with 16 valves.
  • Volume - 2.46 liters.
  • Compression ratio - 9, 3.
  • Cylinder diameter - 95.5 mm.
  • Stroke - 86 mm.
  • Declared power is 152 hp. With. (111.8 kW) at 5200 rpm.
  • Specific fuel consumption – 198 g/l. With. per hour, the recommended octane number of fuel is 92.
  • Motor cooling - liquid.
  • Completed weight - 192.2 kg.
  • Compliance with Euro-3 environmental standards with a three-way neutralizer installed.
block ZMZ 405

What is the key difference between the base engine and the ZMZ-405? Power specifications improved by 4.8% with increased displacementby 7.9%.

Modern engine ZMZ-405: price

ZMZ-405 gasoline engines of a series of modern modifications (40524.1000400-100, 101) have been in the factory production of ZMZ OJSC since 2013. Recent improvements include an optimized valve cover, timing chains and an improved ventilation system with crankcase gases vented to the receiver. New design changes made it possible to create an engine that meets not only Euro-3, but also Euro-4 environmental standards.

The new ZMZ-405 engine, the price of which in dealer networks ranges from 124 to 152 thousand rubles, with a guarantee from the manufacturer's factory, is intended for re-equipment of GAZelle Business vehicles.

Possibility of tuning ZMZ-405

Tuning any engine provides, first of all, an increase in power. In ZMZ-405, this can be achieved in three main ways: forcing, turbocharging or installing a compressor.

engine zmz 405 price

The first tuning option, which has become traditional, provides for a fairly large range of work: installing an active air intake, refining the combustion chambers, increasing the volume of the receiver, replacing standard valves, springs, shafts and components of the piston group with more advanced ones, upgrading the exhaust system. As a result, the engine takes on a sporty tone, and the power increases to 200 hp. s.

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