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Which car to choose for girls: an overview of the best models and reviews of manufacturers

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Which car to choose for girls: an overview of the best models and reviews of manufacturers
Which car to choose for girls: an overview of the best models and reviews of manufacturers

The car is no longer the privilege of men. According to statistics, about 35 million people in Russia have a driver's license. Of these, more than 3 million citizens are representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. That is, every tenth car on the roads of the Russian Federation is driven by a girl or woman. Yes, what can I say, in our time, the fair sex have an idea about a reliable car. For many, a picture appears in their heads when girls come to a car dealership and choose their vehicle "only in appearance." However, this is not the case.

Car for girls photo

Why does a woman need a car?

Car dealers claim that the first factor girls pay attention to when buying a car is reliability and safety. Consequently, girls consider cars, first of all, as a means of transportation and only then, as the role of a status instrument. Auto manufacturers are increasing the production of cars designed for girls every year. ATIn the modern world, it is hard to imagine life without this unit. Of course, for some it comes out without much difficulty. However, the vast majority of people understand that life with a car is easier. To take, pick up children to school, kindergarten (plus, children are enrolled in additional sections, courses, music schools, etc.) is a heavy burden for parents. And since mothers of children are more likely to do this, below is a list of family cars that can easily cope with this task.

Mechanical or automatic?

Girls prefer automatic transmission more (much easier to manage and fewer pedals). And this is a rather important criterion, because most people are terrified of a mechanical transmission. In addition, many pass on the right only to drive cars with an automatic transmission. An excellent option for a car for girls with an automatic transmission are the following car brands.

Hyundai Solaris

The most popular foreign car on the Russian market. Appeared in February 2011, and in April of the same year became the best-selling car. In 2017, from January to June, 70,588 Hyundai cars were sold, of which 7,485 were Solaris, which proves that Russians are in great demand for this car.

inexpensive mechanics

The new "Hyundai Solaris" proved the highest level of safety in an independent crash test. You can drive safely in the cabin of this car for girls. The hatchback is produced exclusively with front-wheel drive. 1, 4 - 1, 6-liter engines with a capacity of 107 liters. With. and 123 l. With. respectively. Maximumspeed: 1.4 l. With. - 170 km / h, 1.6 l. - 190 km / h. The right car for girls is an automatic, but there are versions with a manual transmission. The price reaches almost 750,000 rubles for a new model. However, you can save on fuel. Consumption in the city is 7 - 8 liters, outside the city - stable 5!

Volkswagen Polo

"Volkswagen Polo" often attracts car enthusiasts with cuteness on the outside and spaciousness inside. The salon looks small, although it will easily accommodate a family with large bags of groceries. Volkswagen Polo has 17 trim levels for every taste and color. Thanks to this variety, you can choose individual functions that many girls will appreciate. High-quality assembly, soft suspension, which will provide smooth movement with bumps on the roads. There are versions with a manual transmission. A car for a girl is an inexpensive mechanic. The base model starts from 464,000 rubles. Inexpensive and economical car, which in 2010 was recognized as the car of the year in Europe and the world. A little on the technical characteristics:

  • 5-speed gearbox;
  • cold start, car will start even at -36°;
  • electrically heated windshield for a clear view in any weather;
  • consumption 5.5 liters on the highway and 7 liters in the city (1.6 - liter engine);
  • Maximum speed - 184 km/h (from 0 to 100 - 11.7 seconds).
newbie girl car

Nissan Note

The car has been produced by Nissan since 2004. During this time, the car has undergone many edits andchanges in appearance. Although the car is associated as a car for girls, it surprises the owners with its liveliness and obedience. Therefore, it is not uncommon for men to choose this car and are satisfied with their choice. Gasoline engines 1, 4 - 1, 6 liters. Maximum speeds: 1.4 l - 165 km / h (from 0 to 100 - 13.1 s), 1.6 l - 183 km / h (from 0 to 100 - 10.7 s). Japanese quality will allow you not to experience the hassle of car repairs. Comfortable interior, suitable for transporting children to school/kindergarten. Small dimensions, as mentioned earlier, will make it easy to move on the busy roads of megacities. The price from the salon is from 641,000 rubles, so the car is ideal as a car for a novice girl or an additional car for work, study, family.

