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Off-road vehicle for hunting and fishing: best brands, review, reviews
Off-road vehicle for hunting and fishing: best brands, review, reviews

The largest stocks of fish and a lot of game are found, as a rule, in hard-to-reach places, where it is very problematic to get to in an ordinary "passenger car". In this case, the best option would be an SUV for hunting and fishing. On it you can drive off-road, as well as take away the catch or trophies. Crossovers are excluded from this category, yet they are not full-fledged jeeps. Consider which car models are best suited for these purposes.

Off-road vehicle for hunting and fishing "Niva"


Off-road vehicles are equipped with a reinforced frame that protects the body. The design also includes all-wheel drive and an independent suspension configuration. Universal modifications behave quite normally not only off-road, but also on asph alt.

Real SUVs for hunting and fishing must have the following parameters:

  1. All-wheel drive, which is quite natural, since cars with one drive axle are only suitable for trips to a summer cottage or to a village with relatives.
  2. Sufficient capacity. The vehicle should easily accommodate equipment, consumables, fuel, food. Given that the trip takes a long time, passengers should also be comfortable. In addition, there should still be room for future catch or hunting trophies. A good way out is an additional roof rack.
  3. Prerequisites for tuning off-road vehicles for hunting and fishing. The possibility of modifying the vehicle allows you to increase the technical parameters, from the installation of a winch, ending with raising the body (lifting) and refining the interior.
  4. Simplicity and reliability. High-quality jeeps give confidence, as they break down less often, feel the road more clearly and have useful additional features. The simplicity of the design will allow you to independently repair a car in the field, with minimal skills and a set of tools on duty.

The best Russian-made off-road vehicles for hunting and fishing

In this category, we will start the review with the UAZ "Patriot" model. The vehicle has been in operation for over ten years, having gone through two stages of modernization during this period. The third generation in the basic version is offered with all-wheel drive.

The car is positioned with two types of engines: a 2.7 liter gasoline engine (128 hp) and a 114-horsepower diesel engine (Limited version). In advanced trim levels, steering rod protection, a special trunk, a civilian radio station, and a starting heater are offered. Permeability "Patriot"is also provided with a ground clearance of 210 millimeters.

In their reviews, the owners note the low noise level when driving, quite a comfortable interior and an affordable car price. At the same time, the power indicator is not always enough, and assembly defects of individual nodes are also observed.

Off-road vehicle for hunting and fishing "UAZ Patriot"

"Hunter" and "Niva 4x4"

Two other budget off-road vehicles for fishing and hunting have proven to be good, unpretentious and reliable vehicles with high cross-country ability. The shortcomings of these vehicles are known and are not hidden from anyone:

  • outdated design;
  • petrol engines of not the best quality (on UAZ 2, 7-horsepower with a capacity of 128 "horses", on the "Niva" - a model of 1.7 liters, with a power of 83 hp);
  • lack of modern stuffing;
  • poor noise isolation;
  • bad interior trim and minimal interior equipment.

Despite the shortcomings and the minimum of comfort, both modifications are excellent for overcoming off-road, which has been proven by decades of their operation. Both versions can be upgraded in a variety of ways, ranging from replacing bearing parts and engines with more modern versions, ending with the development of wheels and interior.

Mitsubishi L-200

This hunting and fishing off-road vehicle is equipped with a pickup truck body, which will become an indispensable element for long-distance trips. But, in their reviews, the owners complain that in an empty statethe car wobbles in corners and behaves uncertainly on bumps. In addition, the car is picky about the quality of diesel fuel and does not start well in the cold season.

The stylish appearance of the pickup does not allow some owners to operate the car outside the city. This makes sense, given certain problems with the early versions of the model, regarding the quality of painting. The standard modification is equipped with a 2.5-liter engine with a capacity of 136 horsepower, aggregating with a manual transmission.

SUV for hunting and fishing "Mitsubishi"

Land Rover Defender ("Land Rover Defender")

A small SUV for fishing and hunting has a unique brutal exterior, is simple, reliable and has a high cross-country ability. This small all-terrain vehicle is only suitable for off-road travel, since the aluminum body in combination with low dynamics does not look quite appropriate in the city.

