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HBO 4 generations: DIY setup. LPG equipment for cars
HBO 4 generations: DIY setup. LPG equipment for cars

Installed LPG equipment on a car significantly reduces the cost of gasoline. However, is propane or methane suitable as a fuel for all engines? Will it shorten the life of the engine? Experts assure that properly selected and configured equipment will not harm the motor, and will really help the owner save money.

How much will HBO cost?

The cost of gas equipment for cars depends on the kit. Includes:

  • electronic control unit;
  • reducer;
  • balloon;
  • filling device;
  • multivalve;
  • filter;
  • injectors;
  • trunks;
  • toggle button.

A set is selected for each engine either from one manufacturer or as a prefabricated one. For example: the ECU is from Stag, and the gearbox, cylinder and injector are from Lovato.

gas equipment for cars

The price of HBO is affected not only by its layout, but also by the type of cylinder. He can becylindrical shape - installed in the trunk, or toroidal - for mounting in a niche instead of a spare wheel. The latter is more expensive.

HBO balloon

The more powerful and complex the engine, the more expensive HBO will cost. Equipment price - from 11 thousand rubles.

How to choose the right equipment for your car?

It will be difficult for a car owner who has not previously encountered gas equipment to decide on his choice. To avoid problems with the engine in the future, it is worth entrusting the selection, installation and configuration of HBO to trusted specialists. According to the characteristics of the internal combustion engine, they will select the necessary equipment and advise on operation issues.

It is worth considering that the gasoline engine is not designed to work with gas. Therefore, auto manufacturers, installing factory gas equipment, also make changes to the internal combustion engine, adjusting it to work on gas.

Pros and cons of installing HBO

Given the feedback from drivers, we can formulate the advantages and disadvantages of LPG equipment on cars.


  1. Significant gas station savings. No matter how fuel prices rise, gas always remains cheaper than both gasoline and diesel. The price of HBO pays off a year after its installation.
  2. Low engine loads. The gas has a higher octane number, respectively, it burns longer, reducing the load on the internal combustion engine. The mixture "gas + air" is more uniform, does not dry the cylinders, does not affect the consistency of the oil, which increases the life of the motor.
  3. Minimumenvironmental damage. Exhaust gas contains two-thirds less harmful substances than gasoline or diesel exhaust.
  4. Increase in mileage from gas station to gas station. The car runs on two types of fuel, respectively, when gas runs out, you can drive on gasoline.
  5. Safety. Rumors that a HBO cylinder could explode from temperature extremes or impact were denied by the ADAC German car owners protection club. Under his control, crash tests of cylinders were carried out under fire and accident conditions. The results were satisfactory.

A few cons:

  1. Not every gas station has a gas station. HBO repair is carried out only at specialized service stations.
  2. Slight reduction in speed, 15% drop in engine power.
  3. Influence of high and low temperatures. If the car is heated by the sun, the pressure of the gas in the cylinder increases. To lower it, you need to develop a few liters. In cold weather, the gas liquefies and refuses to enter the system. So in winter you can start the engine only on gasoline.
  4. Increasing the weight of the car. The whole structure of the gas equipment adds 60 kg to the weight of the machine. A tank installed in the trunk takes up an average of 40 liters of space.
  5. Gas leak. The probability of this is small, but present, in case of improper operation and untimely maintenance.

Installation of HBO 4 generations

At a specialized station, the car owner will be offered a wide range of turnkey services: from the selection of HBO to installation and completesettings. Guaranteed and advised. The issue price varies from 30,000 to 70,000 rubles.

cable for setting hbo 4 generations

Specialists from experience know where it is better to place the gearbox, how to connect the antifreeze line and carefully lay the gas supply and refueling pipes.

You can install and set up HBO 4 generations with your own hands.

Where to work?

Gas equipment is installed on a flyover or in a box with a pit. A tool kit, protective gloves and good lighting are required.

