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American trailer van

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American trailer van
American trailer van

An integral part of every vehicle is its body. The location of this part of the car is the supporting frame, otherwise called the chassis. It accommodates cargo or passengers. It all depends on what the car is intended for. In this article, we will consider the features of the American van.

Features of truck classification

All trucks are divided into types:

  • Trucks which are one piece type vehicles.
  • Multi-part road trains.

In turn, road trains can be:

  • saddle;
  • trailed.

And saddle trains are divided into:

  • tractors;
  • semi-trailers.

Tractors are the so-called American type and European. Consider the features of American trailer vans.

Type of american van
Type of american van

Types of road train

A road train is a transport, which includes more than one element and they are interconnected. The American van is characterized by the combination of a van and a trailer.

The main feature of the American trailer is that this vehicle is equipped with an oblong hood. For Americans, the most suitable option is autotractors with their impressive dimensions. The reason for this is that in America there are no strict restrictions on dimensions, so the size of the truck can vary in any way.

light van
light van

Varieties of vans

All American vans are classified as follows:

  • A dry van is a trailer that transports non-perishable or dry goods. This is the most common type of new type of cargo transportation available to many.
  • Containers - This type of freight transport includes the transport of containers, which are usually used for imported goods. Drivers usually pick up their containers from shipyards, ports or air terminals and distribute them to other ports or terminals. These containers can also be transported on train cars.
  • Hopper - a bunker or harvester is a trailer specially designed to unload its contents. Bunkers usually transport dry bulk goods such as grain and corn.
  • The Hot Shot van includes a truck that is smaller than a typical semi-trailer and trailer. While many types of trucks can fall into this category, the most common is the one-ton, diesel-powered truck, which is usually pulled by a 40-foot goose shovel.
  • Midshipman - these specialized trailers havethere is air conditioning in front of the trailer for the safety of transporting goods that must be stored at certain temperatures. Since these goods are perishable, the driver must control and maintain the correct temperature.
  • Tankers are mainly used to transport liquids - from gasoline to milk. This type of machine can be safer as the center of gravity changes as fluids move inside the tanker. Special training is required to drive this kind of American van.
  • Flat - This type of equipment in the form of a flat trailer can haul everything from airplanes to scaffolding - basically anything that won't fit in a standard trailer. The driver is expected to ensure that the tablet is loaded to keep him and other drivers safe during the journey.
  • A light trailer, also called a heavy trailer, is usually placed low to the center and carries tall or large items. Vehicle escorts are often required depending on load and location.
  • Bulldozer - Retractable trailers pull trailers that are specifically designed to transport live animals. Drivers of the American vans pictured below are expected to follow certain rules, adding an extra layer of responsibility and experience.
  • Car carriers pull out specialized trailers designed to transport cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. Their drivers must undergo additional training and take onresponsible for the security of the download.

Technique for professionals

By the way, the highest paid trucking jobs are in trailer types such as refrigerated trucks, tankers, flatbeds and car transporters; however, these modes of transportation also require more training and certification, making them inaccessible to novice drivers.

American trailer van
American trailer van

A bit of history

What were the old American vans like? Among the models that have become classics over time, we should highlight:

  • Brockway;
  • Corbitt;
  • Diamond T (and Reo);
  • Federal, White.

The exception is the Avtokar models, which have already won the title of classic. These are types of exclusively utilitarian machines - dump trucks, concrete mixers and garbage trucks. Due to the high reputation of these cars, the manufacturer Volvo bought them out and began to use this emblem for 12 years.

For the company "Marmont", which existed from 1963 to 1997, the nickname "cargo Rolls-Royce" is characteristic. For its assembly in Texas, only manual labor was used.

American old generation van
American old generation van

Ford models

American Ford vans with steel tube frame construction and superior bottom coating make the trailer one of the most durable and affordable enclosed cargo trailers on the market. Each model has its own value and is evaluated according to needs.demanding users.

Models are available in both round and flat designs in a wide range of widths and lengths. Single and twin trailers have all the safety features that have become standard.

Old American Ford Vans
Old American Ford Vans


Chevrolet's American Van guarantees a journey that meets the requirements of every carrier. Dual aluminum-framed rear doors and a 32" aluminum-framed side door on 6" and 7" models provide payload.

This is the most popular travel trailer with plenty of power to carry even horses.

American van "Chevrolet"
American van "Chevrolet"

The trailer comes standard with abrasion resistant plastic and a galvanized steel floor for overall safety with two 18mm removable rubber mats.

Standard rear ramp has a steel top door that lifts onto gas struts; alternatively the trailer is available with the 'Boston' option of American doors with two swing-out vents and a short retractable ramp.



Modern American van models are built using the latest durable materials to create a stylish range of trailers that combine low unladen weight, exceptional strength, good aerodynamics and consistent towing performance.

Zinc-plated steel chassis and frames ensure lowfloor height and a lower center of gravity, as well as increased ground clearance, less unladen weight and an extra 3-inch headroom at the same overall height.

Many trailers have Avonride fully independent rubber suspension with automatic reversing brakes and hydraulic clutch with electric handbrake, telescopic front wheel and spare wheel.

Sides paneled with specially made glass fibers / plywood laminated or flexible panels, with galvanized steel panels.

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