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Tires "Kama-Euro 519": reviews. "Kama-Euro 519": price, characteristics

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Tires "Kama-Euro 519": reviews. "Kama-Euro 519": price, characteristics
Tires "Kama-Euro 519": reviews. "Kama-Euro 519": price, characteristics

Today, the roads of large cities around the world are filled to the limit with various vehicles. The most common transport is a car. And the life of road users sometimes depends on what the wheels are "shod" in. Depending on the type of coating, one or another type of tires is selected. Tires for a car are very diverse.

About tires

The history of tires dates back to 1846. Despite the high level of writing a patent, this invention required upgrades and improvements. Today, the tire has a completely different design compared to the first primitive options. Modern rubber happens:

  • radial;
  • diagonal.

Depending on the location of the cord, these two types of tires are distinguished. Rubber "Kama-Euro 519" has a radial structure. This means that the cord runs across the movement of the wheel. In general, an automobile tire is a dense rubber-woven sheath with a metal content (cord) located on the rim of a disc. It is intended for the final conversion of combustion energyfuel into kinetic. Tires provide wheel traction (car control), absorb surface irregularities and inaccurate wheel trajectory. The latter depends on the settings of the steering system of the car.

Details about types of rubber

The following types of car tires are distinguished:


  1. Summer.

    Summer tires tend to be based on a solid compound and a strong sidewall. The tread is low, which is quite enough for driving on asph alt and dirt. They are not designed for winter driving as cold temperatures harden the material, making it difficult to drive safely on slippery surfaces.

  2. Winter.
  3. reviews kama euro 519
    reviews kama euro 519

    This season's tires must be strong and soft at the same time. Such characteristics will ensure the reliability of the product design and maximum grip on a snowy road. As a rule, the production of winter tires is not complete without the use of rubber. Also, winter tires are often equipped with spikes for a more confident ride on particularly slippery surfaces. In icy conditions, driving on such tires causes only positive feedback from drivers. "Kama-Euro 519" belongs to this class of tires.

  4. All-season (universal). JSC "Nizhnekamskshina" also produces all-season tires. Such rubber has universal properties. The material from which "all seasons" are made does not harden under the influence of low temperatures and remains durable in the warm period. The main disadvantage of univers altires in that they wear out relatively quickly.

By profile:

  1. Regular.
  2. Wide.
  3. Low.

By pressure:

From super low to super high

By camera view:

  1. Chamber.
  2. Tubeless.

By design:

  1. Solid.
  2. Safe.
  3. Elastic.

Nizhnekamskshina Plant

tires kama euro 519
tires kama euro 519

Nizhnekamsk company for the production of car tires is a leader in the production of tires of various sizes throughout Russia. The assortment of this organization includes more than a hundred different types of rubber not only for cars, but also for tractors, carts and other agricultural machinery. According to statistics, every third car in Russia is "shod" in the tires of the Nizhnekamsk Shinzavod. The main product of this company is Kama Euro rubber.

Euro tire production technology was borrowed from the Italian colleagues of the Pirelli company. Over the years, Nizhnekamskshina has produced more than 300 million units of products. According to the results of its activities, the plant was repeatedly awarded in the following categories:

  • Reliable supplier.
  • Best manufacturer.
  • Great supplier.
  • Best Quality Manager RT-2013.
  • Leader in environmental protection-2012.
  • 100 best Russian goods.
  • Other.

Factory facilities are subject to regular checks and upgrades,This is evidenced by the gratitude of customers and positive reviews. "Kama-Euro 519" is one of the latest models, created according to Italian tire production technologies. It is the Kama-Euro 519 tires, the reviews of which are overwhelmingly positive, that are in high demand compared to similar products on the Russian auto parts market.

Kama production technologies

kama euro 519 price
kama euro 519 price

The production of tires "Kama" is carried out at a high level. In accordance with modern environmental safety standards, OAO Nizhnekamskshina manufactures products with minimal damage to the environment. The company's production systems adhere to the GOST R ISO 14001-2007 standard. The association's engineers carefully considered the issue of waste disposal. Nizhnekamskshina operates practically in a closed cycle. Waste is sold for further use in other industries. Thus, it is possible to create a favorable pricing policy of the enterprise. The plant's capacities allow the production of winter, summer and all-season tires for various types of vehicles.