"Land Rover Defender" is even operated by logging crews, which further testifies in favor of the excellent qualities of the car. Users point to disadvantages such as the high cost of spare parts and poor heating in winter, which requires the installation of an additional heater. The jeep is equipped with a 2.4-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 122 hp. This is one of the few modifications that comes standard with a winch.

Off-road vehicle for hunting and fishing "Land Rover"

Nissan Patrol ("Nissan Patrol")

ThisSUV for hunting and fishing class "lux" differs from its competitors in the presence of maximum comfort, coupled with excellent cross-country ability. The interior trim, as well as its filling, will impress even the most fastidious consumer. An additional plus is reliability and a high margin of safety, even for used models. The power unit of the car has a volume of 5.6 liters, power - 405 "horses". Such impressive figures require significant fuel consumption (26 l / 100 km in the city).

Nissan Pathfinder ("Nissan Pathfinder")

This not-so-cheap hunting and fishing SUV combines a high level of comfort and off-road capability. If in nature, far from civilization, the weather suddenly deteriorates, you can watch a DVD or sit comfortably in a comfortable passenger seat. Some users have a negative attitude towards the finish and "crickets" in the cabin, and also complain about the lack of original spare parts on sale. One of the basic versions of this car is equipped with a 3.5-liter engine with a CVT, the power of which is 249 horsepower.

SUV for hunting and fishing "Nissan Panfinder"

Toyota Land Cruiser

The specified car rightfully belongs to the legendary brands of cars with a high level of cross-country ability. During serial production, the Land Cruiser has gone through several restylings. Owners appreciate the car for its reliability, structural strength and high cross-country ability. The vehicle is optimally combined inyourself an SUV and a car for daily use. The latest generation of the jeep in this series is equipped with a 4.6-liter gasoline engine (309 hp) or a 4.5-liter diesel equivalent (249 hp). The car easily accommodates seven people, has excellent visibility and technical parameters. The series is regularly updated at such a pace that it is not always possible to keep track of it.

SUV for hunting and fishing "Toyota"

Toyota Hilux Surf

This SUV model is not as popular as the Kruzak, but at the beginning of the 2000s it was a success, now it also has its admirers in the secondary market. If you reduce the reviews and characteristics of the owners to a brief definition of this car, it will sound like a "tank on wheels". The power unit with a rigid suspension is not suitable for active movement on the highway. Among the advantages - picky fuel, large capacity. Serial production of a jeep of this line was suspended in 2009.

Toyota 4Runner ("Toyota 4Runner")

It just so happened that relatively inexpensive off-road vehicles for hunting and fishing, along with "luxury" models, are combined from one manufacturer - the Japanese "Toyota". Version "4Runner" refers to universal cross-country vehicles. The car is popular in domestic open spaces, economical, rarely breaks down, thanks to the excellent build quality and parts. In user reviews, it was noted that the back row of a car for three passengers is cramped,especially in modifications with a hatch. Currently, variations for the domestic market are not produced, they can be purchased on the secondary market.

SUV "Toyota 4Runner"

Exotic models

Above are several modifications of off-road vehicles that are best suited for tourists, fishermen and hunters. The list includes budget and expensive versions. However, there are such "unique" who choose luxury cars for recreational trips. For example, the Mercedes SUV for hunting and fishing, popularly known as the Gelentvagen. The clearance of the car leaves 438 millimeters, the engine is a 3.9-liter engine that accelerates the car to “hundreds” in 7.4 seconds. A very controversial question, is it worth it to cut through forests and fields on such an expensive SUV?

The second, no less exotic type of transport for off-road travel is the Russian "Tiger". This machine of military origin, like the American "Hummer", is sold in limited quantities to civilians. The advantages of the all-terrain vehicle include the highest indicator of strength and patency. Despite the high cost, the comfort of the "Tiger" is minimal, and it is not so easy to acquire it, like its American "colleague".

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