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"KIA-Spectra": fuel consumption per 100 km, specifications and reviews

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"KIA-Spectra": fuel consumption per 100 km, specifications and reviews
"KIA-Spectra": fuel consumption per 100 km, specifications and reviews

The fuel consumption of KIA-Spectra, like many other cars, is difficult to specify unambiguously. It all depends on the type of engine, operating conditions and car maintenance, as well as driving style. Let's try to find out how real the "appetites" of the car are, taking into account the information of the manufacturer and the owners of the vehicle.

The engine of the car "KIA Spectra"
The engine of the car "KIA Spectra"

KIA-Spectra fuel consumption

This model has an ambiguous and rather complicated history. The car appeared in times of crisis - in the late 90s of the last century, when the Kia Motors company became part of the Hyundai holding. The specified modification in the markets of various countries often changed names, equipment, while remaining in demand. Until now, the vehicle is in the leading position in its category.

Many owners in their responses note the high fuel consumption of KIA-Spectra after several months of operation. Below are these figures for the second generation.

Modifications Fuel consumption, l/100 km Fuel Type
1, 6 Comfort 10, 3 AI-95

1, 6 "Standard"

10, 2 -
"Comfort+" 10, 3 -
AT Standard 11, 3 -
1, 6 Luxe 11, 4 -

History of Creation

The predecessor of the KIA-Spectra model, the fuel consumption of which is indicated above, was the Sepia version. She was in demand not only in the domestic market, but also among American buyers. Partially, the body of the updated car resembled the hatchback of the Japanese Mazda 32. The ever-increasing interest in this car began in America. Additional evidence of this was the information that the specified modification is the best-selling passenger car of 2002.

The first cars under a successful brand went "in business". Five-seater variations began to roll off the assembly line in the 2000s. The decision of the management led to the fact that these units were removed from mass production in 2004 (in South Korea). Despite this, the version did not go into oblivion. The promising project cost the developers $100 million. As a result, the production potential developed both in Russia and in mostpost-Soviet countries. The release of the brand has continued since 2005 at the Izhevsk plant for seven years. Over the entire period, more than 105 thousand models were produced.

Salon "Kia Spectra"
Salon "Kia Spectra"


The appearance of the Russian KIA-Spectra, whose fuel consumption did not always favorably distinguish it from its analogues, was quite consistent with the spirit of the times. Among the features noted are the body outlines and lines, a low landing of a sports type.

Round stylish lighting elements together with foglights provided excellent visibility of the road at any time of the day. In the second generation, the configuration of the air intakes has been transformed. Instead of a narrow gap, a kind of rectangle appeared. The radiator grille was decorated with chrome plating.

It is worth noting that only a modification in the sedan body was produced at Russian production facilities. Hatchbacks and liftbacks have taken place in the American market. In addition, after 2003 in the Russian Federation, Spectra was released under the brand name Cerato.

Photo of a car "KIA Spectra"
Photo of a car "KIA Spectra"

Interior fittings

The interior of the car is comfortable and thoughtfully designed. The front seats are equipped with lateral support, ensuring a safe fit for the driver and passenger. The qualitative characteristics of finishing materials are at a fairly high level, although they do not belong to innovative implementations. Still, the car in question is classified as a budget class. The standard minimum configuration includes a radio.

Dashboarddeployed to the driver, provides maximum information content with minimal distraction from the road. There is enough space in front for people of any size, and in the back, only two adult passengers can comfortably accommodate. For general safety, a pair of pillows, safety belts and first-row head restraints are responsible. The luggage compartment holds 440 liters, and after folding the rear seats - 1125 liters.

Dashboard "KIA Spectra"
Dashboard "KIA Spectra"

Technical plan parameters

The following are the characteristics of the popular car "KIA-Spectra" (automatic):

  • fuel consumption - 10.2-11 liters per 100 km;
  • engine type - 1.6 liter gasoline engine, 101 hp. p.;
  • max torque - 145 Nm;
  • speed threshold - 175 km/h;
  • number of cylinders – 4;
  • overall dimensions - 4, 51/1, 72/1, 41 m;
  • fuel tank volume - 50 l;
  • gross/curb weight – 1, 6/1, 12 t;
  • typical tires - 185/65 or 190/60 R14;
  • acceleration to 100 km - 16 sec.


It is worth noting that the fuel consumption of KIA-Spectra (mechanics) was 8.2 liters on the highway. In addition, with such a transmission, the vehicle accelerates to hundreds in 12.6 seconds. The machine is equipped with a leading front axle, an independent type suspension with MacPherson guiding supports is mounted on the rear axle. The braking system includes front disc elements and rear drums.

The following accessories are supplied as standard:

  • fog light elements;
  • hydraulic power steering;
  • steering column adjusters;
  • central lock;
  • immobilizer;
  • radio;
  • power windows.

Luxury modifications are additionally equipped with ABS, heated seats and air conditioning.

Fuel consumption "KIA Spectra"
Fuel consumption "KIA Spectra"

Comparison of the first and second generation

Fuel consumption of KIA-Spectra (1, 6) in the first generation was up to 12 liters per 100 kilometers in mixed mode. At the same time, among the motors used, there were versions for 1, 8 and 2.0 liters. The exterior of the car did not differ in pronounced original features, although it looked pretty decent for its time. For a budget model, the roominess of the cabin is good, both front and rear.

Trim is an inexpensive, but high-quality plastic, as well as standard matter. Equipped with devices as functional as possible, without unnecessary fixtures and frills. On security issues, the first generation left much to be desired. On crash tests, the car showed unsatisfactory results.

KIA-Spectra produced in Izhevsk is considered the second generation, fuel consumption per 100 km of which is 10.2 liters. Among the differences, they note brighter features in the exterior and improved security systems, especially in the “Lux” and “Comfort” trim levels.

fuel consumption
fuel consumption

Feedback from owners

Taking into account the category and fuel consumption of KIA-Spectra, reviews about the car are mainlypositive. Among the advantages, users note the following points:

  • fair price;
  • practicality;
  • good engine start in any weather;
  • control comfort;
  • reliable engine;
  • convenient dashboard;
  • original appearance.

Among the shortcomings, the owners point to a weak suspension, low landing, interior trim and pretty decent "appetite" for fuel consumption. To save on this indicator, owners often resort to chip tuning and improvement of the relevant systems. To match the declared and actual parameters, the manufacturer recommends using high-quality fuel, as well as performing regular technical inspections.

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