Tire specifications

Tires "Kama-Euro 519" refer to the winter type of tires of a conventional profile. Rubber for this season is different in its composition. Namely: winter tires are made softer than summer or all-season tires. In the top layer of "Kama-Euro 519" there is a modern elastic rubber material, which does not harden even at extremely low temperatures. LocationThe tread pattern resembles a fan, since it is in this configuration that the position of the sipes in checkers is created. In turn, winter tires are also studded. This model is also called "Kama-Euro 519" spike, which indicates the presence of metal inserts for more confident grip on ice, packed snow or the so-called "porridge" when the snow melts and mixes with road dirt. It is this tire model that is characterized by high quality spikes. Even after several seasons of driving, they do not fall out. The studs are not randomly spaced, their placement calculated by a computer program for maximum grip.

Reviews "Kama-Euro 519"

According to users, this tire model has an excellent value for money. Drivers of cars on which this rubber model is installed leave only positive feedback. "Kama-Euro 519" is characterized as:

  • Tough.
  • tires kama euro 519
    tires kama euro 519
  • Reliable.
  • With strong sidewall.
  • Easy.
  • Quiet.
  • Deep tread.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Wear resistant.

People also say that "Euro 519" from "Nizhnekamskshin" can be compared with expensive tires of well-known brands. The technology for manufacturing tires "Kama-Euro 519" is developed at a fairly high European level. This is repeated by the owners who had to drive in non-standard conditions. It is worth noting the quality of the installation of spikes, the loss of which duringoperation are kept to a minimum.

About the cost of tires

Price policy of the Nizhnekamsk plant remains quite loyal. It is this factor that is very attractive to buyers of Kama-Euro 519. The price of the product directly depends on the size of the tire. In the markets of the CIS countries, such car tires "Kama-Euro 519" are in greatest demand:

  • Profile width 185-215 mm.
  • tires kama euro 519 reviews
    tires kama euro 519 reviews
  • Height 55-70%.
  • Diameter R13-R16.
  • Load index 86-93T.
  • Tire diameter 596-642mm.

Depending on the size of the tire, you can calculate the approximate cost. Naturally, the R16 tire will be more expensive than the same one, but R13.

The price largely depends on the location and status of the store. Therefore, it is worth taking a responsible attitude to the choice of the place of purchase of rubber. In our time, it will not be difficult for an experienced seller to take a double or even triple the cost of "Kama-Euro 519" from the buyer. The price of tires ranges from 1900 to 3300 rubles per unit and increases in proportion to the size, load index, profile width and other characteristics.

Disadvantages of "Kama-Euro 519"

Any product has positive and negative characteristics. The tires "Kama-Euro 519" also have disadvantages. Customer reviews basically make up the picture of inexpensive, high-quality winter tires. Despite this, the conclusions of the experts of the magazine "Behind the wheel" tell a different story. In their opinion, tires have a very limited cross-country ability,difficult handling on winter roads, poor grip on snow and even worse on ice, low comfort and other shortcomings. It should be borne in mind that tires are evaluated relatively. The tests are carried out in the same way, but on different tires. The magazine "Behind the wheel" did not indicate which competitors were tested along with Kama-Euro 519. Professional reviews are compiled by comparing with similar tires from other manufacturers. Nevertheless, "Kama-Euro 519" shows good results in the worst road conditions.

Where to buy?

winter tires kama euro 519
winter tires kama euro 519

At car markets, online stores, at special points for the sale of tires - in these and other places you can buy products of OAO Nizhnekamskshina. On the official website of "Kama" anyone has the opportunity to order the right thing. Models of any size are present on the company's website, including Kama-Euro 519 tires. User reviews are overwhelmingly positive. When buying goods through the site, customers are guaranteed to receive the ordered goods in a complete set and of the appropriate type. By clicking on the photo, the client gets to the site page, where there is a description of the product and the nearest dealers. As a rule, the list of merchants is shown based on the user's place of residence. That is, customers from different cities will see lists of dealers that are closest to them.

tires kama euro 519 reviews
tires kama euro 519 reviews


Purchasingproduct "Nizhnekamskshina", the client receives a fairly high-quality product for a relatively low cost due to the modern equipment of the plant, low import dependence and developed marketing. Similar tires of foreign manufacturers will be an order of magnitude more expensive than "Kama". Winter tires Kama 519 Euro will be a good option for winter driving. Reviews about this model are mostly positive, users are satisfied, there are no serious complaints.

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