Nissan Juke

The Nissan Beetle gained its popularity due to its wayward and unique design. The appearance of the car for girls is in the photo below. At the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010, for the first time, people could see the idea of ​​​​engineering. Since then, a comfortable crossover has delighted car enthusiasts around the world.

women's car

In addition to the amazing appearance, the car has decent technical characteristics.

  • Motor 1.6 l.
  • Basic equipment for 117 liters. s., full - 190.
  • Maximum speed 178 km/h
  • Latest generation electronics.
  • 6 airbags.

This car deserves your attention! However, the cost of the budget version starts from 1.1 million rubles, andcomplete set - from 1, 3 mln.


German car speaks for itself: modern appearance, high-quality and fast engines, affordable price. This car was born in 2011 and won the hearts of motorists. Engine power ranges from 115 to 265 hp. With. Which, in turn, speaks not only of excellent design, but also of a maneuverable car for girls. The interior of the car is amazing. Everything is thought out to every detail, to every neat seam. There are versions with a manual transmission. A great option for a beginner "mechanics", the smoothness and ease of gear shifting will not leave you indifferent. You can see the car for a novice girl with mechanics in the photo below. Acceleration from 0 to 100 depends on the configuration (4.4 - 8.7 seconds). The price varies from RUB 964,000 to RUB 1,496,000

white car for girls

Mini Cooper

You don't often see him on the roads, but everyone knows his name. The legendary Briton who made a splash in the automotive market. The first impression when driving this car - maneuverability, ease of control and stability on the road. Its stunning appearance attracts women and men of all ages. The car has been produced since 1958 and took (according to the decision of 126 experts) the second place in the nomination "car of the twentieth century"! In 1994, Mini was sold to BMW. This is exactly the manufacturer that is famous for fast cars. "Mini Cooper" is no exception. Under the funny, touching appearance hides a 1.6-liter engine with140-210 horsepower at a maximum speed of 179 to 240 km / h, depending on the configuration of the car. His agility knows no bounds (from 0 to 100 - from 6.5 to 13.9 seconds).

small car for girls

Available with front wheel drive only. Consumption on the highway 7, 38 liters per 100 km. Consumption in the city - 8, 14. The price fluctuates greatly, since this car has more than 60 trim levels. The base model starts from 1300000 rubles. In addition to purchasing a stunning car, you will increase the circle of your acquaintances. Surprising fact: 36% of Mini Cooper owners are members of clubs dedicated to this brand. Greetings with headlights, signs of attention, curious glances of passers-by and onlookers are commonplace for the owner of the Cooper. Therefore, you will definitely not get bored with this car.

What about the Russian auto industry?

If you need a car for a novice girl with mechanics, we advise you to take a closer look at the Russian car market. The domestic manufacturer LADA produces good cars on the mechanics. For a person who has just received the rights, this is the best option for an affordable price. Obviously, the repair and maintenance of a vehicle in the country in which it was produced is much cheaper than a foreign competitor. So which car should women choose? Unfortunately, it is impossible to unequivocally answer which car is suitable for any girl. The choice of car is influenced by many factors. From the location of the buyer (you can’t ride a convertible in Siberian winter frosts) and driving skills, to the amount and dimensions of the car. You might find it helpful to make a list of thoserequirements that are important (in your opinion) for the car. For example, residents of Yakutia and Siberia will take into account the cross-country ability of a car in one of the key positions, but residents of cities do not need this.

Automatic machine for girls

The choice, as it becomes clear, is really rather big. At the same time, the cars discussed above are either budget options or the middle class. But these days, it's increasingly common to see a young girl driving, say, a BMW X6 or a Lexus. This suggests that driving has indeed ceased to be an exclusively male hobby. As they say, a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation, and today a person of any gender can be a car enthusiast.

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