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Car for hunting and fishing: specifications, review, photo

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Car for hunting and fishing: specifications, review, photo
Car for hunting and fishing: specifications, review, photo

To go fishing or hunting for the entire time of the existence of the automotive industry, a large number of off-road vehicles have been produced, characterized by cross-country ability and high power. However, not every SUV can claim the title of the best car for hunting and fishing: for example, parquet models are not suitable for driving on difficult sections of roads, respectively, they will get stuck in a forest or a swamp.

SUVs have the following disadvantages:

  • Missing a frame, reducing efficiency in low gears.
  • Dependent suspension makes driving difficult.
  • Rear or front wheel drive, not suitable for off-road travel.

Hunters and fishermen are no less likely to purchase universal SUVs, which are a cross between all-wheel drive models and SUVs. Extremely rarely equipped with special protection of the engine compartment against water hammer, powerengine leaves much to be desired. Despite this, universal SUVs are the best and most reliable vehicle for recreation, fishing and hunting.

Professional hunters and fishermen are best to choose all-wheel drive models with high ground clearance and a steering trapezoid. Engine power allows you to get out of any quagmire. The capabilities of professional off-road vehicles are maximally manifested on off-road, thanks to which they can reach the forest thicket.

The advantage of universal and parquet crossovers is an affordable price. Such rogue vehicles for hunting and fishing are ideal for trips short distances from the city.

best cars for hunting and fishing

Requirements for SUVs

When choosing a vehicle, certain nuances must be taken into account, otherwise the usual Kamaz 43118 will also become a reliable option. A car for hunting and fishing must meet the following requirements:

  1. Practicality and spaciousness. When choosing an SUV, the volume of the luggage compartment and cabin plays an important role, since hunting and fishing trips require the placement of a large number of devices and gear, including game and fish.
  2. Reliability. The technical characteristics and power of the engine should be enough to overcome difficult sections of the road.
  3. Affordable cost. Buying expensive models of SUVs for hunting and fishing is not worth it, because the car will always be in the mud. The best option - budgetmachines that meet the stated criteria and do not require expensive repairs and maintenance.
  4. Easy maintenance. Breakdowns are an integral part of the operation of any, even the most reliable SUV. The design and features of the selected car should allow troubleshooting anywhere on the route without contacting a car service.

When buying a car for hunting and fishing, you need to understand that the approximate cost of an SUV can be more than a million rubles. However, a large amount of money can be invested in such a car, especially if it is the only car. The best option would be a used model of an all-wheel drive SUV - with proper operation, it can last for more than one year and remain in excellent condition. As for the specific brand and model of car, each hunter or fisherman chooses for himself, based on his own preferences.

gas cars for hunting and fishing

Lada 4x4 - timeless classic

"Niva" has long proved its off-road performance, thanks to which it has earned the title of one of the best vehicles for hunting and fishing. High cross-country ability of the machine is provided by four-wheel drive with a reduction speed and small overhangs with a short base. It cannot boast of particular reliability, however, all problems are easily eliminated by drivers on the spot, and spare parts cost a penny and are available at any car service.

The cost of "Niva" varies from 50 to 700 thousand rubles. Version with enhanced protection, anti-gravelprocessing and other innovations will cost between 600-800 thousand rubles.

For many fans of extreme sports and outdoor activities, a small amount of luggage space and a cramped cabin are significant disadvantages.

Niva Chevrolet

Off-road vehicle developed by General Motors and AvtoVAZ. The design of the Niva was significantly softened compared to the Lada 4x4, which made it possible to fit the car advantageously into the city. The model was equipped with body kits in the style of Bertone, electric and heated mirrors. In terms of cross-country ability and technical characteristics, the Chevrolet Niva is not inferior to the Lada 4x4, has a spacious interior and a spacious luggage compartment, which makes it a good option for hunting and fishing. The cost of the model varies from 100 to 600 thousand rubles.

recreational fishing and hunting vehicles


The UAZ brand offers two off-road models at once - a pickup truck and a Hunter, which is a classic version of UAZ without additional features. The cost of a new car exceeds 300 thousand rubles. When buying a Hunter, the set includes a cape, cutlery, a bowler hat and an axe. A used version of the SUV can be purchased for only 100-150 thousand rubles.

