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Shell Helix Ultra 5W30 and 5W40 oil: specifications and reviews

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Shell Helix Ultra 5W30 and 5W40 oil: specifications and reviews
Shell Helix Ultra 5W30 and 5W40 oil: specifications and reviews

Choosing a quality oil for an internal combustion engine is a very difficult task. One of the difficulties is the wide variety of lubricants in the modern automotive market. The Shell company in this area is a leader in the production and production of high quality motor oils. Its products are represented by a wide range of oily fluids, which, among others, includes Shell Helix Ultra 5W30 and 5W40. These categories of lubricant are quite popular among professional drivers and ordinary car owners who speak positively about the product. These types of oils have high quality indicators and comply with international regulations and standards for lubricants in this category.

Shell Oil Lube

Produced oil "Shell Helix Ultra" is characterized by high quality indicators necessary to protect the engine from various negativeprocesses and reactions. Lubrication increases the level of wear resistance of parts and assemblies of the power unit in any operating mode. The reference for this product is the use of lubricant in Formula 1 racing cars.

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Helix Ultra line oils have the necessary viscosity coefficients that are maintained throughout the entire regulated service life. The balanced molecular structure allows the oil to penetrate to all structural components of the motor, enveloping every detail with a strong oil film. This leads to a reduction in friction between the rotating elements of the engine, which directly affects the life cycle of the vehicle's power plant.

The characteristics of Shell Helix Ultra oil allow you to safely and correctly start a "cold" engine in all weather conditions, and especially in the winter season.

Oil with index 5W30

This type of grease is synthetic based and is used in high performance engines. Its main advantages are to increase the service life of the power unit by effectively completely cleaning the internal structure of the motor from sludge formation and anti-corrosion protection. This happens due to the unique proprietary developments of Shell.

During the manufacture of Shell Helix Ultra 5W30, PurePlus technology is used, which consists in obtaining a synthetic base from natural gas.Also, the structure of the oil includes special additives that contribute to active cleaning. The system set of filler elements is called Active Cleansing.

oil index 5w30

Thanks to these developments, a unique product is obtained with parameters previously unavailable to any type of lubricant. Ideal cleanliness of internal parts and components of the unit is ensured, they look like new. Significant savings in lubricant are manifested, not spent on carbon deposits and, therefore, without the need for top-up volumes.

Lubricant 5W40

Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 was developed for modern internal combustion engines. The lubricant was obtained as a result of the synthesis of PurePlus technology with the addition of an Active Cleansing additive package. The lubricant retains a stable viscosity structure for a long time, has a low percentage of volatility and has increased energy saving rates compared to other types of oils. 5W40, like its "brother" 5W30, maximally cleans the structural components of the engine, protecting it from carbon deposits and negative deposits on the walls of the motor block, increases the life of the unit, reducing the cost of repair manipulations. Shell Helix 5W40 is a fully synthetic product designed to reliably protect the power unit under any power load and in various operating conditions.

two containers of oil

Comparative characteristics

If the car's internal combustion engine matches the Shell Helix oil parametersUltra "with an index of 5W30, then when using 5W40, an increase in friction indicators will occur, and an undesirable load on the entire device will increase. A certain volume of filled oil may be lost, since hydraulic pressure rises with an increase in viscosity. The result of such a discrepancy will be premature wear of engine parts and oil "starvation" of the power unit.

Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 Viscosity Motor Lubricant was developed for all-weather use and is recommended by many automotive manufacturers. It has a higher viscosity index at maximum positive temperatures than 5W30, and a lower operating threshold at negative ambient conditions.

gray liter canister

Technical info

Regulated characteristics of "Shell Helix Ultra" 5W30 correspond to the following indications:

  • SAE viscosity data - 5W30;
  • viscosity of mechanical movement of oil at 40 ℃ - 71.69mm2/s;
  • viscosity of mechanical movement of oil at 100 ℃ - 11.93mm2/s;
  • grease density at +15 ℃ - 840 kg/l;
  • grease ignition temperature - 244 ℃;
  • minus crystallization temperature - 35 ℃.

Indicators "Shell Helix Ultra" 5W40:

  • SAE viscosity data - 5w40;
  • viscosity of mechanical oil circulation at 40℃ - 79.1mm2/s;
  • viscosity of mechanical oil circulationat 100℃ - 13.1mm2/s;
  • viscosity index – 168;
  • grease density at +15 ℃ - 840 kg/l;
  • grease ignition temperature - 242 ℃;
  • minus crystallization temperature - 45 ℃.

Tolerances and specifications of oils

The Shell Helix Ultra range contains approvals from well-known car manufacturers and meets the requirements of the competent standardization organizations.

Specification for 5W30 according to the parameters of the US Petroleum Institute API confirmed by SL / CF indices. The European organization of automakers ACEA has defined quality - A3 / B3 and A3 / B4. Specification BMW LL-01. This type of oil has received positive reviews and approvals from Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Renault.

reverse side of the container

The 5W40 marking oil product has acquired quality standards according to API - SN / CF, ACEA - A3 / B3 and A3 / B4. Approvals received from auto giants Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Renault, Porsche and Ferrari.


The Shell Helix Ultra engine lubricant has received many positive reviews, which were left not only by professionals in this field, but also by ordinary motorists.

Some people filled in Shell oil from the day they bought the car and after a run, a distance of 40 thousand km, remain, to this day, satisfied with the quality of the product. The engine "cold" starts briskly, without tension, the cleanliness in the cylinder block is perfect, the crankcase is clean,no impurities or deposits.

Many car owners, having changed several brands in their possession, declare that they do not feel a difference in the operation of the original oil in 5W30 and 5W40 viscosity options. But, they are satisfied with everything in terms of quality.

Other reviews are the flip side of the positive. Owners note a more liquid consistency, even compared to factory oil. Having filled the lubricating fluid into the engine, we immediately felt the unstable kinematics of the power plant. Without waiting for the regulated period of operation, they merged and changed to another brand of the manufacturer.

oil refill


Starting in 2016, Shell has released a new packaging container. The changes affected the handles of the canister - they acquired a corrugated surface, both top and side. The shape of the pouring mouth has changed, the overall design of the packaging contours and the original label has been redesigned.

There is an improved system of protection against counterfeit products. A hologram was placed on the bottle cap. It contains a 16-character code or a QR code containing information about the authenticity of the original Shell Helix Ultra lubricant in the hands of a potential owner.

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