Choosing a place to mount the gearbox

Required installation conditions:

  • the installation location of the reducer must be easily accessible for its removal and replacement of filters;
  • you need to mount the gearbox on the frame of the machine, and not on the engine, in order to avoid vibrations;
  • The connected hoses and tubes must not be twisted or kinked.

After assessing the length of the hoses and accessibility, you can attach the reducer.

Features of connecting hoses for antifreeze:

  • they are connected strictly in parallel to the system;
  • it is important to determine where the "input" and "output" of antifreeze are located in the stove;
  • hoses are connected (cut) to the shut-off valve using a tee.

Cylinder space equipment

If a toroidal (reserve) cylinder is chosen, it is important to place it so that the gas supply and filling pipes are located correctly: they should not come into contact with a hot muffler or vibrating partsbody.

The HBO cylinder is fixed rigidly, the multivalve is located in its upper part.

Laying the main pipe

The main pipe is necessary for the gas to get from the cylinder to the reducer. Installation should begin from the gearbox, along the bottom of the car (preferably along the gasoline wire) and then connect to the multivalve.

Injector installation

First, you need to cut the fittings as close as possible to the petrol injector, after which the gas injectors are installed. Then the gas lines are connected. They must be the same length, but no more than 18 cm.

Location of the control unit and sensors

All electronics are installed under the hood. For proper connection, complete with HBO there is an instruction that describes all the wires and contacts.

After the installation is completed, start the car. The first three times we turn the key in the ignition lock without starting the engine. This is necessary in order for the fuel pump to create the necessary pressure in the rail. After that, the car can be started. If everything is done correctly, then the next step will be setting up the 4th generation HBO with your own hands.

How to adjust?

To adjust the parameters of freshly installed gas equipment, you will need a laptop, a 4th generation HBO setup program and a special cable.

There are many programs like Zenit JZ, KME NEVO or STAG. They are similar in appearance (interface), any can be downloaded from the official website and installed. Consider a program for setting up HBO 4th generation STAG.

Interfaceits pretty functional. The instructions for setting up HBO 4th generation are simple and clear. The meaning of each parameter is explained in additional footnotes that pop up on hover.

self-configuring hbo 4 generations

The values ​​set at the HBO manufacturer are immediately displayed. If the gas equipment is not new, then the information from the controller will be displayed in the program. It will indicate how often the gas was used, how many times diagnostics and adjustments were carried out.

If there is a new controller firmware, the program will immediately offer to install it.

You can buy a cable for setting up HBO 4 generations, or you can make it yourself based on the PL2303 board.

Setting Options

The main program window contains the main indicators by which the ECU works:

  • conditions under which there will be a switch from gasoline to gas or vice versa (temperature, engine speed, pressure);
  • gas fraction (gas pressure after reducer);
  • manifold vacuum;
  • injection period for gas and petrol injectors.
program for setting hbo 4 generations

The "map" tab displays a graph of the operation of petrol (blue curve), gas injectors (green curve) and the coefficient for converting petrol injection to gas (orange line).

HBO map setting 4 generations

On gas equipment not adjusted in time, the control unit will completely imitate the operation of gasolineinjectors, which will give an error on the on-board computer. The reason is that the mixture formation of gasoline and gas injectors will be the same, but the fuel will be different in terms of octane number: what is good for gasoline is incorrect for gas.


At idle, the throttle is cut off. The gas ECU measures and stores the operation parameters of the petrol injectors. Then the operation of one gasoline injector is replaced by the operation of a gas one. All gas injectors turn on gradually.

By alternating increase and decrease in the injection time of gas injectors, it is necessary to bring the exhaust figure to the norm (conversion factor). To obtain the gas injection time, this coefficient is multiplied by the petrol injection time.

After calibration, the machine automatically switches to petrol. You need to drive it to check the settings.

Chart adjustments

After self-configuring the 4th generation HBO, it is better not to remove the gasoline card. The car after the check will go on gas. If the map is deleted, then you will have to temporarily drive on gasoline, changing the engine load and speed, until the system creates a new map.

After a test drive, it is recommended to save the settings log. This will allow you to view data on the operation of the equipment and, possibly, find errors.

