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Domestic SUV "Niva" for hunting and fishing

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Domestic SUV "Niva" for hunting and fishing
Domestic SUV "Niva" for hunting and fishing

To operate the car in off-road conditions, it must have special parameters that differ from similar models of the factory equipment. Therefore, any "Niva" for hunting and fishing is additionally tuned depending on the tasks assigned to it.

Features of the original (factory version)

Designed, put into mass production and intended for hunting and fishing, the Niva VAZ 2121 quickly gained popularity among the population in the late 70s of the last century.

Niva car

This was explained by a number of innovations that were not previously present on Soviet passenger cars. These included power steering, anti-corrosion treatment of the body and a modified on-board network.

Besides these advantages, the first Togliatti SUV was distinguished by high cross-country ability, which was achieved due to other design features:

  • Short base.
  • Average power offset by good maneuverability.
  • Disabled four-wheel drive and severalreduced speeds.


Refining the body of the Niva for hunting and fishing is necessary to enhance the degree of protection of individual elements of the car.

Niva with rapids

The best option would be to do the following:

  • For the "Niva" - a five-door, it is obligatory to weld on a metal sheet, at least 4 mm thick. It will ensure the rigidity of the car body and reduce the likelihood of it breaking when overcoming obstacles.
  • Power steps are installed to facilitate access to the car when it is in the mud. And they also protect the thresholds of the car from mechanical damage.
  • Reinforced front and rear bumper allows you to install a winch and other additional equipment, such as a spare wheel. This arrangement significantly saves space in the luggage compartment.
  • Rubber casings are mounted on the trimmed wheel arches, which perform the function of dirt protection.
  • It would be nice to install a protective cover on the power unit of the car.

Suspension upgrade

First of all, tuning the "Niva" for hunting and fishing should begin with the installation of mud wheels 235/80/R15. This will significantly increase the flotation and traction.

Tuned Niva

In addition, a few more elements should be improved, which will reduce the buildup of the machine and improve the depreciation qualities when passing through difficult sections. These include the following:

  • Increase clearance by 5 cm.
  • Strengthening lateral jet rods.
  • Reworking the rear suspension into a three-link.
  • Installation of polyurethane damping pads under the rear springs.
  • Replacing the front and rear shock absorbers with dual ones.
  • Mounting the wheel steer limiter.

Metal body kits and interior tuning

Any fishing or hunting trip is accompanied by long gatherings and a lot of equipment. A significant drawback of the Russian SUVs "Niva" and "Niva Chevrolet" is a relatively small luggage compartment (420 and 320 liters). For example, in the UAZ Patriot, the volume is more than a cubic meter (1,130 liters).

The problem is solved by installing a special forwarding trunk. With its help, even a miniature "Chevrolet Niva" for hunting and fishing, will be able to take away everything you need. You can attach fog lights to it, as well as a mud shovel or spare tire.

In a dense forest or a swamp, additional equipment can also be useful to increase the quality characteristics of the Niva's handling for hunting and fishing.

Niva with luggage

The most common among them are:

  • The aforementioned fog lights on the roof or expedition trunk.
  • Replacing the driver and passenger seats with more comfortable ones.
  • Reconstruction of the rear sofa for later folding.
  • Additional interior heater powered by an autonomous battery. In most cases, it is used when traveling with an overnight stay incold season.

Key Benefits

The main advantages of Niva or Niva Chevrolet vehicles for hunting and fishing are the reliability of technological units and maintainability almost anywhere, that is, in the so-called field conditions. In addition, any vehicle assigned to this destination must meet the following criteria:

  • Be practical and roomy. The volume of the luggage compartment of an SUV plays a key role. This is due to the fact that hunting and fishing trips require a large amount of equipment and uniforms needed on the spot.
  • Be practical, that is, the technical characteristics of the car should be calculated based on the number of obstacles along the way.
  • Be inexpensive in both total cost and maintenance. Invest 100,000 rubles. it makes no sense to repair after each outing into nature, so the best option would be to use a budget car.
  • Be easy to repair and maintain. Off-road trips on a car of any class are accompanied by breakdowns. It is much more convenient if it is possible to repair a car in any village, using improvised materials.

To buy a Niva for hunting and fishing, the photos of which are presented above, 150,000–300,000 rubles may well be enough. In this range, you can buy a good Russian SUV that will serve faithfully for more than one year.

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