The classic Patriot model is best purchased off hand, as these hunting and fishing vehicles are equipped with parking sensors, navigation system, power windows, daytime running lights and climate control. The advantage of UAZs is a wide range of power units, includingpetrol and diesel engines. Rear permanent drive is equipped with a plug-in front. A used SUV model can be purchased for 160-200 thousand rubles, a new one will cost 300 thousand rubles.

The classic first UAZ models in the secondary market cost from 50 to 100 thousand rubles, tuned versions will cost a little more, their price can increase up to 600 thousand rubles, depending on the installed accessories.

Legendary cars for fishing and hunting GAZ and UAZ-452 with all-wheel drive and increased cross-country ability - an ideal off-road vehicle for a full-fledged outdoor activity. Roomy interior and luggage compartment, power steering, ABS system and seat belts are their main advantages.

car for fishing and hunting KAMAZ 43118

Suzuki Jimny

The model, despite the small volume of the luggage compartment and the cramped interior, is chosen by hunters who prefer not only the good cross-country ability of an SUV, but also its attractive appearance shown in the photo. A car for hunting and fishing is not inferior to the classic "Niva" and is even offered with an automatic transmission. The controversial point is the cost: a new model will cost you a million rubles, a used one - 240-300 thousand. Bonus - reliability and high build quality.

Toyota 4Runner

The Japanese SUV is offered with a wide range of powertrains, which provides a good choice for the car enthusiast. Regardless of the type of engine and transmission chosen, the car is capable ofovercome difficult sections of the route. Roomy and spacious interior allows you to carry the necessary gear.

Ford Explorer

One of the most powerful off-road vehicles for hunting and fishing with engines from 200 horsepower. The plus of the model is technical characteristics and cross-country ability, the minus is high fuel consumption. A car on the secondary market can be purchased for 100-300 thousand rubles, newer versions will cost a little more.

car for hunting and fishing minibus

Sable 4x4

The original version of the car for hunting and fishing - minibus "Sobol" with a short wheelbase and all-wheel drive. The package includes a winch, front axle lock, grille and crankcase protection. Excellent cross-country ability is ensured by enhanced security measures, including protection for the transfer case and fuel tank. The minibus is able to overcome fords with a depth of no more than 900 millimeters.

Sable is powered by a 136 horsepower Evotech 3.0-litre petrol engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

Jeep for hunting and fishing - Jeep Wrangler

A compact American SUV designed for outdoor activities. Fans of the brand will have to fork out: the car is not a cheap pleasure, but the price is fully justified by the excellent cross-country ability and excellent handling in the city. The technical characteristics of the jeep guarantee good dynamism and responsiveness ontrack.

car for hunting and fishing

Korean Nissan Safari

All-wheel drive SUV with high ground clearance, equipped with a turbocharged three-liter engine with 170 horsepower. The speed threshold is 160 km/h. You can choose from a diesel power unit with a capacity of 160 horsepower and a displacement of 4.2 liters, capable of accelerating the car to 160 km / h.

The disadvantage of an off-road vehicle for hunting and fishing is fuel consumption: a gasoline engine consumes 15-16 liters per hundred kilometers, while providing a 13-second acceleration dynamics.

car for hunting and fishing photo

Nissan Safari is considered one of the most reliable and proven SUVs in its price segment. Despite the rather high cost even in the secondary market (at least 800 thousand rubles), the car is quite popular with fishermen and hunters. The advantage of the model is ample opportunities for tuning, which allows you to install additional equipment that makes it easier to overcome difficult sections of the track.

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