If the operation schedules of petrol and gas injectors diverge, then it is necessary to set up the 4th generation LPG map. To do this, on the orange line, we fix the points of divergence and maximum convergence of the green and blue lines - the settings at these points are consideredoptimal and should not change. Then on the orange line we mark the point of maximum divergence of the gas and gasoline lines and lower it to the distance of the divergence of the lines down.

We drive a car in different modes and see if the graphs matched. If not, then repeat the map settings until the graphs match.

Fuel injection adjustment

Injection adjustment is the second most important phase in setting up the 4th generation HBO with your own hands.

First, warm up the car to the operating temperature of the gearbox. We switch to gasoline and for five minutes we observe the performance of the injection of gasoline injectors. We turn on the gas again, but we continue to monitor the gasoline indicators. If the number has increased, it means a lean mixture, if it has decreased, it means rich.

This state can be changed by adjusting the orange line of the graph: if the mixture is poor, raise the line by two clicks, if the mixture is too rich, lower it.

Setting up gas-balloon equipment on the car is finished. If the HBO system works without interruption: switching between nozzles occurs on time and smoothly, the engine does not troit, has good dynamics - this means that the settings were made correctly. After some time of operation, you can re-diagnose.

Setting up the LPG gas reducer

Reducer is a necessary element in the design of gas equipment. With its help, the pressure of the gas entering the cylinder is regulated. With a stable consumption of gas, the reducer keeps the pressure at the same level, although with a sharp increaseflow pressure may decrease, but only slightly.

gbo 4 generations do-it-yourself setup

Adjustment of the HBO reducer is necessary when installing new equipment. And after 100,000 km it is worth re-diagnosing it and correcting it.

The correct operation of HBO depends not only on the quality of its electronic settings. After a certain period of operation (3 or 4 years), valves and diaphragms may wear out, which will lead to excessive gas consumption.

You can delay this moment by the correct operation of the HBO (reducer in particular): the engine must start on the native fuel of the car (gasoline or diesel). Only after the engine temperature reaches at least 30 oС, you can switch to gas. At low temperatures, the reducer diaphragm may freeze. That is why the gearbox is connected to the antifreeze lines.

The 4th generation HBO reducer is not quite easy to set up with your own hands. There are two ways to adjust: adjusting the sensitivity and adjusting the amount of gas in the idle channel.

Before you start tuning, you need to let the engine warm up, and then turn off the gas supply, allowing the engine to process the remaining fuel in it.

Idle adjustment:

  1. Set the power register to maximum.
  2. Fully tighten the idle screw, and then unscrew it five turns.
  3. Set the sensitivity control to the middle position.
  4. Start the car on gas and raise the speed to 2000 by suction.
  5. Simultaneouslyremove the suction (very slowly) and use the idle speed controller to look for the moment when the starter reaches maximum speed.
  6. Remove the suction completely. You should get a stable idle.
  7. Smoothly turn the sensitivity knob.
  8. Raise the floating speed to the maximum with the idle speed controller.
  9. The regulator did not help - we tighten the sensitivity screw a couple of turns and repeat everything again.
  10. We achieve 1200 rpm at idle, and then smoothly reduce them to 950 with the idle speed controller.

Gear sensitivity setting:

  1. Very slowly turn off the sensitivity control until the idle value changes.
  2. As soon as the number of revolutions has changed, we twist the regulator back quite a bit.
  3. Check the setting: sharply press the accelerator pedal. The engine should react immediately - without jerks and delays.

Power register adjustment:

  1. We bring the starter speed to 3500 by turning the power regulator.
  2. As soon as the speed starts to fall, we stop the procedure.

Tuning quality check:

  1. Sharply press the accelerator pedal.
  2. Turn the sensitivity knob a quarter until the starter speed starts to decrease sharply.
  3. Unscrew the regulator half a turn and let the engine idle.

If the 4th generation HBO setup is done correctly with your own hands, the internal combustion engine will work smoothly and stably.

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