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Tires "Kama-205" (175/70 R13): reviews, overview of characteristics, photos

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Tires "Kama-205" (175/70 R13): reviews, overview of characteristics, photos
Tires "Kama-205" (175/70 R13): reviews, overview of characteristics, photos

Domestic manufacturers of rubber for cars are able to launch ultra-budget solutions on the market with relatively good characteristics. This is possible thanks to the use of developments accumulated since the existence of the Soviet Union. One of the options for such rubber is the rather well-known "Kama 205 17570 R13". Reviews about it, left by drivers who managed to test it on their car, are rather mixed. Therefore, it is worth understanding the main features of these tires, as well as analyzing what positive and negative sides they have.

Main purpose

This rubber is originally produced according to technology that appeared several decades ago. The manufacturer purposefully manufactures tires for Soviet classics, ranging from Kopeyka to the VAZ 21099 model. Therefore, in the model range there are only two sizes specified in the technical data requirementscars.

rubber kama 205 175 70 r13 reviews

This rubber is positioned as summer, however, some drivers, paying attention to the shape of the tread and the structure of the rubber compound, use it almost like a demi-season. This is especially true for those who do not travel somewhere so often, and often put the car in the garage for the whole winter, riding it point-blank until the frost.

Tread pattern

The manufacturer has made almost no changes to the location and shape of the tread blocks over the past few years. If you look at the photo of Kama 205 17570 R13 rubber, you can see that it has a pronounced universal tread pattern with a powerful central rib, designed to maintain directional stability and increase the strength of the tire structure. Along the edges of it are side tread blocks, which have a rather massive structure and provide rowing characteristics for driving on dirt roads, especially after rains.

The height of the tread blocks is quite large, which ensures a long tire life until complete wear. Each of the blocks has additional small cuts that form gripping edges and improve the contact between the working surface of the tire and the road surface.

rubber kama 205 175 70 r13 photo

Drainage system

In the summer, as well as in the off-season on domestic roads, you can often find such a phenomenon as deep puddles. This is especially true for areas where road repairs have not been carried out for a long time.To safely cross them without the risk of skidding, a well-thought-out drainage system is required.

To combat the effect of aquaplaning, wide sipes are used, located both between the blocks of the central rib and between the side tread elements. Due to the directional structure, they can set the initial impulse, according to which the water will be forcefully pushed out of the contact patch with the track to the sides outside the Kama 205 17570 R13 all-weather tire. Their width is enough to cope not only with water, but also with liquid mud, which can be found on dirt roads.

Rowing characteristics

Since the owners of such cars rarely use them to travel only around the city, and often ride them in the countryside or to the country, the issue of moving on dirt roads is especially acute. Regarding the fight against washed out roads, it has already become clear that the drainage system can cope with this problem. However, there is another danger - loose sand.

winter tires Kama 205 175 70 r13

To overcome such difficult sections of the road, you need a large height of tread blocks. There is enough space between them to confidently rake loose sand and small stones with the help of edges without visible slippage. Partly, not too powerful car engines for which this rubber is intended help to pass such sections.

Structure of rubber compound

Inexpensive components are used during production, which allow you to make the tire asbudgetary. However, some quality parameters suffer due to this. So, rubber can maintain optimal softness at an average operating temperature. During extreme heat, it becomes too soft, which leads to poor response to the controls, and the car begins to "float" on the road.

Relatively low temperatures, the problem occurs when it becomes less than 5 degrees outside. Rubber hardens, as a result of which its dynamic, braking and traction properties are lost. With due care in driving, it can be operated until the temperature drops to zero, but further it can be dangerous to ride. Therefore, the use of Kama 205 17570 R13 as winter tires is strongly not recommended. Do not try to use it as a full-fledged demi-season for the winter season.

all season tires kama 205 175 70 r13

Installing tires

In order to use this model most effectively, the manufacturer recommends installing it together with a suitable camera of the UK-13M series. This will ensure that the pressure in the tires is maintained, and they will not need to be constantly pumped up before each ride.

When mounting the tire "Kama 205 17570 R13" on the disk, be sure to balance it with additional weights. Otherwise, unpleasant noise and vibration effects may occur, which will negatively affect not only the comfort of the ride, but also the life of the vehicle's suspension.

Speed ​​limits

Both presentedstandard sizes are produced by the manufacturer with the index T. It provides for the possibility of acceleration to 190 kilometers per hour, which is enough for movement on public roads. This figure more than covers the speed capabilities of any car on which it is recommended to use it.

summer tires Kama 205 175 70 r13

However, it is worth noting that due to the specific tread pattern at high speeds, a rather strong rumble can be noticed. This is due to the fact that this model cannot be classified as road, and it has high tread blocks. In addition, Kama 205 17570 R13 summer tires are not suitable for emergency maneuvering when driving at high speed, so such moments should be taken into account when choosing the optimal and safe speed mode.

Positive feedback on the presented model

In order to fully understand the pros and cons of rubber, you should read the reviews written about it by professional drivers. Among the main positive points mentioned in the reviews about the rubber "Kama 205 17570 R13", the following can be distinguished:

  • Low cost. Perhaps this aspect can be called the main reason why drivers choose these tires for their car.
  • Good wear resistance. According to reviews, some drivers managed to cover more than 100 thousand kilometers on one set, while using rubber as a summer option.
  • Resistant to damage. As emphasized by reviews of "Kama 20517570 R13", the tire is able to withstand impact without bulges or other problems leading to the need to stop operation.
  • Good drainage system. The tire does a good job of combating aquaplaning and ensures safe movement during heavy torrential rains.
set of tires kama 205

Negative sides of rubber

However, despite a good list of pluses, due to the low price, this model also has an impressive number of minuses. The main one, after analyzing the reviews of the "Kama 205 17570 R13", can be considered a high level of noise, especially when driving at speeds above 80 kilometers per hour. For those drivers whose car is equipped with poor noise isolation, this can be a problem, especially when driving long distances.

Some users report that long trips can lead to increased wear. From this we can conclude that rubber does not like warming up and becomes more prone to abrasion during extreme heat. This may be partly due to its high softness when heated strongly.

kama tires 205 175 70 r13

In addition, despite the fact that the tire is positioned as an all-weather tire, it is almost impossible to use it in winter. According to reviews of "Kama 205 17570 R13", at temperatures below zero degrees, it becomes very stiff and loses almost all grip properties. During cold rains, this feature also appears, although not so pronounced, which leads to a longer brakingway.

When buying, drivers recommend paying attention to the year of manufacture of tires. The problem is that the rubber compound deteriorates over time, and after about 5 years after production it becomes very hard, which makes it difficult to use tires even in the warm season.

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