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Winter tires "Laufen": owner reviews
Winter tires "Laufen": owner reviews

Until recently, there were no reviews about Laufen tires, because the Laufen brand itself did not exist. In 2014, the world-famous Korean corporation Hankokk introduced its subsidiary brand Laufenn ("Laufen"). Tire factories have opened in Indonesia, Hungary and are now planning to expand existing production in North America. Tires "Laufen" are designed for those who want to buy high-quality tires without overpaying for a promoted, well-known brand. It happens - good tires at a reasonable price.

Laufen tires reviews

Laufen tires: owner reviews

Three-four years ago, those who are looking for tires that are suitable for the price and driving performance, the Laufen brand was practically not encountered. Now you can find a dozen portals with a purchase offer and advertising. About Laufen tires, owner reviews on the network are filled with grateful and even enthusiastic comments.

Here are some of them:

  • in the puddles on the highway the car drives confidently, which is a pleasant surprise;
  • tiressilent, the car is very soft on the road;
  • both wet and dry asph alt braking and acceleration without comment.
Laufen tires owner reviews

Laufen tires: a source of quick success

"Laufen" is a new brand of the eminent company Hankokk. At the presentation of Laufen tires, the head of the company noted that these products are intended for drivers who are looking for a combination of decent quality and reasonable prices, they created Laufen tires almost the same as Hancock, only focused on different price categories. That is, the goal is to achieve the optimal price / quality ratio, and, judging by the reviews about the Laufen tires, this was done. Hankokk tires need no introduction, as the tires of this manufacturer are confidently among the top ten world brands.

How do Laufen tires behave in winter conditions

Winter tires "Laufen" are produced both studded and without studs, but the latter have tire brands that provide for the possibility of installing studs in the future. In winter, reviews about Laufen tires by car owners are also positive. The company has developed and produces tire models specifically for Northern Europe and Russia, they contain a special ceramic mixture that makes rubber resistant to low temperatures. Tires are also safe for driving in snow and ice, but here specific tread edges and sipes come to the fore, whichallow tires to feel confident on snow and icy roads.

laufen tires reviews winter

Reviews about winter tires "Laufen"

As with any rubber, information about Laufen is very different on the net and on the forums. But about Laufen winter tires, owner reviews are usually good. The tenacity of the tires is noted, turns well on a snowy and slippery road, low noise, confident start and braking, and, of course, a very reasonable cost. When, with the advent of winter, you have to pay from 25 to 35 thousand rubles for a set of tires of well-known brands, you inevitably look for an alternative. "Laufen" is one of the alternative proposals, the same winter kit here will cost 12-23 thousand rubles, depending on the diameter of the wheel and brand of tires.

winter tires laufen owner reviews

Drivers' opinions about winter driving on the Laufen

As with some other winter tires of well-known brands, the pattern of winter tires "Laufen" is large, directional, the height of the elements is 8 millimeters, large grooves for draining water and snow porridge. The rubber is unpretentious, judging by the reviews of the Laufen winter tires of the owners, the wear during the winter is negligible, so the rubber is durable. The opinions of owners who have traveled on these tires and made a conclusion about their properties are given below:

  • good and quiet, tenacious;
  • solid 4 on ice, no difference with Hancock;
  • strong, even if you catch decent holes, without consequences,confidently behaves on ice and rolled snow;
  • new from "Laufen" surprised by the quality, studded tires are excellent on the road, justifies its money by 100%.

Winter tires Laufenn i Fit Ice LW 71

Many well-known brands, such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Nokian, Pirelli and others, use the option of creating a subsidiary structure in their company with a different name. This subsidiary manufactures tires, often on the same factory lines and using the same technologies. This is done to expand the price range and increase the customer base. Sometimes the daughter is not inferior in quality to the parent brand, sometimes the experience is unsuccessful. An unsuccessful experience is obtained when they plan to get a very cheap version of rubber, in this case, the low price does not compensate for the loss of quality. For example, in the same Hancock, the tires of the Kingstar subsidiary clearly fail in quality, and, according to leaked information, the project is curtailed. In the case of Laufen rubber, the situation is reversed, the goal of the company's management was not to lose reputation, and the results correspond to the goal. For example, reviews of Laufen Fit Ice winter tires are simply enthusiastic. Car enthusiasts are surprised how such high quality can be obtained for relatively little money.

Laufen winter tire reviews

Design features that ensure the quality of tires "Laufen Fit Ice 71"

These tires feature excellent acceleration traction and efficientbraking on snow, smooth running and no noise even at high speeds. These characteristics that delight owners are explained by the successful design of the tread and the correctly selected chemical composition of the rubber compound. The three central sectors of the tire are beveled in the direction of rotation of the wheel, which increases traction on icy and snowy tracks. The chamfered edges of these sectors improve the efficiency of water and slush removal. An increase in the area of ​​contact between the surface of the wheel and the road by 15-20% was achieved, which increases traction and improves braking. The optimally selected composition of the rubber compound leaves it flexible at low temperatures, which again affects traction. If the tire is studded, several studs fall into the contact patch of the tire with the road at once, which increases traction and makes extreme maneuvers safe on a slippery track. In addition to Laufen Fit Ice, the popular Laufenn winter tire range includes Laufenn i Fit LW31, Laufenn i Fit Van LY31. The first one is for passenger cars, the second model is for light trucks and minibuses.

winter tires laufen fit ice reviews

Drivers' opinions about tires "Laufen Fit Ice 71"

Below are reviews of winter tires "Laufen Fit Ice" car owners:

  • great device, no flaws yet;
  • Great tires from the Hancock concern, soft tires are more of a plus;
  • due to the modesty of the budget, inexpensive Laufen Fit Ice 71 was chosen, the decisive factor wasthe presence of spikes, steering is required on clean asph alt, they swim a little, but there are no complaints on snow and ice, it does not add noise;
  • needed a solid rubber to get drunk, Laufen Fit Ice was chosen, driving through the pits and potholes did not affect them in any way - for guys who love to turn the steering wheel, that's what you need, rubber is the highest class.

Judging by the technical features and reviews of Laufen tires, this is the product that best suits the needs of drivers. Hancock Corporation achieved the desired quality for affordable money.

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