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UAZ "Loaf": tuning for hunting and fishing
UAZ "Loaf": tuning for hunting and fishing

The domestic legendary SUV UAZ-452 has been produced since 1965. He is one of the oldest Russian cars, which undergoes all kinds of modernization and is found on the roads today. Tuning "Loaf" for hunting and fishing is the most popular and practical version of the modification of the machine in question. Consider ways to improve, far from being the most ideal, but very passable vehicle.

Tuning UAZ "Loaves"

General information

In the standard version, the UAZ-452 has long been popular with lovers of hunting and fishing. Tuning "Loaf" for these purposes makes it possible to create an almost perfect transport that overcomes any off-road, along with decent interior comfort and practicality. The advantage of the machine is the simplicity of the design, which gives an unlimited field for actions for its modernization, both internally and externally.

Good cross-country performance and a well-thought-out running gear are an additional incentive for UAZ tuning"Loaves" for hunting and fishing. In principle, the indicated car can also be adjusted for urban conditions, although fans of the modernization of domestic cars rarely choose this direction. Typically, conversions start with the interior, as the interior and soundproofing of an SUV don't stand up to scrutiny.

Do-it-yourself car tuning UAZ "Loaf"

History of Creation

UAZ-452 ("Loaf", "Pill", "Goat", "Tadpole") was created as a universal transport that could be used as a van, ambulance, truck, special transport. Most of the designers who worked on the creation of the car came from GAZ. They decided to combine compact dimensions, ascetic interior, with an emphasis on off-road capability.

At that time it was possible to implement the idea almost one hundred percent. An inexpensive, easy to maintain and picky car has taken root not only in government agencies, but also among private owners. Hunters and fishermen who hunt in hard-to-reach places were especially fond of this transport.

Tuning UAZ "Loaves" for hunting and fishing step by step

Modernization most often starts in the cabin. Usually, the interior of a car is restored in the following sequence:

  1. They remove old seats and mount new analogues, often imported.
  2. Change the dashboard to a modern and more informative version.
  3. Install the original partitions between the driver'splace and salon.
  4. Perform window tinting.
  5. Sheathe the inside with corrugated aluminum sheets.
  6. Improve the sound insulation of the car.
  7. Mount additional shelves, niches, handrails.
  8. Change the steering wheel for a sporty version.
  9. Finishing is made of leather or quality substitutes.

Among other innovations, the technical equipment of the salon, if only there were enough forces and means. These include:

  • air conditioner;
  • multimedia system;
  • navigator;
  • additional lighting elements;
  • installing a sunroof.

Tuning the interior of the UAZ "Loaf" for hunting and fishing (photo below) is vital for this car. Given the moral obsolescence and minimal equipment, standard interior equipment does not stand up to criticism, even elementary comfort is missing here.

Tuning interior SUV UAZ "Loaf"

Aluminum corrugated sheeting

Legendary domestic-made SUV inside needs to be sheathed with a more durable material than carpet. There are several options for how to perform tuning of the "Loaf" for hunting and fishing in this regard. Among the popular materials:

  1. Sheets of steel.
  2. Plywood.
  3. Tree.
  4. Aluminum parts.

Among these elements, aluminum is the most practical, because it does not rot, is not afraid of corrosive processes. In addition, it is lightweight, easy to process, and has a beautiful appearance.

Tuning the trunk of a car UAZ "Loaf"

Noise isolation

The next step in tuning the "Loaf" for hunting and fishing will be the noise isolation of the car. The standard equipment is very weak, at high speed there is such noise in the cabin that passengers have to shout to hear each other.

To enhance the sound insulation of the car, first they take out all the old elements and plywood, dismantle the floor. If traces of rust are noticeable on metal parts after disassembly, they are cleaned, treated with a grinder, primed, painted. Next, the floor is covered with bitumen, the joints are treated with a special silicone-based sealant. All surfaces are pre-cleaned of dust and dirt.

A polyethylene sheet five millimeters thick is laid on the floor, on top of which new plywood is covered. The third layer is linoleum. Further tuning of the UAZ "Loaf" for hunting and fishing continues from the roof. The ceiling lining is removed, all treated surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and tinted. Vibration isolation materials are mounted in a standard way, sheathed with plywood or an aluminum profile on top.

Tuning UAZ "Loaves" for hunting and fishing with photo

The picture below shows how you can upgrade the car in question externally with your own hands or with the help of specialists.

Among manipulations:

  • Adjust front and rear suspension play.
  • installation of additional lighting fixtures;
  • replacing the "native" motor with a more powerful power unit;
  • replacement of standard bridges with military onesanalogues;
  • window tinting;
  • applying the original color or airbrush to the body;
  • bumper replacement;
  • installation of the body kit, upper trunk, stairs to the back door;
  • installation of larger diameter wheels;
  • Introduction of preheater.
Tuning chassis UAZ "Loaf" for work and fishing

Alteration of the passenger compartment

On a long journey off-road, the interior of a car often becomes a second home. In this regard, tuning UAZ "Loaves" for hunting and fishing step by step (photo) is presented below:

  1. Installation of lockers and compartments for personal belongings.
  2. Inset top hatch for ventilation and good natural light.
  3. Installation of LED strips instead of lighting lamps.
  4. Changing chairs to imported versions or reupholstering them with modern materials.
  5. The same story with the walls and floor of the cabin.
Modernization of the car UAZ "Loaf"


One of the most pleasant properties of the UAZ "Bukhanka" range is tuning for hunting and fishing, which can be carried out almost endlessly with wide possibilities. It all depends on the imagination and financial capabilities of a person, as well as the main purpose of the machine. Since the vehicle has a low cost and minimal equipment with an increased cross-country ability, it is possible to put very original and successful experiments on it, related to the modification of almost all machine components. Special attentionthe owners focus on the design of the interior and chassis of the domestic SUV. Properly carried out modernization makes it possible to significantly increase the comfort of movement, which is important when overcoming off-road in remote areas.

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