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Is it possible to pass on the rights of an external student?

Is it possible to pass on the rights of an external student?
Is it possible to pass on the rights of an external student?

Suppose a person is in dire need of a driver's license. For example, his career success, and hence his personal material well-being, depends on the possibility of using a car. But he cannot regularly attend an educational institution (in this case, we are talking about a driving school) due to a banal lack of time, or for family reasons. In order for a person to have the possibility of self-realization, despite the current difficulties, an external study system was created. That is, a person undergoing training (extern) is studying the necessary material on his own, at home, but he passes the volume of the studied course at the exam on a general basis.

pass on the rights of an external

will be on their own.

Now you can more fully reveal the topic of how to pass on the rights of an external student, and the first thing to understand is who and for what reasons is granted the right to self-study, without visiting a driving school?

The right to pass exams for obtaining a driver's license externally is provided:

  • under certain family circumstances, such as caring for a small child, an elderly or seriously ill relative;
  • for remote living from the city (village, settlement);
  • while studying at a higher education institution.

An application with one of the indicated reasons, submitted to the traffic police, must be documented. In the absence of a relevant certificate, it will be offered to complete a full-fledged training course on a general basis.

To pass on the rights of an external student, the following documents will be required:

  • valid passport (expired or invalid identity documents will not be considered);
  • certificate of medical examination;
  • a set of completed forms, including an application for passing exams, for issuing an examination sheet and a driver card;
  • photo size 3x4;
  • payment receipts (state fee, admission to the exam, driver's license payment receipt)

There is one more problem: is it possible to pass on the rights of an external student if a person does not have a registration, or he does not permanently reside in the place where he plans to take an exam? Then you need to providethe above documents a certificate of permanent residence (registration).

Next, the traffic police is checking the history of the external driver

After submitting all the relevant documents, the traffic police check whether the applicant has received the right earlier, and whether there has been a case of deprivation thereof. Then, through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a request is sent to the permanent place of residence of the extern, excluding his being on the wanted list, the answer can come either in a few days or in two months. After the inspection collects all the information, a permit for external study is issued.

is it possible to pass on the rights externally


Extern needs to pass a theoretical exam, which implies knowledge of traffic rules. Tickets can now be purchased at specialized stores or downloaded from the Internet. Successful delivery of the theory will depend on the relevance of the material being studied, therefore, of course, it must contain all possible additions, innovations and amendments.


To pass a practical exam, a student needs to master the skills of driving a car on a special site and along city streets. Maneuvers at the GBIDD site include:

  • slide;
  • parallel reverse parking and garage entrance;
  • snake;
  • reversal.

When driving around the city, the main role is played by the psychological mood of a person.

how to pass on the rights of an external student

Unnecessarily nervous, clutching the steering wheel and frantically looking for signs with your eyes, you should not hope for a successful exam. Necessarytry to relieve excessive tension, slowly make maneuvers, while carefully following road signs and traffic light switching, let pedestrians walking along a pedestrian crossing.

After successfully passing the exams, all that remains is to get your driver's license at the traffic police.

However, quite recently, amendments to the Law of the Russian Federation “On Road Safety” were adopted, in the first part of Article 26 on admission to passing exams there is no such thing as “self-study”, read “external study”. Therefore, everyone who wants to pass on the rights of an external student should hurry up.

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